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Mombasa Samaj
Mini Shopping Complex Progress Report

Shree Parajia Pattni Samaj
P.O. Box 82980-80100, Kaloleni Road, Mombasa, Kenya.


Member of the Hindu Council of Kenya, Coast branch.

 * Hon. Chairman, Mr. Bharat Bhimjibhai Dhanak : + 254 722 410752.

 * Hon.  Secretary, Mr. Ajay Bhagwanjibhai Ghaghda: + 254 733 728006.  

Khat Muharat (Foundation Stone Laying) Ceremony

Saturday 26th May 2012


Mombasa Samaj had the most amazing event yesterday, Saturday 26th May 2012. Amidst auspicious chanting mantra by the priest and the puja, the Khat Muharat ceremony was commenced on the site at 7:00am. More than 40 members participated in the Vedic rituals. The presence of our elders and trustees added sanctity and festivity
to the occasion.

Khat Muhurat Puja

Maha Puja

After the puja, Chairman Bhatbhai Bhimji Ratanshi Dhanak entered the foundation pit to lower the copper Karas into the dug earth (symbolizing the gods of earth) and sprinkled water was showered upon in the form of blessings.


The ceremony concluded with arti and prayers.

Chairman Bharatbhai lowers copper Karash

Members taking part at the Karash ceremony


For Photos Click Album 142

Prashad was then served of Jalebi, Gathia, Kachori, Idli Sambhar, Muli (white carrot), fried green chilies & assorted chutneys with piping hot Indian masala tea. All enjoyed the brunch in form of Maha Prashad


The committee would like to thank all elders who were present at the ceremony for their blessings and all members worldwide for messages left via our website Pattni Connection and on its Facebook Group.


Attached pictures says it all.


…and the donations started flowing!

Since the announcement made on the Pattni Connection, the donations started flowing in from our ever generous community. Following are the donations pledged by the members from Mombasa, Nairobi and the UK.















Bharatbhai Bhimji Ratanshi Dhanak & Family

Bhagwanjibhai Devji Ghaghda Family

Hirjibhai Virji Ghaghda Family

Bhailalbhai Mulji Ratanshi Dhanak & Family

Hirjibhai Lakha Ghaghda Family

Kishorbhai Narandas Vaya & Family

Prabhudasbhai Gordhandas Visaman Thadeshwar & Family

Harsukhbhai Damji Lakha, Ghaghda

Amratlalbhai Hiralal Visaman, Thadeshwar

Rajeshbhai Sakaria

Harshadbhai Popatlal Rana, Nairobi

Ladhabhai Jessabhai Patt & Family, UK

Pranlal Chhaganlal Arjan Dhanak & Family, UK

K.shs. 25,111

K.shs. 25,111

K.shs. 25,111

K.shs. 25,111

K.shs. 25,111

K.shs. 25,111

K.shs. 25,111

K shs. 25,111,

K shs. 25,111

K shs. 25,111

K shs. 25,111

K.shs. 25,111

K.shs. 25,111

Thank you so much for your generosity. Your commitment to helping our Samaj is sincerely appreciated.


Your Donation will be greatly appreciated

Please donate generously. It will help us keeping our Samaj alive among our new and future generations


To pledge a donation please contact the committee by e-mail


Once again a big thank you to all our well wishers.


We pray that the almighty God make all your dreams come true, bring all good health & lots of happiness.


Regards & best wishes,


Ajay Bhagwanji Pattni. (Hon. Sec.)


For Photos Click Album 142

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Mini Shopping Complex Progress Report


Fellow Members 


It is with great pride and honor to inform you all that our Samaj was inaugurated on the auspicious day of Thursday, 10th June 1937. The first elected chairperson was Shree Parmanandbhai Dosabhai and his secretary Shree Hirjibhai Lakhabhai. We are celebrating our Platinum Jubilee this year to mark 75 great years.


Another stepping-stone of our Samaj, Motiben Parajia Pattni Soni Samaj was formally opened on the auspicious day Saturday 2nd August 1952 with pomp and fanfare by Shree Kanjibhai Meghjibhai family. Another great 60 years to add on our history.

Mombasa Samaj being the first Parajia Pattni Samaj outside India has passed through many reputed leaders & members and boosted a membership of over a thousand. Due to our Pattni /Soni families migrating to greener pastures to date, we have a tiny membership of 16 families compromising of 75 members only.  The scenario now is like one big family and can proudly say unity is paramount amongst us members. 


On a point of new development, we are putting up a mini shopping complex on our frontage of the existing building at a cost of K.shs. Five million. The present committee conceived an idea to generate income to the Samaj and cushion against daily escalating maintenance cost.  Estimated completion time of this project is August this year.


Any well-wisher wishing to donate towards this worthy project is most welcome.

The full project cost is K.shs. Five million consisting of six shops or in part of K.shs. One million, a choice of one to six shops.

Other worthy events towards the same project are Opening Ceremonies, Flag Hoisting, Temple Relocation, 108 Diya Aarti, Yagna, Shree Hanuman Recitals etc.

We will notify by email & Pattni Connection the dates of above events so that you can have ample time to plan your trip to warm sunny Mombasa.

God bless all. Jai Mataji.

Thank you,

Bharat Bhimji Dhanak - Project Director

Mahesh Jayantilal Thadeshwar - Hon. Chairman

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Mini Shopping Complex Progress Report


Khat Muharat" (foundation stone laying ceremony)

Shri Parajia Pattni Samaj committee is  proud to invite all to the "Khat Muharat"

ceremony of the new shopping complex at the Samaj premises on the auspicious day,

Saturday 26th May 2012 at 7.00am,


Shree Parajia Pattni Samaj, Mombasa, Kenya

All present will have the opportunity to perform the puja as well be part of the Muharat.

Maha Parashad in the form of buffet brunch to follow @ 08.30am.

All are welcome.

Ajay Bhagwanji Pattni. (Hon. Sec.)