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Rameshbhai Damjibhai Pattni

Archbishop meets Rameshbhai Damji Pattni & Hindu Christian Forum      

Ramesh Pattni meets PM at 10 Downing St.

Rameshbhai Damji Devji Pattni
graduated from the Faculty of Theology and Religion of the University of Oxford

Sharing Happiness: Dr Gautam's big day filmed by the BBC


Pride of our community

Rameshbhai Damji Devji Pattni (Vaya) awarded OBE by the Queen.


An honour for the whole community, the first time such an award has been received by a member of Parajiya Pattni Community!


Reflections on the award ceremony on the 9th of November 2021

Rameshbhai Damjibhai Pattni finally attended the ceremony for the award of OBE that had been postponed since the Covid lockdown in March 2020.

The event took place on the 9th November 2021. The award presentation was part of the first face-to-face ceremony Prince William has hosted since the start of the pandemic.

During the ceremony, he had a brief chat with Prince William on the voluntary work he had been recognised for, including contributions to interfaith relations and work for the Hindu community in the UK.

He has been actively engaged in interfaith relations over the last 2 decades, is also a founder member of the Hindu Christian Forum UK and is a former director of Interfaith Network UK.

Rameshbhai is also working with different Hindu organisations in the UK in senior roles including Vice-President of Chinmaya Mission UK, Vice-President of Hindu Forum Britain, and a trustee of the
Hindu Education Board UK.

He has been an advisor for the Hindu Help Hub that was particularly active during the pandemic, providing services to vulnerable and isolated people.

Rameshbhai believes this honour is for the whole of the Hindu community. He proudly acknowledges the support of my entire family including his late Ba and Bapuji, in the work I have been involved
and thank them for their continued support and encouragement, especially his wife Murliben.

He would like to dedicate this honour to his spiritual guide, Swami Chinmayananda, who had inspired and encouraged him to follow the path of selflessly serving the community and society at large.


Message from Rameshbhai : Pattni Connection: Parajiya Pattni Soni Community

Dear Friends

Prominent member of the Parajiya Pattni Soni community Dr Ramesh Damji Devji Pattni (Vaya) DPhil (Oxford),  receives an OBE in The Queen's 2020 New Year honours

Vice President and Trustee of Chinmaya Mission, Vice President of Hindu Forum Britain, and Trustee of DAWN (Harrow), Dr Ramesh Pattni, has been awarded an OBE by
Her Majesty the Queen for services to interfaith relations and the Hindu community in the UK. He is the first Pattni ever to receive an OBE.

As an academic Hindu theologian and psychologist who has a DPhil from Oxford University and has been a practitioner of Vedanta for over two decades, Dr Pattni currently
voluntarily facilitates over seven weekly classes and conducts workshops and regular retreats, giving individuals practical tools and techniques to better manage their lives
and mental wellbeing. As a psychologist he also serves a volunteer counsellor at a charity (DAWN) dealing with mental health issues especially affecting women and couples.

Having dedicated much of his personal time and effort to interfaith relations in the UK, Dr Ramesh Pattni has voluntarily served as Trustee of the Interfaith Network UK, founder
and Co-Chair of the Hindu Christian Forum and Chair, Interfaith Committee of the Hindu Forum Britain (HFB) for which he now serves as Vice President. He has been an advisor
on many Government consultations and has strived to improve links between the UK government and the British Hindu community.

Dr Pattni has worked extensively with the Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies, University of Oxford, teaching and giving public talks, guiding the public on Hindu concerns and
helped deliver practical solutions for individual wellbeing and community cohesion based on Hindu Scriptures.

His interfaith work led to an invitation to a private luncheon with Her Majesty the Queen in 2013 as Chair of Interfaith, Hindu Forum Britain, together with eight other contributors
in the UK.

Dr Pattni's involvement with Chinmaya Mission began 28 years ago. Between 1991 and 2001 he set up and ran the Kenyan branch of the Chinmaya Mission, before returning to
the UK in 2001 where he was appointed a Trustee of Chinmaya Mission UK and immediately started facilitating classes serving the Hindu community and began his interfaith
work in the UK at a national level.

As the Vice President of Chinmaya Mission UK (CMUK), he has worked tirelessly, and over the last five years, has taught practical techniques to meet the challenges facing a 
stress-ridden society. On behalf of CMUK, he was instrumental in raising funds towards the purchase of a property in Oxfordshire in 2015 and its subsequent set up as the
Chinmaya Vidya Nagari retreat centre in Oxford. Since then he has run more than 35 retreats and workshops for many attendees from diverse backgrounds and in various parts
of the UK.

Message from Rameshbhai Pattni :
On hearing the news, Dr Pattni said, "I am delighted and humbled. My sincere gratitude goes to my inspiration and spiritual guide, Swami Chinmayananda, who fortified in me the
vision of service to the people as a way of life; to my parents who were themselves great philanthropists and to my wife and children who have allowed me to dedicate time and
space in service to others. This award is shared with all those who have been part of my life and my work in interfaith relations and with the Hindu community."


Rameshbhai Damjibhai Pattni (Vaya) appointed as Secretary General of Hindu Forum of Britain

Dear Hindu Forum of Britain Stakeholder,

At the Annual General Meeting of Hindu Forum of Britain held on Sunday, the 29th June 2014 at Bhakti Vedanta Manor, Watford, the incumbent Secretary General

Mr. Swaminathan Vaidyanathan stepped down and Mr. Ramesh Pattni was appointed as Secretary General of Hindu Forum of Britain.

Originally appointed as Acting Secretary General on 1st December 2012, Swaminathan went on to serve the Forum as Secretary General since the AGM 2013.

During this period he has worked with consistency and determination to fulfil the Mission of HFB which is to serve our member organisations and wider Hindu

Community in UK. He has managed the Forum as part of the team of the Management and Executive Committees and served well in his tenure as the Secretary General.
On behalf of HFB, I wish to express my gratitude to Swaminathan Vaidyanathan for the services he has rendered and wish him a bright future.

The incoming Secretary General Mr. Ramesh Pattni brings with him many years of experience in working with the diverse communities in various capacities and has a

wealth of knowledge and expertise in many areas. He has been the Chair of Interfaith Committee of the Forum since 2007 and represents HFB at Hindu Christian Forum.

He is also Trustee of the Interfaith Network and currently serves as an Executive Board member as well as the Chair of the Media and Communications Working Group.

He has recently been elected as a Director of the Council of Dharmic Faiths. Besides this work he is a Trustee of Chinmaya Mission and teaches Vedanta on a weekly basis.

He is currently finishing his doctorate at the University of Oxford and tutors and lectures at the Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies.

There are many strands of work which HFB has been engaged with, including Interfaith, Chaplaincy, Public Affairs, Parliamentary Affairs, and consultations at many different

levels with the Government and public bodies. All the current projects in these portfolios are already being managed by the Chairs of these committees and we do not

anticipate that there will be any significant break in our operations. The Management and the National Executive Committees both have a strong commitment towards

ensuring that service and engagement levels remain consistent as per the HFB ethos.

It is possible that you have engaged with HFB in one form or another in the past, or you have current areas of activity with us. We will be aware of these and the engagements

and the activities will continue in the normal way. If, however, you feel that you need to make contact to clarify any aspect of our joint activities or conversations, please feel free

to get in touch in the usual manner by contacting the new Secretary General, members of the Management Committee or Chairs of the committees, as appropriate.

Let us reaffirm our commitment to continue our work together and strengthen relations in serving our communities and in doing so please join me to welcome Mr. Ramesh Pattn

as Secretary General.

Yours sincerely,
Haribhai Halai
President (Interim)
Hindu Forum of Britain

Contact :
Mr. Ramesh Pattni
Secretary General
Mobile: 07976202733
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