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Shree Parajia Pattni Samaj

* Hon. Chairman, Mr. Bharat Bhimji Dhanak,  + 254 722 410752.

* Hon. Secretary, Mr. Ajay Bhagwanji Ghagdha, + 254 733 728006

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New Year Celebration 2013 (Nutan Varsh 2070)

(from left) Kantibhai Hirjibhai Virji Ghaghada, Trustee Bhailalbhai Muljibhai Ratanshi Dhanak,
Trustee Ashokbhai Bhagwanjibhai Ghaghada, Chairman Bharatbhai Bhimjibhai Ratanshi Dhanak with
VIP Guests Jayuben& Ashokbhai Parmanand Dossa Ghaghadawith Mombasa

For more photos Click Album 1 - 11/12 Mombasa Sneh Milan 2013

Report by Ajay Bhagwanibhai Pattni

Hon. Sec. SPPS, Mombasa

Mombasa Samaj held its annual Sneh Milan on Monday, 4th November 2013.


Mataji ni Aarti


Prayers were recited by the Mahila Mandal members - Mrs Sadhnaben Rajendra Visaman, Mrs Chhayaben Dipak Vaya & Mrs Kirtiben Mahesh Visaman.


Thar was offered in form of Annakut as an offering of gratitude to Wageshwari Mataji for her blessings followed by Mataji Aarti that was recited by all present.


Deep Pragtaviya by Bharatbhai with Ashokbhai and Jayuben.  Emcee Rushee Maheshbhai Thadeshwar


Hon. Chairman Bharatbhai address to the community
Hon. Chairman Mr. Bharatbhai Bhimji Dhanak read his address to all members. He thanked all for attending the function and  stressed the need for more participation by the youth and the Mahila Mandal.


Chairman Bharatbhai (left) and Guest Ashokbhai (right) addressing the community

UK VIP Guest Ashokbhai Narshidas

He warmly welcomed UK guests Mr Ashokbhai Narshi Dossa (Ghaghada) and his wife Mrs Jayuben to the Samaj. The chairman formally led the guests to light the New Year diya ably assisted by Miss Shivani Ajay Ghagdha.


Ashokbhai then presented the Samaj with pictures of his parents Shree Parmanandbhai Dossa and his wife.  Parmanandbhai was the first Chairman of the Samaj upon inauguration.


Debate: Should we stay in Kenya?
The emcee of the evening Assistant Secretary Mr Rushay Mahesh Visaman, opened the floor to an open forum on two subjects. -Importance of education and whether or not should we live in Kenya or emigrate.


It was agreed that education is of importance and should not be ignored.

It was also discussed that Kenya was not a bad choice to stay but the youth who may see the scope abroad should be given a chance.

Summary of the past year’s Samaj Activities

The emcee briefly gave a history of the events that had happened in the year:

  • The Mahila Mandal participated in the Hindu Council of Kenya,
  • Mombasa county Master Chef competition, participated by Mrs Ushaben Ashok Ghagdha, Mrs Nitaben Bharat Dhanak, Mrs Tarunaben Janak Ghagdha & Mrs Reenaben Prakash Radia.
  • The youth had a successful darts tournament organized at the Mvita Tennis Club which was enjoyed by all members of the community, followed by a Koroga.
  • We had also participated in the Triveni celebration organized by our sister institution, Pattni Brotherhood in Nairobi as well as attended one of the Pattni World Federation sessions.
  • We had welcomed & honored members of Luton PPA at our Samaj.
  • We also were blessed to receive members of the Rajkot Samaj, Jamnagar Samaj, Dwarka Samaj & Dhirubhai Dhakan, the Federation President. All were cordially welcomed and honored.
  • Our volunteers actively participated in the Suraksha exercise organized by the Hindu Council of Kenya during the March national general elections as well as during this year’s Navratri festival again organized by the Hindu Council of Kenya, Mombasa.

Past chairman of the Samaj Mr Amratlal Hiralal Visaman who was unable to attend the function due to ill health problems, sent his greetings to all members of the Samaj and to the Parajiya Pattni families worldwide.


Mouth watering menu!
Last but not the least, most interesting item of the evening was the menu read by the emcee!


Preparing the big feast supervised by Maheshbhai Thadeshwar

For more photos Click Album 1 - 11/12 Mombasa Sneh Milan 2013

Pizza vegeteriano, Peri Peri chips, Coleslaw salad, Kachri Bateta (babu style), Matoke crisps, assorted chutneys, ice cold soft drinks, Masala soda Jamnagar style.


As per our Samaj annual laani precedent all members enjoyed "Kuch Meetha Hojaye" a bar of Cadburys Dairy Milk Chocolate.

All enjoyed Bollywood music & humor till late evening.

A big Asante Sana (thank you) to Maheshbhai for organizing this fantastic get togather and all donors of the annual "Khushi Bhet" (donations).
Regards & best wishes for the Nutan Varsh to all Parajiya Pattni worldwide community members
Ajay Pattni.

For more photos Click Album 1 - 11/12 Mombasa Sneh Milan 2013