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Hon. Chairman:

Mr. Bharat Bhimji Ratanshi

Hon. V/Chairman:

Mr. Kishor Narandas Vaya

Hon. Secretary:

Mr. Ajay Bhagwanji Devji

Assistant Secretary:

Mr. Rushay Mahesh Pattni

Hon. Treasurer:

Mr. Rajendra Jayantilal Visaman

Assistant Treasurer:

Mr. Deven Kishor Pattni



Hon. Chairlady: Mrs. Taruna Janak Pattni

Hon. Secretary: Miss Bhavini Rajendra Pattni

Hon. V/Chairlady:  Mrs Nita Bharat Pattni,Hon

Hon. Treasurer: Mrs Meena Kishor Pattni

 Lord Hanuman 
May Lord Hanuman protect us.
May Lord nourish us.
May we work together with great vigor.
Let there be peace.
Let there be peace, peace, peace

















21 April 2013


We had a very successful Hanuman Chalisa recital by our ever lively Mahila Mandal.


Chalisa was chanted with utmost devotional fervor, generating divine vibrations. It was so good to see all age groups young and old participating. Such cultural event bridges the cultural gaps between the older and younger generations.



Maha prashad of kadhi, matter bhat, mix veggie curry, bundee ladu, bateta vada, masala lassi was seved after Aaarti.



All members were later shown the video of the September celebrations till 11pm. All enjoyed fellowship & memory refreshed of the golden & platinum jubilee celebrations.


Ajay B Pattni,

Hon. Sec.


17th April 2013

Dear Members


Our ever lively Mahila Mandal proudly invites all members of our Samaj and guests to participate to the

Holy Hanuman Chalisa recital


Saturday 20th April 2013

from 7.00pm sharp

thereafter to a delicious “Maha Prashad”.

Please give the number of members attending on the circular for catering purposes.


Please take note of timings so as to avoid delay & allow members to attend other commitments elsewhere.


Also take note of Hindu Council of Kenya, Ladies wing circular regarding Tele Match games on Saturday 18th May 2013.


Let us try to have participation from our Samaj as always.


Thank you,

Ajay B Pattni,

Hon. Sec.

Lord Hanuman is worshipped to overcome distressing energy and to overcome problems due to evil spirits, black magic, departed ancestors' subtle bodies, influence of the planet Saturn (Shani), etc. Worshipping Lord Hanuman will overcome any obstacle in the pathway of the activated spiritual energy system so that the seeker can continue his spiritual practice smoothly.


Shri Hanuman can face any challenge and emerge victorious because he has full control over his body and mind. Any person, who is in full control of one’s senses and worships Sri Hanuman with full devotion, will emerge victorious. No challenge is too great for such a person. Most of us have no control over our mind; we let it run here and there. Let us make it single pointed towards Shri Hanuman.