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Shree Mumbai Upnagar Parajiya Sahakari Society


Vijaybhai Hansrajbhai Satikuvar 

Vice President
Vallabhbhai Maganbhai Dhorda

Pareshbhai Dhirajlal Satikuvar

Jt. Secretary
Vijaybhai Jaswantbhai Sagar

Tarunbhai Hamirbhai Solanki

Jt. Treasurer
Dharmeshbhai Arvindbhai Minawala

Editor: Parajiya Soni Sandesh - Jamnadasbhai Dhakan

Committee Members

Vithalbhai Thadeshwar

Jamnadas Ghusabhai Dhakan

Pareshbhai Vajubhai Jinadra

Mansukhbhai Keshavjibhai Dhakan  

Prabhudasbhai Juthabhai Rathod

Girishbhai Rambhai Sagar

Jitubhai Narandas Suru       Natwarlal Nandlalbhai Satikuvar

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Shree Mumbai Upnagar Parajiya Sahakari Society, Borivali, Mumbai

Appointment of Pranbhai Dhanak to Advisory Committee

Pranbhai Dhanak, Editor/Webmaster, Pattni Connection

To: Parajiya Pattni Soni Community Members

Ref: Pranlalbhai C. Dhanak

The committee meeting held on 19th December 2015 unanimously decided and pleased to announce the appointment of Shree Pranbhai, Editor/Webmaster of Pattni Connection

website to the Shree Mumbai Upnagar Parajiya Sahakari Society Advisory committee.

As a member on the Advisory Board, Pranbhai will help bridge the gap and bring expert advice and connections for our fundraising efforts.

Pranbhai is hereby authorised to act on behalf of Mumbai Samaj and to accept any forms of donations in

A/C No 67034133660 of State Bank of Travancore, Borivali West Branch - Mumbai 400092, India


Account Number 3582088754001


We are in the process of sending a recipt book to Pranbhai who will acknowledge and issue receipts confirming the details of the donations.


It is our humble appeal to the community members to come forward and share the burden of running Mumbai Samajís various activities.


As being one of the largest Pattni Samaj and us all as successful members of the community, we have responsibility to help those who are less fortunate and contribute generously

to the common good.




  Shree Mumbai Upnagar Parajiya Sahakari Society, Borivali, Mumbai



Message from Pranbhai Dhanak

Privileged to Serve Parajiya Pattni Soni Community in India

I feel very privileged and honored to serve as the representative of most of the Parajiya Soni institutions in India whose total membership would be around 100,000.

Mumbai Samaj under the current committee headed by the President Vijaybhai Satikuvar is deeply committed to a number of important and worthwhile causes including education.
Its sponsorship programmes are mainly focused on innovative support for the needy Pattni members.

The value of such charitable projects and sponsorship is enormous. I hope that through my role as the Advisory Committee member and the webmaster/editor of Pattni Connection,
I can assist in fund raising projects to fulfil its goals and ambitions.

Let us all work together to help those who are less fortunate and contribute generously to the common good.

Pranlal C. Arjan Dhanak