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Archbishop meets Rameshbhai Damji Pattni & Hindu Christian Forum

Friday 13th December 2013


Archbishop Justin thanks the forum for 'building bridges between our communities' and says its work must continue to flourish.


The Archbishop of Canterbury met with members of the Hindu Christian Forum at Lambeth Palace last Friday.


Archbishop Justin heard about the history of the Forum and its current work, including the innovative ‘Comparing Notes’ dialogue series, and contributions to this year’s Inter Faith Week.


The conversation also covered a number of issues including understandings of conversion, the place of faith in society, and the recent inclusion of caste as a category within equalities legislation.


Archbishop Justin praised the close working relationship between the faith communities. He noted that Christians and Hindus had to work hard to understand each other’s faith perspectives. But he stressed that this work was worthwhile because of the need to build strong community relations, as well as learning between the two faiths.


“I would like to thank you all (members of the HCF) for helping to build bridges between our communities. We must ensure that the important work that you have highlighted continues to flourish,” the Archbishop said.


The co-chairs of HCF, the Bishop of Bedford, the Rt Revd Richard Atkinson and Ramesh Pattni, said: “Archbishop Justin’s affirmation of the HCF and his offer of linking HCF with the strategic staff at Lambeth is most appreciated.


"We are aware of the challenges that this particular dialogue faces, and we are encouraged by this meeting as we continue to develop strong relationships between our two faiths for the good of the whole community.”


Rameshbhai Pattni (Middle) & The Hindu Christian Forum members


During the meeting, Mr Pattni also summarised findings and recommendations from the report ‘Bridges and Barriers to Hindu-Christian Relations', which emphasises the need for developing strong relationships; the challenge of promoting greater religious literacy in relation to both Christianity and Hinduism; and the potential to overcome differences and the ascription of ‘otherness’ to one another.




Ramesh Pattni meets PM at 10 Downing St.


Rameshbhai Damjibhai Devji Pattni (Vaya) was invited as the VIP when Prime Minister David Cameron and his wife Samantha joined the Diwali celebrations at the Swaminarayan Temple in Neasden, London, the largest traditional Hindu temple outside India.


He was also one of the VIPs invited at the PM’s official residence, 10 Downing Street where David Cameron celebrated Diwali.


Rameshbhai also made a significant contribution in the making of the BBC documentary about ‘The Story of the Swastika’ where  the BBC crew went to his son Dr Gautam’s wedding to film the Hindu ceremony and took an interview with Rameshbhai.


Rameshbhai interviewed by the BBC

BBC Documentary - The Story of Swastika  and Diwali in London's Neasden temple


Sharing Happiness

Dr Gautam's big day filmed by the BBC

Rameshbhai and the family have taken an initiative to share their happiness with our community by sending the wedding pictures of Dr. Gautam’s wedding.


Wedding announcement

Dr Gautam weds Amardeep

Mrs Murliben and Mr Rameshbhai Damjibhai Devji Pattni (Vaya) are pleased to announce the wedding of their beloved son Dr Gautam to Amardeep, daughter of Naginder and Bhupinder Bilon Sunday 7th July 2013. The vedic Hindu wedding ceremony was performed by the learned priest Madhava.