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Story on Uganda Asians on BBC


Dear All,
The BBC 1 TV will carry a story on Uganda Asians on One Show at 7 pm on Thursday 22nd April 2010.  They are also carrying an interview with Shri Praful Patel, the former member of the Uganda Resettlement Board from 1972-75.  We feel that you will be interested to see this story about Uganda Asian families after having been in UK for 38 years.

Please inform all your friends, who will have interest in this subject.



Watch latest Bollywood Movies Free on the net

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President Obama celebrates Diwali

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

After signing an Executive Order restoring the White House Advisory Commission and Interagency Working Group to address issues concerning the Asian American and Pacific Islander community, the President observed Diwali, or the “Festival of Lights,” a holiday celebrated across faiths. October 14, 2009.

 President Obama Observes Diwali (Video & Transcript)


President Obama's Diwali Message on YouTube


African Music on Pattni Connection

We had a fantastic response from our East African Pattni members. I hope you all are enjoying. Now watch video, listen and singalong Hakuna Matata in our recreation section then visit and sign our Guestbook and listen to more African music.

Sasa wewe na karibu wete Pattni Connection Recreation Section angalia filamu Hakuna Matata…alafu wewe na koinda Guestbook, andika mkono yako na andika vyako habari. alafuna sikilia Afican musiki…. Jambo Habari Ngani.  Asante Pattni memba  -  Jambo Pattni memba. Click to listen

We are celebrating Africa memories ..

Listen, understand and singalong.. Hakuna Matata..Kabisaa!!

Also enjoy video - Hakuna Matata


Enjoy Indian Christmas !!Watch this hilarious video - Indian Christmas

Click and listen to Malaika..enjoy bwana

Get into Bhangra mood. Swing and dance to the music of Swahili Bhangra. Turn on your speakers and get Bhangra Fever on Pattni Connection !

Jambo Pattni Memba- Sisi wa na rajua ote wewe furahi na yetu muziki fi Pattni Connection. Yetu Pattni memba na panda Bhangra muziki kabisa sana. Basi, sasa ka ingia penya Bhangra muziki kinyongo. Pepa na cheza ngoma kwa Swahili Bhangra. Naku penda  -   Swahili Bhangra


It’s hilarious. Enjoy….. Africawara Gurjar Gujarati

Mpenzi  Bwana Pattni Memba,
Kama wewe na penda hili na ‘Africa Song’, wewe alafu anisi na peleka kwa e-mail ule na penda hiyo na shairi 'Africa Song'  Kabissaaaa sana – Kwaheri !!!

sasa sikia na shairi ‘Africa Song’ – asanta sana!!  - Edita kwa Pattni Connection

Africa na rehvasi – Africa Song


Hello and Hi Pattni Bwana, kem cho?
Thank you for all your messages that you all enjoyed listening to Africa Song. Many requested to post more such songs. Well here it is – the follow up of the Africa Song -  Gurjar Gujarati.  Guaratis  left Africa and now in U.K. So say good bye to Nairobi, Nakuru and Nyali Beach and welcome Ealing Road and Belgrave Road. OK Bapuuu ?

U.K. ma Badhu alright che ne? OK OK Enjoy  UKwara Gurjar Gujarati…..

Jambo charuka Pattni Bwana

Asanta sana kwako salaam ule wewe na penda hili na ‘Africa Song’. Pattni memba tafadhalisha  sawa sawa shairi mingi sanna.  Bas hapa hiko shika shairi. 
Muhindi na kushoto kwa Africa tena sasa tuama na U.K. Basi alamsiki Nairobi, Nakuru na Nyali Beach. Sasa na sema karibu na Ealing Road na Belgrave Road.  O.K. Bwana. Badhu alright che na Bapuuu?  Haya bwana, sasa watu wote Pattni memba na sikiya hiyo shairi. 


Listen UKwara Gurjar Gujarati
Enjoy.... wewe na penda hili na Gurjar Gujarati kabissaaaa.


Happy New Year to All
Click and enjoy 
Happy New Year


Today’s Pattni Connection Horoscopes

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