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Rameshbhai Damjibhai Pattni (Vaya)

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Graduation Announcement

Pride of our Community

Rameshbhai Damji Devji Pattni

from the Faculty of Theology and Religion of the University of Oxford.

On the 29th July 2016, a great occasion for the Pattni community and the whole family of Shree Damji Devji Vaya took place at the University of Oxford.

After four years of intense research and writing a thesis of 100,000 words on Yoga Psychology, Rameshbhai Damji Devji Pattni graduated with a doctorate from the Faculty of Theology and Religion of the University of Oxford.

It was a grand graduation ceremony, which took place in the Sheldonian Theatre built in 1667, has a history going back 800 years to the second half of the twelfth century.

The ceremony today retains many of the essential features of the earliest ones and its proceedings are conducted in Latin.

The ceremony was attended by his wife Murli and daughters Roushika and Heeral

It is a great celebration for the Pattni community as Rameshbhai is the first member of our community in the 800 year history of the University of Oxford to attain a doctorate from the university's Faculty.

To have completed the degree as a mature student is also very commendable and he has inspired many others. He is also a tutor and lecturer with the Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies which is a recognised centre of the University of Oxford, besides all the other activities he is involved in.



Rameshbhai also had the blessing of meeting Shree Shree Ravi Shankar at the Neasden BAPS temple recently. He was honoured with a shawl from Shree Shree ji on this occasion.