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Member of the Hindu Council of Kenya, Mombasa County.



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 Shree Parajia Pattni Samaj, Mombasa
P.O. Box 82980-80100, Kwa Jomvu Road, Mombasa, Kenya.

Annual General Meeting 2019

AGM was held on Saturday 13th April 2019.


Total 33 members were present during the AGM, including an old serving member from Chicago, USA, Shree Keshavlal Damji Lakha, (Ghagdha).

Meeting started with prayers for the departed souls in the Pattni / Soni fraternity.

Chairman Shree Ajaybhai Pattni recognized the presence of the very dedicated past Hon. Sec. Keshavlal Damji Lakha of USA.

It was noted that many members had passed away in the last one year  our prayers to the almighty to bless us all.

Speakers at the AGM

List of new office bearers are as follows:

Election of Trustees

·        Mr Ashok Bhagwanji Pattni, Ghagdha.

·        Mr Rajendra Jayantilal Pattni, Thadeshwer.

Election of office bearers:

·        Chairman Shree Ajaybhai Bhagwanji Pattni, Ghagdha.

·        Vice Chairman Shree Kishorbhai Narandas Pattni, Vaya.

·        Hon. Secretary Shree Bharatbhai Bhimji Pattni, Dhanak.

·        Hon. Treasurer  Shree Deven Kishor Pattni, Vaya.

·        Asst. Secretary Shree Jai Rajesh Morarji

Board members

·        Mr Mahesh Jayantilal Pattni, Thadeshwer.

·        Mr Rajesh Shivji Morarji.

·        Mr Harshil Harshad Pattni, Ghagdha.

·        Mr Rushay Mahesh Pattni, Thadeshwer.

·        Mr Arjun Ajay Pattni, Ghagdha.

Sports  & Youth director:

·        Mr Neel Kishor Pattni, Vaya.

Ladies wing:

·        Chairlady, Mrs Taruna Janak Pattni, Ghagdha.

·        Vice Chair, Mrs Neeta Bharat Pattni, Dhanak.

·        Hon. Secretary Mrs Usha Ashok Pattni, Ghagdha.

·        Hon. Treasurer, Mrs Meena Kishor Pattni, Vaya.

Kesavlal Damji Lakha honoured by the committee

Shree Keshavlal Damji Lakha in his brief address to the members praised the work done by the executive board & to a self sustaining Samaj.

Despite the diminishing membership, the institution is doing very well and gave his blessings.

After the AGM members enjoyed assorted delicious recipes-Pizza, Peri Peri Chips, Daal & Chili bhajia, Pack Potatoes, Onion & Chili Bhajia
with assorted Chutneys & Chilled soft drinks.

Finally to beat the extreme Mombasa heat all enjoyed Cassata Almond ice cream slices.

Thank You
Bharatbhai Bhimji Pattni, Dhanak - Hon. Secretary
Jai Rajesh Morarji - Asst. Secretary

Harshadbhai Rana visits Mombasa to support the Samaj

Harshadbhai Rana, PBH trustee and the member of Pattni Connection Advisory Panel, visited Mombasa last week where he met the Mombasa Samaj
Trustee Ashokbhai B Pattni and the Chairman Ajay Bhagwanjibhai Pattni.
Harshadbhai and Ajay who are both members of the Pattni Connection Advisory
Panel discussed about the future of Pattni Connection website and the ways to make it stronger by appointing more webmasters.
Harshadbhai extended his best wishes to Mombasa Samaj for their forthcoming AGM.

Annual General Meeting 2019

Notice is hereby given of the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of

Shree Parajia Pattni Samaj, to be held on Saturday 13th April 2019 @ 7.30pm

to transact the following business -:

1. Minutes silence for the departed souls in the Pattni/Soni fraternity.

2. To read & confirm minutes of the last AGM held on Sunday 22nd April 2018.

3. To receive & adopt audited accounts for the year ending 31st December 2018. Read & approve a 
proposed budget for the ensuing year.

4. Address by the outgoing Chairman.

5. Election of three Hon. Trustees, presided over by the Vice Chairman.

6. Dissolution of the outgoing management committee & elected trustees to preside over the elections.

7. To elect office bearers of the management committee members as follows; -

  • Chairman
  • Vice Chairman
  • Hon. Secretary & assistant
  • Hon. Treasurer
  • Members of the managing committee.

8. Appoint auditors for the year 2019. 

9. Acceptance speech by the incoming chairman.

10. Elections of the ladies' wing presided over by the vice chairman.

11. Acceptance speech by the incoming chair lady.

12. AOB any other business by the permission of the chair.

Dinner will be served at the conclusion of the meeting, please confirm number of members attending for catering purposes.

Thank you & Jai Mataji.

For Bharat B Pattni. (Hon. Sec.)

Jaydip R. Soni. (Asst. Sec)