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Member of the Hindu Council of Kenya, Mombasa County.



Chairman. Ajay Bhagwanji Devji Ghagdha
Vice Chairman. Kishor Narandas Jadavji Vaya
Hon. Sec. Bharat Bhimji Ratanshi Dhanak
Assistant Secretary. Jaydip Rajesh Shivji Sakaria
Hon. Treasurer. Deven Kishor Vaya

Mahila Mandal
Ladies wing/ Mahila Mandal

Chairlady Taruna Janak Ghagdha
Vice chairlady : Nita Bharat Dhanak
Hon. Sec.: Usha Ashok Ghagdha
Hon Treasurer : Mina Kishor Vaya

      Comm. Members
Mahesh Jayantilal Visaman Thadeshwer
Rajesh Shivji Morarji Sakaria
Rushay Mahesh Visaman Thadeshwer
Harshil Harshad Lakha
Arjun Ajay Ghagdha
Youth director : Neel Kishor Vaya

Comm. Members
Sadhna Rajendra Thadeshwer

Chhaya Dipak Vaya
Illa Ajay Ghagdha
Nikhila Deven Vaya
Sheela Rajesh Sakaria

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Shree Parajia Pattni Samaj, Mombasa

Purshottam Maas by the Nyali Beach

Mombasa Samaj Organised Purshottam Maas Pooja by the Sea

Report by Bharat Bhimji Dhanak Pattni., Hon. Sec.

 Shree Parajia Pattni Samaj, Mombasa hosted the event to perform the Auspicious and Holy Purshottam Maas Pooja for all Samaj members with their families on Sunday 27th May 2018 at the shores of Bamburi on the holy Indian Ocean at the Mombasa Cement cottage.

Members had a fantastic day with good clear skies.

40 members attended including 4 members of Lions Club of Huru, Nairobi whose president is our own Manoj Dullabhbhai Vaya Pattni.

The members from Lions club were on an awareness campaign to give incentive to the blind people that life can be normal without eyesight. All four members of Lions Club of Huru are also blind and  have proved that disability is not inability by coming from Nairobi to Mombasa by SGR railway services.

Our members appreciated Lion President Manoj and his members for finding time from their busy schedule to come and spend the day with SPPS members to create some awareness.

Purshottam Maas is the time for prayer, fasting and charity. All members performed Purshottam Bhagwan (Lord Vishnu) Pooja.

Many played cricket on the serene white sands on Nyali Beach, a session of Antakshri, swimming in the Indian Ocean.

All members enjoyed starters biting's of masala peanuts & cashewnuts, crisps both cassava & matoke with some soft drinks.

Lunch was Potato curry, Methi Thepla, Spiced full masala Adadia, peas, green chili & potato Kachori, Kadhi, Matter Bhat, Salad, Papadums & Fur Fur, Flour coated chilies & ice cold masala lassi. 

Delicious Lunch!

After lunch, many members went for a long leisurly walk on the sandy beach.

Well, after a walk on the beach it was time to have Masala Tea & Coffee with Farari Chevdo & Sev at 4.30pm !

Our heartiest congratulations to our Mahila Mandal & Youth for organizing a fantastic & well planned event.

Our senior citizen couple Harsukhbhai Damji Lakha & Manjubhabhi were coincidently celebrating their 58th wedding anniversary as well. All present wished them many more blessed years together.

All enjoyed the fellowship and hoped for some more events in future.

Jai Mataji & Jai Shree Krishna.

Thank you.

Bharat Bhimji Dhanak Pattni