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Shree Parajia Pattni Samaj

Hon. Chairman:

Mr. Bharat Bhimji Ratanshi Dhanak

Hon. V/Chairman:

Mr. Kishor Narandas Vaya

Hon. Secretary:

Mr. Ajay Bhagwanji Devji Ghaghada


Assistant Secretary:

Mr. Rushay Mahesh Pattni (Thadeshwar)

Hon. Treasurer:

Mr. Rajendra Jayantilal Visaman (Thadeshwar)

Assistant Treasurer:

Mr. Deven Kishor Pattni (Vaya)



Hon. Chairlady: Mrs. Taruna Janak Pattni

Secretary: Miss Bhavini Rajendra Pattni

Hon. V/Chairlady:  Mrs Nita Bharat Pattni,Hon

Hon. Treasurer: Mrs Meena Kishor Pattni

P.O. Box 82980-80100, Kaloleni Road, Mombasa, Kenya.


Member of the Hindu Council of Kenya, Mombasa County.

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Shree Parajia Pattni Samaj

Annual General Meeting

A report by Ajay Bhagwanjibhai Pattni (Ghaghada)

Sunday, 5th July 2015


Shree Parajia Pattni Soni Samaj, Mombasa Mahila Mandal welcomed the fellow members PBH Satsang Mandal who arrived by coach at almost midnight on Friday 3rd July 2015 at the Samaj.

Mombasa members eagerly awaited the arrival of the PBH satsang mandal. The delay was due to heavy traffic on the outskirts of Mombasa.

Guests welcomed at the Samaj


After a hot cup of masala tea, dinner was served. Menu was Pizza, peri peri chips, cassava ( mogo) bhajia, farari dry potato curry, farari chevdo & soft drinks.

Mombasa Samaj welcomes Pattni Brotherhood Satsang Mandal with Farar and Fast Food


Guests were then taken to the Wasons Beach cottages on Bamburi beach. The Mombasa members ensured that all guests were settled in comfortably.

It was nearly 2.00am before some senior members &and the entire youth wing left for their respective homes.


On Saturday afternoon the Mombasa Mahila mandal & the girls joined with the PBH counterparts for Satsang, bhajan, swimming in the Indian Ocean followed by refreshments at the beach cottages.

All enjoyed good fellowship.


Annual General Meeting 2015

Trustees and past committee members

Chairman Bharatbhai Bhimji Ratanshi Dhanak addressing the AGM

Sunday, 5th July 2015 was the AGM. All members and our honoured guests came in time for the meeting.

Guests attending the AGM

A minute of silence was observed for all the departed souls of the Pattni / Soni communities.

As per agenda all went smoothly.

Speakers at the AGM

Meet & Greet. Chairman Bharatbhai welcoming the guests


The entire team was re-elected unanimously & entry of three new youth members to the managing committee.

Executive Committee



Bhailalbhai Mulji Ratanshi Dhanak

Ashokbhai Bhagwanji Devji Ghaghada

Kantibhai Hiralal Virji Ghaghada.


Office bearers:-

Chairman Bhartatbhai Bhimji Rattanshi Dhanak

Vice Chairman: Kishorbhai Narandas Jadavji Vaya

Hon treasurer Devev Kishor Pattni,

Hon sec Ajay Bhagwanji Devji Pattni (Ghaghada)

Asst sec. Rushay Mahesh Visaman Thadeshswar


Committee members:

Mahesh Jayantilal Visaman Thadeswar

Rajesh Shivji Morarji,

Jai Rajesh Morarji

Harshil Harshad Pattni &

Arjun Ajay Pattni.


Youth and sports director: Neil Kishor Pattni.


Ladies wing:

Chair Lady: Taruna Janak Pattni

Vice Chair: Neeta Bharat Pattni,

Treasurer: Meena Kishor Pattni

Sec: Usha Ashok Pattni


Committee members:

Illa Ajay Pattni

Sheela Rajesh Morarji

Sadhna Rajendra Visaman

Chhaya Dipak Vaya

Krishna Hiren Rattanshi & youth girls.

Mahila Mandal

Gifts and tokens were exchanged between the two institutions before lunch

Lunch menu was, white paratha, oundhyu, potato curry, mura na paan ni bhaji, muug bhat, pickles, methi gota & chili bhajia, papad, salad & ice cold masala lassi.

And of course sweet dish Adadia with almonds a hit dish

After lunch both Mombasa & Nairobi samaj ladies went on a tour of Mombasa city, temples & the famous Light house for mogo, madafu etc. Light dinner was enjoyed by all at the beach cottages.

They departed this morning at 9.30am back to Nairobi by coach

Ajay Bhagwanji Pattni (Ghaghada)

Hon Sec.