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Hon. Chairman:

Kishor Narandas Vaya


Hon. Vice Chairman:

Bharat Bhimjibhai Ratanshi Dhanak


Hon. Secretary:

Ajay Bhagwanjibhai Devji Ghaghada

Hon. Treasurer:

Rajendra Jayantilal Visaman Thadeshvar

Committee members:

Janak Himatlal Hirji Ghaghada

Kantilal Hirji Virji Ghaghada

Mahesh Jayantilal Visaman Thadeshvar

Hon. Trustees:

Amratlal H. Pattni (Thadeshvar)

Harsukhlal D. Pattni (Ghaghada)

Ashok B. Pattni (Ghaghada)



with mouthwatering dinner

including Bhadali Na Bhajia!

Click Album 112 - Mombasa Samaj Diwali Sneh Milan


We wish you & your family a happy New Year & best wishes for the future.


We had organised a get together New Year Samelan at our samaj on Sunday 7th November 2010 from 6.00pm onwards. Had 55 members in attendance out of a total of 70.

Stage opening ceremony by the Samaj pioneers


The function started off with prayers, loyalty toast, stage opening by our pioneer members present with their spouses, Harsukhbhai Damji Lakha, Laxmidas(Kanubhai) Bhagwanji Devji & Bhailalbhai Mulji Rattanshi.


While all these events were on going members were served with starters, smoothie drink made from all fresh fruits available, milk & ice-cream stirred together topped with strawberry & grapes & to go with the drink, sandwich dhokla & Pattni mix ie. gathia, chevdo, cheese cubes, tomatoes, onion & chili's.


A young girl Rajvi Rajesh Sakaria performed the Waka Waka dance & the boys performed a short comedy play from the movie Sholay. Participants for this play were Deven Kishor Vaya, Neil Kishor Vaya, Arjun Ajay Ghagdha, Shyam Rajesh Sakaria & Jai Rajesh Sakaria.


Bhadali Na Bhajia!

An hour before dinner members sang & danced to music played by our own youngsters, while a variety of mouth watering fast food were prepared. Menu was Pizza, chips, pack potatoes, daal (locally known as bhadali na bhajia & chili bhajia's, pani puri with assorted chutney's & soft drinks. Lastly dessert was served, cassatta ice-cream with almonds.


Tokens were presented to all participants. Our master of ceremony was a young & energetic, smart young man, Rushey Mahesh Thadeshwar. Pictures of the event are attached.


Lastly on behalf of the trustees, managing committee & the membership we say asante sana for the wonderful job you are doing for the Pattni's world over through Pattni Connection.


Thank you,


Ajay Bhagwanji Pattni,


Hon. Sec. S.P.P.S.,


Mombasa, Kenya.


Album 112 - Mombasa Samaj Diwali Sneh Milan