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Lt Shree Gordhandas Odhavji Vaya (Nairobi) & Lt. Shree Maganlal Odhavji Vaya (Nanduri)

The philanthropic family of

Late Shree Odhavjibhai Jethabhai Vaya (originally of Nanduri)


16th Dec 2011

For more photos of the Hall opening ceremony: Click Album 133 - New Hall Opening Ceremony

Late Shree Maganlal Odhavjibhai

Shree Maganlal Odhavjibhai Vaya (Nanduriwara) Memorial Hall - Generously donated by the Vaya Family

Hirenbhai & Rajendrabhai Maganlal Vaya (right photo) thanking guests for attending the ceremony.


Hundreds of guests from across the world attended the opening ceremony of the new air conditioned Community Hall at Jamnagar.

For more photos of the Hall opening ceremony: Click Album 133 - New Hall Opening Ceremony

With great applause of the guests and the minister of Higher Education Smt Vasuben Trivedi performed the traditional ribbon-cutting ceremony.


Ribbon cutting ceremony by Smt Vasuben Trivedi

The program was inaugurated by Smt Hansa Hirendra Vaya and Smt Kiran Rajendra Vaya by means of Deep Pragtya (Lighting up of Deep).


The New Hall is app 2700 sq ft with a large well equipped stage with full stage lighting and sound system. It facilitates a capacity of 500 theatre style seating.


VIPs and guests were then invited on stage.


VIPs and Honorable Guests


After all the VIPs and Honorable guests arrived and seated on the stage, the secretary of the Jamnagar Kelawani Mandal, Shree Rameshbhai Amratlal Kagdada, started his welcoming speech and did a brilliant job as the Master of Ceremony. He then invited Smt Vasudev Trivedi to give a keynote speech who paid a glorious tribute to the Parajiya Pattni Soni community for its unity, progress and prosperity.


The ceremony then  featured speeches by the our invited VIPs who all spoke eloquently about the unity of our Samaj, Pattni Connection website and social progress as we all looked forward to the World Gathering at Dwarka. Various leaders of community gave their view about the World Federation.


VIPs addressing the community


It was great pleasure to see so many VIPs and guests from various parts of India and the world attending this important event.


The event concluded with two newly wedding couples of Samuh Lagna blessed by the community leaders and elders.


With the opening of this new building it will establish new perspectives for a long-term growth and the further successful development of our Samaj.


It was time to pack our bags to head for Dwarka. The Samaj had arranged a coach and several cars for the guests.


There was a brief stopover at Jam Khambhalia where the guests were met and given a very warm welcome by the local Soni Samaj at the Shri Vaya Parivar Kuldevi Temple followed by light dinner.


Following an hours break, guests boarded the coach and head for the most famous historic and sacred city of Dwarka to attend the historical World Gathering of Parajiya Pattni Sonis.


For more photos of the Hall opening ceremony: Click Album 133 - New Hall Opening Ceremony



heartily invites all our community members on the auspicious occasion of the



22nd SAMUH LAGAN 2011



Invitation in Gujarati

Click Triveni Mahotsav Patrika in Gujarati

Shree Vijaybhai Prabhudas Ghaghada, Chairman of Pattni Brotherhood, Nairobi will grace the auspicious occasion as the chief guest.

Smt.Vasuben Narendrabhai Trivedi, Hon. Gujarat Minister Higher & Technical Education, Women & Child Development will officially open the Air Conditioned Community Hall

Shree Devjiprasha Maharaj, Head of Shree Anandbawa will be present to bless the couples.

Following VIPs will grace the occasion

Shree Hirenbhai Maganlal Vaya


Donor for the A/C Hall at Jamnagar

Shree Vallabhbhai Dhorda


President, Shree Mumbai Upnagar Parajiya Sahakari Society, Borivali

Shree Dhirubhai Sagar


President, Shree Samast Parajiya Soni Gnati Mahamandal

Smt. Shardaben Harilal Kagadada


Donor for a room

Shree Yogeshbhai Sagar


MLA, Kandivali

Shree Prabhudas Vithaldas Dhakan


Chief donor for the Samuh Lagan

Shree Diveshbhai Dineshbhai Vaya

Jam Khambhalia

Donor for the Samuh Lagan

Shree Arvindbhai Barcha

Jam Khambhalia

Chairman, Sanskar Education Trust

Manglik Prasango:

Cultural Programme

Mandaporapan :

Samaiyu :

Hasta Melap : 

AC Hall Opening Ceremony:

Welcome Reception:

Bhojan Samaroh (lunch) :

Jan Viday :     

Thursday, 15th December 8.00pm to 9.00pm

Friday, 16th December 7.00am

Friday, 16th December 9.00am

Friday, 16th December 9.30am

Friday, 16th December 10.00am

Friday, 16th December 11.00am

Friday, 16th December 12.30pm

Friday, 16th December 4.00pm

Generosity of Refreshments, breakfast and lunch are courtesy by

The family of Late Maganlal Odhavji Vaya (Nanduriwara)

Smt Prabhaben Maganlal Vaya, Shree Hirenbhai Maganlal Vaya,

Shree Rajendrakumar Maganlal Vaya & Shree Vipulkumar Maganlal Vaya