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Zindagi mein toofan......

Pooja Vaya, Nairobi, Kenya

Zindagi mein toofan to aate rehte hei

Hamara kaam hei unse muqabala karna.


Jahan mein sukh dukh bhi aate jaate hei

Himat se aage badhna aur kabhi na darna.


Aasma hei to bijli to garjegi hi

Aag hei to loo to jalegi hi

Buland hei hosla to umeed to hogi hi

Aur gar saath ho takdir to manzil to milegi hi

Mita Soni
The cold rain making a stream
Taking with it my last hope, last dream
A hope to find love so true
A dream to find my sunshine in you
Dark cloud blew, thunder clasped
My hope, my dream dashed
The cold rain stream
Taking my last hope, last dream

When Rain falls upon us

Manisha Pattni, Coventry, U.K.
When hearts are full of cheer
Up in gentle clouds above
God's little one appears

Sweetly she is napping
She's had a busy day
Chasing all the Rain drops 
Has so much fun that way

Points her bow and arrow
Sends love from lightening sky
If you feel a magic glow
This little one's been by

For now she is in dreamland
Impatient for the sun
Shining gold upon the earth
Her target everyone

Feel that you are happy
There is no reason why
Precious little gift of love
Has struck you from on high...

Aamari Vinanti

 Pran C. Arjan, London. U.K.

Bhadkayela tofan ma

Aasman ni prakati ma,

Jalhar prakash ne karu chu naman


Pradip prakash thai sajeevan

Jya prabar sunsvato kare  pavan

Aasman ni prakati ma,

Jalhar prakash ne karu chu naman

Jal devta kare jaldar gagan

Shant sagar ne kare jaltaran

Aasman ni prakati ma,

Jalhar prakash ne karu chu naman


Bhavo bhav karo cho ver vikher

Tofani thi kariya duniya relum chel

Laakho na jeev lidha aaviya tari sharan

 Jalhar prakash ne karu chu naman


Havve to shant thao, sau kare che tamaru smaran

Sadgut ne aapo sashvat shanti

Sau nu kalian karo evi che vinati

Jalhar prakash ne karu chu naman

Dedicated to all those who lost lives to the natural disasters in the year 2005

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