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Navratri greetings


Edited by Kamall Pattni (East Africa Assistant Webmaster)


Warm Wishes from Mombasa Chairman:

Ajay Bhagwanji Pattni (Ghagdha)

On behalf of the Trustees & the Executive Board we wish all our members & those abroad a Happy, Healthy & Blessed Navratri.

Although we cannot physically be at the Navratri festival this year due to unavoidable circumstances which are beyond our control, we virtually offer our timely & respectful prayers to our beloved Mataji from our individual homes.

I take this opportunity to wish all our Brothers & Sisters in the fraternity to stay safe at your homes & continue fighting this pandemic which has affected us physically, mentally & monetarily across the globe.

We also share the grief & sorrow to the families who have lost their loved ones in these last few trying months & pray that their souls be blessed & may Mataji give the respective families solace & strength to bear the loss of their loved ones.

Once again be Safe, Wash, Sanitize your hands frequently and continue wearing a Mask at all times as required. May the almighty bless us all.

Jai Mataji.