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Shri Mumbai Upnagar Parajiya Sahakar Society (Borivali) – India

Following are nominated as the members of ‘Movdi Mandal’ –

Leaders of the Samaj of the Soni Wadi Sanstha – Borivali
Haribhai Devdanbhai Dhakan – Mumbai
Vasantbhai Nanubhai Salla – Mumbai
Virenbhai Vasantbhai Sagar – Mumbai
Bhurabhai Jivabhai Salla – Mumbai
Bipinbhai Naginabhai Satikuvar – Mumbai
Pravinbhai Girdharbhai Dhorda – Mumbai
Yogesh Amratlal Sagar – Mumbai
Vijaybhai Hansrajbhai Satikuvar – Mumbai
Rasikbhai Shantilal Sagar – Dubai, U.A.E.
Pravinbhai Haribhai Dhakan – Dubai, U.A.E.
Dipubhai Ratibhai Dhakan – Dubai, U.A.E.
Bhaskarbhai Devjibhai Sagar – Bahrain
Kishrbhai Babubhai Chokshi – Bahrain

Executive Committee –        Soni Sanstha – Borivali

President -                               Dineshbhai Kantilal Satikuvar

Vice President –                      Vallabhbhai Maganbhai Dhorda

Hon. Secretary –                      Gunvantbhai Dullabhdas Jinandra

Ass. Secretary –                      Manharbhai Maganbhai Jinandra

Treasurer –                             Rajeshbhai Purshottambhai Satikuvar

Ass. Treasurer –                      Kiritbhai Atmarambhai Jagda

Editor                                      Jaisukhbhai Vallabhdas Jinandra

Committee Members:-              Manhar Bhurabhai Thadesvar

Rasikbhai Jamnadasbhai Dhakan

Dinkarbhai Narbherambhai Dhakan

Sureshbhai Prabhudasbhai Dhakan

Dayabhai Hamirbhai Jinandra

Pravinbhai Dhanjibhai Sagar

Vinubhai Mohanbhai Dhakan

Jawaharbhai Jamnadasbhai Sagar


Samaj Publication                    Parajiya Soni Sandesh

Editor:- J                                  Jaisukhbhai Vallabhdas Jinandra

Compiler –                               Mulshankarbhai Vyas

Publication Address:                Parajiya Soni Sandesh,

Sanjay Electronics,

31 New Wadi,

1st Floor,

Dadi Seth Agiari Lane,

Mumbai 400 002


Publication Owner:                   Shri Mumbai Upnagar Parajiya Sahakar Society

(Borivali) – India

Shimpoli Cross Lane

Borivali (W)

Mumbai – 92



Mumbai formerly known as Bombay is the capital of the state of Maharastra, and the most populous city of India, with an estimated metropolitan population of about 12 million (2005).
The name Mumbai was derived from Mumba – name of the Hindu kurdevi Mumbadevi and ‘Aai’ — mother in Marathi language.


In the 16th century, the Portuguese named the area Bom Bahia (Good Bay), later corrupted to Bomaνm or Bombaim, by which it is still known in Portuguese. After the British gained possession, it was anglicised to Bombay. The name was officially changed to Mumbai in 1995,

Mumbai is located on Salsette Island, off the west coast of Maharashtra. Along with its neighbouring suburbs, it forms the world's 4th most populous metropolitan area, with a population exceeding 20 million. The city has a deep natural harbour, which is the largest port in western India. The port handles over half of India's passenger traffic and a significant amount of cargo.

Mumbai is the commercial and entertainment capital of India, and houses important financial institutions, such as the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), the National Stock Exchange of India (NSE) and the corporate headquarters of many Indian companies. Mumbai has attracted migrants from all over India because of the immense business opportunities, and the relatively high standard of living, making it the most cosmopolitan  city of various communities and cultures. The city is home to India's film and television industry, known as Bollywood.

Mumbai city also has the highest concentration of Parajiya Pattni community outside Gujarat.

The Soni Samaj is very active and own its own property called Parajiya Soni Wadi and alos have their own publication - Parajiya Soni Sandesh


Shri Mumbai Upnagar Parajiya Sahakar Society (Borivali) – India

Message from the Committee:-  Our greetings to all Parajiya Pattni - We pray for happiness and prosperity of our members, may our community progress, remain unbroken, united and prosper. We hope you all will join hands and march towards our progress – united.

Let this be the beginning of our journey of unity, honesty and make our working lives filled with happiness and prosperity.

Dear Editor
Sending messages by e-mail in Gujarati is an excellent way of communicating, like chatting to you personally. Our best wishes for starting website for Parajiya Pattnis.

To all Parajiya Pattni members worldwide - Jai Shree Krishna

Kantilal Thadeswar
Boriwali Parajiya Soni Wadi
Mumbai 200092


Shri Mumbai Upnagar Parajiya Sahakar Society (Borivali) – India

11th Samuh Lagna


The Mumbai Pattni Samaj are pleased to inform that they organised their annual Eleventh Samuh Lagna (Collective Wedding) on Tuesday, 24th January 2006 at Soniwadi – Borivali


Name of Bridegrooms and Brides:


Vikramkumar, son of Soni Hasmukhbhai Gokaldas Dhakan of Amareli wed Nidhi, daughter of  Soni Vijaybhai Kantibhai Dhadeshwar of Whaghnia


Mehulkumar, son of Soni Ishwarlal Bhurabhai Suru of Dhundhia Piparia wed Sujata, daughter of Soni Navinkumar Jayantilal Kagadia of Bhandaria


Nileshkumar, son of Soni Bhaskarbhai Ratilal Sagar of Gondal wed Parita, daughter of Soni Nareshbhai Haribhai Dhakan of Sherna Bhamodara


Amrish, son of Soni Anantrai Amratlal Sagar of Juna Savar wed Nikita, daughter of Soni Sanjaybhai Prabhudas Dhorda of Bagsara


Vipul, son of Soni Bhadreshbhai Kanjibhai Dhorda of Kanpur wed Doli, daughter of  Soni Rameshbhai Bachubhai Satikuvar of Jafarabad


Manoj, son of Soni Vajubhai Narandas Dhakan of Babra wed Ami, daughter of Soni Kanubhai Jivram Upadhiyay of Bankhor


Main donor for this function – Shree Vrajlal Girdharlal Dhanak of Bagasara, India


For Gujarati Section please click - Mumbai
Gujarati translation by Rajesh Jhaveri, Ahmedabad
Youth Coordinator - Chirag Prafulbhai Dhakan, Mumbai