Shri Parajiya Soni Kelavani Mandal, Jamnagar

A Warm Welcome to Shree Kantibhai Ghaghada to UK

"Atithi Devo Bhava"

Shree Kantibhai Ghaghada is currently visiting UK to attend a family wedding in Leicester and to also meet the PPA Leicester committee.


Kantibhai was also given a warm welcome by Pranbhai Dhanak, Editor / Webmaster of Pattni Connection when he visited his residence in London where various topics were discussed on Samaj matters over a lunch.

It was also agreed that we join forces to support the Samaj activities. Plans are underway to publish Jamnagar’s monthly publication Parajiya Prakash on the website. Kantibhai have arranged to let us have the Gujarati fonts that are compatible to upload the magazine. In order to ease the pressure on the website, Kantibhai have also agreed to engage translators in Jamnagar who can translate Parajiya Prakash in English and the website contents to Gujarati that they can published in both the media - Parajiya Prakash and the Pattni Connection website.


Parajiya Prakash - August 2009 Issue


Parajiya Prakash is monthly newsletter published by the Jamnagar Pattni Soni Samaj.

Subscriptions are as follows:

For members residing in India: 5yr subscription - Rs 201. Subscription for life - Rs 351

For members residing outside India: Subscription for life: Rs 3,500

If you want to receive Parajiya Prakash every month, please send payment to:


Parajiya Prakash c/o Shri Samast Parajiya Soni Kelvani Mandal

2, Rasputpara, Jamnagar.

Ph 2678097 /2541555. e-mail :


June 2009 Issue - Front Page

May 2009 Edition - Front Page



Narendrabhai Dhakan with Modi giving speech and Prabhua (right)

Shri Narendrabhai Dhakan,
Vice-President, Jamnagar Samaj

Narendrabhai with Narendra Modi and Pabubha Manek (M.L.A.,Dwarka)


Jamnagar Samaj’s Vice President, Shri Narendrabhai Dhakan is well connected with Shri Pabubha Manek, MLA - Dwarka constituency for a long time. They have been working together in social work around Dwarka Taluka (county). Narendrabhai is a also a trustee in Dwarka Vadi and Shri Sanatan Seva Mandal established by Swami Keshvanand.

Dwarka Vadi received donations worth Rs. 50/- lacs (5 million) from many Pattni members in UAE, Mumbai and Jamnagar District. The vadi will be rebuilt and will be a three storey building with two community halls.


Gujarat Shri Narendra Modi visited Dwarka before the election of on the invitation of Pabubha Manek.

The photo shows Narendra Modi giving speech. Sitting on stage with him are Narendrabhai Dhakan and Pabubha Manek.

Kantibhai Ghaghada
Jamnagar Samaj


Pattni Soni Samaj - Jamnagar – Donation of a laptop to the Jamnagar Samaj
Mr Hasmukhlal Nathalal Ghaghada of UAE (originally from Upleta) donated a laptop to Shri Parajiya Soni Kelavani Mandal, Jamnagar. The laptop will be very useful for doing administrative work in the Samaj's office. It will boost information technology amongst community people and will help in accounting, e-mails, keeping Samaj records and letters etc which will be maintained by the system.

New Editor appointed for Jamnagar’s “Parajiya Prakash”

Mr. Shirishbhai Ghaghada has been appointed as the new editor. The earlier editor Mr. Navinbhai Ghaghada has resigned due to his personal assignment. "Parajiya Prakash" layout is now changing. As from last month the photographs were printed on the art paper with colour and now from this month title page will also be on the art paper to give an attractive get-up. Please check our website Jamnagar’s Section for details on how to subscribe to the Parajiya Prakash.

Parajiya Prakash
Note: Jamnagar Samaj publishes an excellent monthly magazine, giving the latest Pattni news in Gujarati. The subscription for this magazine for life is just Rs 3,500 (approx GBP £50 or USD $85) For further information, please contact the Samaj - 

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An Appeal for Donation - Parajiya Prakash Support Fund

“Prajiya Prakash”, a Gujarati monthly publication by Parajiya Kelwani Mandal, Jamnagar, India has been serving the Samaj for the past 45 years. It has become an important communication media tool for promoting Samaj activities, Samaj news and giving opportunities for Pattni writers to express their views and comments. This magazine is been distributed throughout India and abroad.

We are currently facing acute financial crises. The cost of postage, paper, printing, etc has gone up substantially. Since the bank interest is now so low, the income from the interest has also gone down. So we are in a dilemma as to how to meet our expenses. Thus our committee has b=come with the following scheme.


For a donation of Rs 1,11,111 ( approx £1,400 UK Pounds), the donor’s name will be mentioned in all the future publications as a “Major Donor”.


Donation of Rs 51,111 ( approx £650 UK Pounds), the donor’s name will be listed in  all the issues as a “Substantial Support Donor”.


Donation of Rs 25,111 (approx £325 UK Pounds), the donor’s name will be listed as “Well wishers”


We are sure that our Samaj’s big hearted members will welcome and support our Scheme to overcome our financial crises. We request those who wish to donate, to please contact us as soon as possible


The Committee

Parajiya Prakah Kelwani Mandal
2 Rajpur Para

Jamnagar. Gujarat


This is a worthwhile cause to support our Pattni Samaj. The Jamnagar Committee has been providing an excellent service to the community for the past 45 years. As you can see, the amount the committee been asking is not that large when we convert these monies to UK Pounds or Dollars. It is an opportunity for those who would like to make a donation in memory of the family’s beloved ones.


Parajiya Prakash March 2007 Issue