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Shree Nandlal Tulsidas Dhanak - Nairobi

Donations in Memory

Kantibhai Ghaghada, President, Jamnagar Pattni Samaj

Donation of Rs. 1,11,111/- in memory of Late Shri Nandlal Tulsidas Dhanak (original from Dhrafa) of Nairobi was received by the Jamnagar Samaj “Samuh Lagna & Education Reserve Fund”.


Shri Nandlal sadly passed away on Saturday 3rd January 2009 (Posh Sud Satam, 2065) in Nairobi , Kenya.

Donation Received in Memory of Shri Nandlal Tulsidas Dhanak

This generous donation was handed over on behalf of (Haste): Smt. Lalitaben Nandlal Dhanak (Nairobi) - wife and  Shri Sanjay Nandlal Dhanak (U.S.A.) - son


Recently Shri Kantilal Tulsidas Dhanak and Smt. Kusumben Kantilal Dhanak (Nairobi) visited the Jamnagar Samaj and handover the above donation to the Samaj Committee.


Shri Kantibhai Dhanak (KT) was also student of Jamnagar Boarding in 1971-72 and was happy to see the progress of Samaj. He was pleased with new building with 3 community halls and other amenities as at the time of his stay at boarding was old structure.


Late Nandlalbhai was very much interested in Jamnagar Samuh Lagna activity and so his desire to donate in this fund was fulfilled by his son Sanjay and his wife Lalitaben.


Philanthropic Parajiyas

Jamnagar Samaj has now 20 reserve fund donors who have donated Rs.1,11,111/- each in the fund and one supporting donor who has donated Rs.75,000/-. All donations are kept in bank’s Fixed Deposit and only the interest is used for Samuh Lagna expenses. Last December, Samaj had successfully completed its 19th Samuh Lagnotsava (collective wedding)