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Newsletter - January 2009

by Kantibhai Ghaghada - President - Shri Parajiya Soni Kelavani Mandal, Jamnagar

Happy New Year to all Pattni members. Jamnagar Soni Samaj committee wishes one and all a blessed and fulfilling 2009.


We are pleased to publish our first 2009 newsletter on Pattni Connection website to kick start the New Year. This I hope will provide the community with valuable insight of the progress and the activities of Jamanagar Soni Kelavani Mandal.


Real Pattni community spirit
Pattni members came forward in the spirit of good donorship to help a community student who requested financial assistance for her education expenses of Indian Rupees 1,15,000 required as a payment for the Medical College fees. Without paying fees, she was not going to further her education.


The Soni Federation was convinced that the financial aid to this community girl will secure her future and also greatly benefit her family.  The Federation committee contacted some overseas Pattni donors to try to seek a donation. The good news is that donors responded quickly and generously to the funding needs. The donors remitted the funds more than the requirement in Federation Bank Account directly! . Thanks to them the girl will now have a chance to finish her studies. There is a huge community spirit in our community as a whole – all pulling together when it really matters. So a big thank you to all who donated to a worthwhile cause.


Details are yet to come but members and student’s family are in joyous mood and this matter will be one of the important subject at

Committee meeting that is going to be held at Savar Kundla on 25/01/2008. Details and photographs of the meeting will be posted on the website in due course.

Proud Parajiya Pattni Philanthropists

We have received generous donation for the Medical Fund from the following donors:

(1) Rs. 1,11,111/-    In memory of late Dudhiben Damjibhai Vaya and late Damjibhai Devjibhai Vaya (Nairobi) donation to Jamnagar Samaj for its Medical Fund by their son Shri Kanjibhai Damjibhai Vaya   (Nairobi)


(2) Rs.  51,000/-    In memory of late Damjibhai Tulsidas Thadeshwar and late Muktaben Damjibhai Thadeshwar donation to Jamnagar Samaj for Medical Fund by Shri Pravinbhai Damjibhai Thadeshwar and Shri Yashwant Damjibhai Thadeshwar (Mumbai). Haste : Shri Kishorebhai Hamirbhai Thadeshwar ( Member-Jamnagar Samaj )


(3) Rs. 51,000/-    In memory of late Bhagvanji Tulsidas Thadeshwar and Late Kantaben Bhagvanji Thadeshwar donation to Jamnagar Samaj for Medical Fund by Shri Narendra Bhagvanji Thadeshwar  (London). Haste : Shri Kishorebhai Hamirbhai Thadeshwar (Member-Jamnagar Samaj)

Samuh Lagna 2008

Samuh Lagna function was grand gala.  Distinguished guests including a minister from the Gujarat Government, prominent members of the local community and our Samaj leaders attended the wedding. Every local daily news papers like Avadh Times featured our function. The wedding was attended by a large number of our Samaj members and was blessed by Swami Keshvanand. For report and photos click - Jamnagar Samuh Lagna 2008 

It was an honour to receive a letter from the Chief Minister Narendra Modi who complimented our noble cause of arranging Samuh Lagna. The letter is posted on the website.


We shall update the community with more community news in due course.

Kantibhai Ghaghada

President - Shri Parajiya Soni Kelavani Mandal, Jamnagar
Treasurer - Shri Akhil Bharatiya Parajiya Soni Gnati Federation