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Shri Parajiya Soni Kelavani Mandal, Jamnagar




 Shri Parajiya Soni Kelavani Mandal, Jamnagar
2 – Rajput Para,Nr. Lal Bunglow, Jamnagar, 361001

Tel. No. 0288 – 2678097 / 2673090

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heartily invites all gnatijans on the auspicious occasion of

  • 17th Samuh Lagan
  • opening ceremony of Late Smt. Devkunverbne (Jasuben) Chhotalal Damjibhai Vaya Community Hall and
  • opening ceremony of Generator Set donated by Shri Jayantilal Dayalji Ghaghada (Verad vala-now at London)

on Sunday, 10th December 2006


The detailed programmes are as under:

Chair Person of Samaroh          : Shri Chhotalal Damji Pattni,London

Community Hall opening by        : Smt. Vasuben  Trivedi (M.L.A., Jamnagar City)

Opening of Generator Set by    : Shri Dayalji  Devraj Ghaghada

                                                 (Ex-President: Shri S.P.Soni Kelavani Mandal, Jamnagar)

Ashirvachan by                        : Pujya Swami Keshvanand Maharaj

                                                (Shri Sanatan Seva Mandal, Dwarka)

Guest of Honor                        : Shri Pabubha Manek, (M.L.A., Dwarka)

                                              : Shri Kantilal Ranchhoed Satikunver (London)

                                              : Shri Dayalji Devraj Ghaghada, Jamnagar

                                              : Shri Amrutlal Laxman vaya, Jam-Khambhalia

                                              : Shri Vrujlal Mohanlal Ghaghada (Kuwait)


Vijaykumar Gordhanbhai Dhakan (Surat)

to wed

Harsha Chimanlal Sagar (Surat)

Mehulakumar Bhaskaerbhai Suru (Mumbai)

to wed

Seema Chandulal Sagar  (Rajkot)

SAMUH LAGAN Manglik Prasango

                                                       09.12.2006     : Dayro at 10.00am to 12.00pm

                                              10.12.2006       : Mandap Muhurt at 7.00 a.m.

                                              10.12.2006       : Samaiyu at 9.00 a.m.

                                              10.12.2006       : Hasta Melap at 10.15 a.m.

                                              10.12.2006       : Satkar Samaroh at 12.00 p.m.

                                              10.12.2006       : Bhojan Samaroh at 12.30 p.m.

                                              10.12.2006       : Jan Viday at 4.30 p.m.  


Bhojan Samaroh donated by:

Shri Narendra R. Dhakan &

Shri Kanaiyalal Mavji Ghaghada, Dwarka

On behalf of Smt. Champaben Rugnath Dhakan

Tea/Coffe/Kumkum Patrika donated by :


Shri Bhagvanji Morarji Ghaghada, Dwarka


Welcome Committee:

Shri Harilal Trikamji Ghaghada : Ex-President, Shri S.P.Kel Mandal,Jamnagar

Shri Narendra R. Dhakan    : Convener, Medical Aid Committee

Shri Kanaiylal M. Ghaghada   : Vice-President, Dwarka Vadi

Invitation by

Shri Ramesh A. Kagdada             Shri Kantilal A. Ghaghada

Secretary                                   President
Shri Samasta Parajiya Soni Kelavani Mandal, Jamnagar

Our forward progress – One more community hall……..

Inaguration of Late Devkuvarben (Jasuben) Chhotalal Damjibhai Hall in Jamnagar

by Kantibhai Ghaghada, President


Each and every society or community will have unique and unforgettable rare personalities during their good times. We had such a person, an intelligent and a respected elder member of our community whose philanthropy knew no limitations - late Shri Damjibhai Devji Pattni.

Jamnagar Boarding - Shri Devji Mulji Vaya Boarding

In 1952 during Mombasa Community conference he mentioned about his wish to have Gnati Boarding for further studies for our children. This dream came true in 1966, when Jamnagar Samaj planned to start a boarding in Jamnagar. Damjibhai was one of the pioneer donors to help Jamnagar Samaj. He and his family donated Rs. 50,000/- to start this boarding in Jamnagar. The Samaj started boarding in a rented building at Patel Colony area which was inaugurated by Pujya Sonal Mataji (Madhada).


In June, 1968, Jamnagar Samaj acquired its own building at Lal Bunglow in heart of the city. Damjibhai was again at the forefront to help Jamnagar Samaj and Samaj’s own building / boarding was inaugurated by Smt Dudhiben Damjibhai Vaya on 1st June 1968.  The boarding was named in memory of Damjibhai’s father “Shri Devji Mulji Vaya”.


Arvind Hall

 Shri Narsibhai and

Shri Girdharbhai Vaya Hall

 Late Devkuvarben (Jasuben) Chhotalal Damjibhai Vaya Hall 

Smt Dudhiben Damjibhai Vaya Hunnar Shala

At that inaugural function Samaj also organised a community conference. Shri Dayalal Kashiram Bhagat (Mumbai) chaired the conference and the Chief Guest was Shri Jivanlal Odhavji Vaya (Nairobi). Jamnagar Samaj at that time was headed by Late Shri Devkaran Laxmanbhai Vaya (Jam-Khambhalia). During the conference Sanman Patra (Letter of Honour)  was awarded to Shri Damjibhai for his noble donation for education for community children. Donation for starting Hunnar shala (craft school) of ornamental workmanship was also declared by Shri Damjibhai in name of his wife Smt. Dudhiben Damjibhai Vaya.

Arvind Hall

During first floor construction of the samaj building in 1979, there was occasion of marriage ceremony of Damjibhai’s grandson. Shri Damjibhai gave a donation of Rs. 1,25,000/- to construct “Arvind Hall” to celebrate his grand son marriage.


Shri Narsibhai and Shri Girdharbhai Vaya Hall

In 1998, the committee planned to construct one more hall in order to provide better facilities to the Jamnagar Pattni community.


Once again Damjibhai family had asked the samaj to contact them for any needs. After knowing the requirements they generously donated Rs. 3,51,000/= to construct fully facilitated community hall with modern amenities.

The hall was named in memory of Damjibhai two brothers late Shri Narsibhai Vaya and late Shri Girdharbhai Vaya. The hall was inaugurated by Pujya Mahant Jagdishdasji Maharaj ( Shri Kabir Ashram, Jamnagar) on 30th January 1998.



Late Smt. Jasuben Chhotalal Damjibhai Vaya Hall

Jamnagar Samaj has spacious land in its building plot. After vacating the rented block the recent committee decided to construct and renovate new community hall from old fashioned three big rooms. Again though Damjibhai is no longer with us, his family followed the footsteps of their great father.  

Shri Kanjibhai and Shri Chhotubhai assured the committee of their full support and for this noble cause they donated Rs. 3,00,000/= to our samaj. This new third community hall will be named in memory of late Smt. Devkunver (Jasuben) Chhotalal Damjibhai Vaya. The Community Hall is now ready and innagural function will be held on Sunday, 10th December 2006 by  Smt. Vasuben Trivedi (M.L.A., Jamnagar City
) - Member of the Legislative Assembly


Apart from the Samuh Lagan and the Hall opening ceremony, there will also be a opening ceremony of Generator Set donated by Shri Jayantilal Dayalji Ghaghada (Verad vala-now at London)


Thus when a samaj do any noble work and the benefit is going to mass of our community there are donor who have always maintain “Paraj” khamir and community spirit. We are proud to have donors like Late Shri Damjibhai Vaya.  Due to such  kind donations, our community of Jamnagar as well the surrounding area have got the best amenities for organising community functions, marriages, engagements etc.


Kantibhai Ghaghada, President,

Shri Samasta Parajiya Soni Kelavani Mandal,, Jamnagar


Main Donors for Samuh Lagan and Education Fund

  1. Late Damjibhai Devjibhai Vaya – Nairobi
  2. Amratlal Vallabhdas Vaya – Dubai
    Manilal Vallabhdas Vaya – Dubai
    Dhirajlal Vallabhdas Vaya – Dubai
  3. Kishorkumar Jamnadas Vaya – Montreal, Canada
  4. Late Harilal Juthabhai Dhanak – Jampur, India
  5. Jayantilal Dayaljibhai Ghaghada – London
  6. Tarunkumar Jamnadas Sagar – Sharjah
  7. Jayantilal Thakershibhai Dhanak – Sharjah
    Vinodrai Thankershi Dhanak – Sharjah
  8. Narottambhai Hemrajbhai Ghaghada – Nairobi
  9. Late Jethabhai Dungarshibhai Dhanak – Nairobi
    Late Induben Jethalal Dhanak – Nairobi
    Himanshu Jethalal Dhanak – Nairobi
    Ravindra Jethalal Dhanak – Nairobi
  1. Bhanjibhai Jadavjibhai Vaya – Fujairah, UAE
    Kantibhai Jadavjibhai Vaya – Fujairah, UAE
  2. Smt Labhuben Nathalal Ghaghada – Luton, UK
  3. Harilal Trikamjibhai Ghaghada – Jamnagar
  4. Kanjibhai Damjibhai Vaya – Nairobi
  5. Kantibhai Veljibhai Vaya – Sharjah
  6. Narottambhai Vallabhdas Vaya - Dubai
  7. Shri Kuwait Parajiya Soni Gnati Mitra Mandal – Kiwait
  8. Hasmukhbhai Nathalal Ghaghada – Dubai
  9. Late Kalidas Vashrambhai Sagar – Sharjah
    Late Ramanben Kalidas Sagar – Sharjah
  10. Prabhudas Lakhubhai Dhakan – Veraval, India
  11. Rugnathbhai Megjibhai Patt – Sharjah
  12. Mansukhbhai Ranchodbhai Sagar - Dubai


President Shree Kantibhai Ghaghada, Jamnagar

Message for Deepavali
We must remember that we are from the community which is decorating Queens/Brides by beautiful ornaments made by their craftsmanship. Being a decorator of society people our importance is known as “Soni Mahajan”. In ancient time of kingdom ship

Soni Mahajans were used to sit near to King and vazir in Darbar. Now is the time for show our unity, our best services, our trusteeship (Mahajan), our religiousness and our leadership as remained in old times.


I wish all Parajiya Soni get all our past glory in coming year and wish all the Pattni’s A Happy Diwali and Prosperous Happy New Year……


Jay Mataji…………Jay Shri Krishna……….


Kantibhai Ghaghada, Jamnagar. India

President-Shri Samasta Parajiya Soni Kelavani Mandal, Jamnagar
Treasurer- Shri Akhil Bharatiya Parajiya Soni Gnati Federation,JamnagarParayan Mah Mahotsava in Jamnagar


on Dushera 2nd October 2006




















Happy Navratri and Jay Mataji.


Please note that our Havan ceremony sheduled on Dushera on 02.10.2006 Monday instead of Havanashtami (athmu nortu). We have organised Havan and Gnati Samuh Bhojan on the same day.


With regards,




Shree Samasta Parajiya Soni Samaj, Jamnagar

cordially invites everyone to join this wonderful event of the HAVAN ceremony AND Gnati Bhojan (lunch)


Dushera Monday 2nd October 2006.


Please contact any member of our committee at your earliest for your seat reservation.



The essence of Havan is to  maintain  the  feeling  of  surrender  and  dedication  to Mataji  and  will  fill Our lives with knowledge, understanding, devotion and love. Everyone is blessed with her loving mercy and is protected by Mataji. The mental calm and tranquility one experience after performing havan is to be experienced to believe it. Those who worship Maa will never be lacking in spiritual enlightenment and worldly happiness.


We cordially invite all members to join and participate in this auspicious event

We cordially invite all members to join and participate in this auspicious event

- Jamnagar Committee


From 1st Nov to 12th Nov, 06 Shri Krishna Pranami (Nijanand) Sampraday are organizing record break 12,000 Parayan Mah Mahotsava at Jamnagar. Approximately 20 to 25 lacs (2 to 2.5 million) visitors will be coming in this mahotsava from all over the world.


They have arranged Big shamiayana and dome outside Jamnagar on highway along with stalls by various government agency, banks and social institutions. Our bank has also arranged Extension Banking Counter at there. The counter will offer encashment of foreign currency, accept donation of host sanstha and will open NRI accounts. We are one of the principle bankers of Pranami Sanstha.


Many Bhakta have come from Nepal (only Hindu Rashtra). Various tents prepared for NRIs and VIPs. During this event appx 2 lacs (200,000) bhavik will take prasad (bhojan) every day


"Astha" TV will telecast the event live through out the world during 12 days. Opening of event will be done by Shri Narendra Modi and during event many more VIP will be attending.


Our Jamanagar Samaj have also given facility to stay to some of bhaviks from Chandigadh and Nepal in our Samaj building


with regards


Kantibhai Ghaghada


Jamnagar Soni Samaj


Message from Jamnagar Samaj on the cancellation of Sneh Milan (Diwali Function 2006)
by President Kantibhai Ghaghada


As you all are now aware through the Pattni Connection website,  that we had to postpone the Sneh Milan (Diwali function) at Jamnagar due to the sad demise of Shree Pradeepkumar Karsandas Tulshidas Ghaghada of Kuwait who was cremated on Kali Chaudas, Friday 20th October 2006 in Jamnagar


We also had more sad news during Diwali

On Aso vad chaudash (Kali Chaudas) Shree Laxmidas Kalyanji Hirji Dhanak expired at Rajkot on 20th October 2006,


On Diwali, 21st October 2006, Shree Dhirjalal Jagda expired at Ranavav (Dist Porbandar)




On the New Year, 23rd October 2006, Mrs. Hemiben Tulsidas Ghaghada was cremated in morning at Jamnagar (though expired at midnight of Diwali).


We feel that looking to these incidences and continuous death news received from various locations near by, our cancellation of Sneh Milan function was proper.


Footnote - We were pleased to note that the Message of Diwali and New Year were nicely arranged in the Pattni Connection website showing our worldwide Pattni unity.


with regards


Kantibhai Ghaghada


Jamnagar Samaj