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Rameshbhai Damjibhai Pattni

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Rameshbhai Damjibhai Pattni (Vaya) appointed as Secretary General of Hindu Forum of Britain

Dear Hindu Forum of Britain Stakeholder,

At the Annual General Meeting of Hindu Forum of Britain held on Sunday, the 29th June 2014 at Bhakti Vedanta Manor, Watford, the incumbent Secretary General

Mr. Swaminathan Vaidyanathan stepped down and Mr. Ramesh Pattni was appointed as Secretary General of Hindu Forum of Britain.

Originally appointed as Acting Secretary General on 1st December 2012, Swaminathan went on to serve the Forum as Secretary General since the AGM 2013.

During this period he has worked with consistency and determination to fulfil the Mission of HFB which is to serve our member organisations and wider Hindu

Community in UK. He has managed the Forum as part of the team of the Management and Executive Committees and served well in his tenure as the Secretary General.
On behalf of HFB, I wish to express my gratitude to Swaminathan Vaidyanathan for the services he has rendered and wish him a bright future.

The incoming Secretary General Mr. Ramesh Pattni brings with him many years of experience in working with the diverse communities in various capacities and has a

wealth of knowledge and expertise in many areas. He has been the Chair of Interfaith Committee of the Forum since 2007 and represents HFB at Hindu Christian Forum.

He is also Trustee of the Interfaith Network and currently serves as an Executive Board member as well as the Chair of the Media and Communications Working Group.

He has recently been elected as a Director of the Council of Dharmic Faiths. Besides this work he is a Trustee of Chinmaya Mission and teaches Vedanta on a weekly basis.

He is currently finishing his doctorate at the University of Oxford and tutors and lectures at the Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies.

There are many strands of work which HFB has been engaged with, including Interfaith, Chaplaincy, Public Affairs, Parliamentary Affairs, and consultations at many different

levels with the Government and public bodies. All the current projects in these portfolios are already being managed by the Chairs of these committees and we do not

anticipate that there will be any significant break in our operations. The Management and the National Executive Committees both have a strong commitment towards

ensuring that service and engagement levels remain consistent as per the HFB ethos.

It is possible that you have engaged with HFB in one form or another in the past, or you have current areas of activity with us. We will be aware of these and the engagements

and the activities will continue in the normal way. If, however, you feel that you need to make contact to clarify any aspect of our joint activities or conversations, please feel free

to get in touch in the usual manner by contacting the new Secretary General, members of the Management Committee or Chairs of the committees, as appropriate.

Let us reaffirm our commitment to continue our work together and strengthen relations in serving our communities and in doing so please join me to welcome Mr. Ramesh Pattn

as Secretary General.

Yours sincerely,
Haribhai Halai
President (Interim)
Hindu Forum of Britain

Contact :
Mr. Ramesh Pattni
Secretary General
Mobile: 07976202733
Hindu Forum of Brtiain
Vascroft Estate
861 Coronation Road
Park Royal
NW10 7PT
Phone: 020 8965 0671
Fax: 020 8965 0672

 Vice President North - Mrs. Trupti Patel Mobile : 07875015865

Vice President London and South - Mr. Madhava Turumella Mobile : 07876616883

Vice President East - Mr. Jit Jethwa Mobile : 07816843359
Treasurer : Mr. Vinay Sofat Mobile : 07957456997