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 Mombasa Samaj Celebrates Sneh Samelan
Report by Kamall Pattni, Ass. Webmaster for Africa region

Mombasa Samaj Celebrates Sneh Samelan

Warm greetings from Shree Parajia Pattni Samaj, Mombasa and Nutan Varsh Abhinandan to all members.

Mombasa Samaj Celebrated Sneh Samelan on Thursday 8th Nov 2018, with almost full attendance. The samaj was absolutely glowing with lights and Diya's to welcome the New Year 2075 with elegance.

The event started by remembering the departed souls of Pattni/Soni across the Globe.

Ankut Thar offerings, Aarti followed by an announcement from the Chairman for a delicious Punjabi Dinner & Antakshri.

Chairman Ajayybhai's New Year Message


In his speech the Chairman Shri Ajaybhai Bhagwanji Pattni (Ghaghada) read the New Years message of Pattni Connection Webmaster and Shri Amratlal H Visaman (Thadeshwer).

Nutan Varsh 2074 recalled good memories and activities.

The Chairman recognised the achievement of Rahul Janak Pattni (Ghagdha) to go for specialised cricket training in India for the Kenya junior team in December 2018. 

Another proud achievement of our youngster Sahil Vimal Pattni (Satikuvar). He scored highest in International Edexcel exams given in May 2018.


Other than usual, this year we had a change in the program & introduced "Sanam Beats" band playing live music & ending with fun filled with antakshri competition.

Our own Nikunj Jayantilal Pattni (Satikuvar) plays in "Sanam Beats". This group has done wonders, full of enigma and mind blowing performance in various events such as Navratri & Private Parties etc, least to mention the mouth watering menu lured by saying ''yeh Dil Mange more'' 

With the above players from our Samaj we can truly say "Pattni's Got Talent".

The event was truly a memorable and enjoyed by all members till past midnight and later parted ways in peace and harmony.

A big thank you to our caterer Anjna Shah, Mahesh J Visaman ( Thadeshwer), Rajesh S Sakaria & our ladies/youth for their support during functions & events.

Scrumptious Food
Menu was Malai Paneer, Dum Aloo, Black Adad Daal, Jeera Rice, Sev Puri, Naans, Salad, Pickles, Papad, welcome drink ice old fresh Limbu Pani to beat the Mombasa Heat & to top up with Ice Cold Vermicelli Pudding with Ice Cream.

Trip to Bamburi Beach

The celebrations didn't end there but continued on a Weekend Sunday 11th Nov 2018 with a day out with members of SPPS on a day trip to Bamburi beach.

Members were welcomed with Passion Juice followed by activities and fun loving entertainment for all ages such as Kabaddi, Kho, Cricket, Swimming and Boating.

Needless to talk about the yummy Kachi Keri with Chatni Mithu & Madafu to cool down the chili & Mombasa's Heat, after which a late Mexican/Indian lunch was served at the hotel - Mexican Bhel, Mexican Rice & curry, Mexican Salad, Assorted chutneys, Green Khichi & Muthia! 

A Surprise Birthday cake was brought for Bhanuben Bhagwanji Pattni (Ghagdha) by the youth & all kids. She was overwhelmed and showered her blessings to all the members and truly delighted to have a memorable birthday, followed by mid day Masala Tea with biscuits, Gathia and bites before departing that late evening. 

Once again a Happy New Year 2075

Bharat B Pattni, (Dhanak), Hon. Sec.


Memorable Video of the Sneh Milan and the Trip to Bamburi



 Shree Parajia Pattni Samaj - Mombasa



SPSS committee wishes our community a very Happy Diwali

and a properous Hindu New Year.



The SPSS YOUTH invites you for


8th November 2018


and have organised ANTAKSHRI EVENT with live music


Program timings are as follows:       


7.30pm Prayers
7.40pm Aarti & Ankut offering
8.00pm Chairman's Address
8.15pm Dinner
8.40pm Antakshri






We request all members to come and support our youth


Thank you

on behalf of Hon.Secretary
Bharat Pattni

Assistant Secretary
Jay Soni