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On the Eve of the Mega-Event

Shri Nathji Ni Zankhi

The biggest mega event in the history of Parajiya Pattni Soni Samaj the Triveni Samaroh, kick started at the Parajiya Soni Kelavnai Mandal - Jamnagar in the evening on Thursday, 15th Dec 2011.


Guests were warmly welcomed by the Jamnagar President Kantibhai Ghaghada, the committee and the Mahila Mandal.

Nidhi Dholakiya, the famous Gujarati singer and her party got everyone immersed into the divine beauty of Shriji celebrating the manifestations of the divine energy Shrinathji. The inspirational musical evening prompted many guests to get up to dance and play raas garba taking part with spiritual fervor.



The event culminated with a scrumptious hot dinner served on the top floor of the Samaj building. It also gave an opportunity to mingle, introduce and meet other guests.


An announcement was made requesting all guests to get up early the next day and be ready to join the jaan procession with the band baaja.


The evening ended with a happy note a good start to the mega event. We all left the Samaj looking forward to the coming 3-day fun filled mega events.

Tame Kale Vehla Aavjo!!!

Jai Shree Krishna

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