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Pradeepbhai Ratilal Pattni


Pradeepbhai Ratilal Jivanbhai Mulji is originally from Pemba (Zanzibar). He was the eldest son of Ratilalbhai followed by a sister named Mradulla.


Pradeepbhai is married to Charu Jerambhai Raninga of Cauta near Porbander (late marriage) and have two kids boy named Harshal and a daughter Kashmira. The son has completed 10+2 Board exams from Bhonsala Military School and daughter appearing this year for the 10th Board exam from Barnes School (Air force) Devlali Camp. Both the children have been in the boarding school from class 2 aged 7 onwards and son is black belt Dieconfo Champion and the daughter is brown belt.


Pradeepbhai’s sister, Mradullaben is married to Narendrabhai Mulji Vaya of Vadatra and settled in Bhyander in Mumbai. She is an English Teacher with sons Ketan, Dharmesh.


Her son Bharat is married to Rita and have two children – Vivek who is persuing Automobile Engineering at Georgian Collage of Canada and daughter Kajal in Standard IX. Bharat is having his own business named Sharp Logistics Limited with branch in Mumbai and the only recognised authorised Indian Customs Clearing Agent in the Vadodra City who has taken consecutive six awards for being the best and highest number of Container Clearing & Forwarding agent in Gujarat State. The good news is that today he is receiving the sixth award in his kitty. Jayshree is single and live with Bharat. My last sibling Hasmita has become late in 1993.


Pradeepbhai is now residing in New Delhi have studied Senior Cambridge O level n Diploma in Electronics and can speak English, Hindi, Gujarati, Romanian and Kiswahili(African language)


Following are the answers to our questions put to Pradeepbhai:-


Your Objectives in life: - Achieve success in fulfilling the needs of my family


Details of Community activities: - Helped in all community work while in Mombasa.

Your recommendations or improvements you would like to see in our community -

All-round growth in the community and help upcoming families in whatever best manner we can in the field of achievers.


How do you like our Pattni Connection website? How important is it to have a community website?

It is excellent work and through the website we are able to stay together and know the activities and community developments.


Having gone through your website made me very emotional and my past reflect in a very crystal clear position the childhood spent in Mombassa Pattni Samaj. I had played a lead title role in a play directed by Late Shri.Maganbhai Mulji Lalji for the annual function of the samaj and the name of the play was UDHAR CHAND. The pleasant memories of the rehearsals and the final act put together in three acts are back in my mind.


Attendance of Conferences & Presentation

Have attended conference with various Indian Commerce Ministers in African Countries, Romania and attending all FICCI (Federation of Indian Chamber of Commerce & Industry), meetings various heads of States and business leaders.


Interests and activities: - Skillful marketing and resolving tough problems


Your message to Pattni community members:-“stay health, wealthy and wise” and keep the community flag high and flying.


Childhood memory


We landed in Porbader on the 14th of December 1973 from Mombassa by traveling in the ship named State of Haryana which indecently was the last journey of the vessel as it was converted into cargo ship.


My father Ratilalbhai Jivan Mulji was working under the last permit issued to him by Kenya Government applied thru Jetsi Naran & Co (Dungarshibhai). He was a complete karigar apart from him in Mombassa there were only other two Shri.Gopaljibhai Ranchod and Shi Ananjibhai Jeram (related to Shri.Shamji Lakha). My father use to be the fastest amongst all in faceting bangles, and in flat 60 minutes he will chisel and design (choli ne designer khila marwa) the set of 4 bangles in lunch time. 


He wanted to study but the compulsion and the thoughts of elders during that time made him go through a very rigorous training under my grandfather and Shri.Chunilalmam of Zanzibar. He was so fast in grasping the work and joined our own shop in Chake Chake Pemba. To his credit he had made a golden rose pin for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth of United Kingdom (the current Queen) and presented the same to her in the presence of Sultan of Zanzibar during her visit to the Pemba Island in 1958 when I happened to be 5 years old. My mother Radhaben happened to be the Secretary General of Ladies Social Club of Pemba had shared the dais with the Queen on that visit.


By the grace of mataji and the united family under the leadership of my grandfather Jeevanbhai Mulji and my dadi Kasturben the town of Chake Chake had been fed with Chaas and the only government hospital where the patients were given rays of hope and life as they were taken care of by my grand parents. The social service rendered had given the family the grace fruits of which we are enjoying today.


In the shop my father was accompanied by his younger brother Mohanlal married at Dhaturia to Durgaben Narshibhai Vaya and their child Chetna married to Dhirubhai Mulji Vaya of Bhayender Mumbai.


Thakarsi fondly called Babukaka married to late Bhanumati. At that time Harshsukh was sent to India for studies in Shardagram who was married to Chandrikaben Sundarji Dungarshibhai and have four children. Niranjan was also a brilliant student in Zanzibar. My best fai Kumufai was married to Shri. Janakrai in Mombassa and my other fai Hansa was married in 1974 to Shri Amratlal Kalyanjibhai Dhanak Rajkot and have two daughters.


Current employment


I am at the moment attached to a multinational firm as Vice President of the Kapadia Group of Companies having joined them in 1974 as sales executive. I have achieved the award from the Government of India in Creating the best Amusement Park as well as awarded safety park operation certificate by International Association of Amusement Parks & Attractions a USA based organization through its Indian subordinates. I have recently traveled to Nairobi and found that our community is very well noted and having come across your site my heart beat have doubled and I feel very proud to be a member of this community.


Above is the brief history about me and Jivan Mulji Family. I would love to hear from my near and dear ones to get in touch with us.

I will be at your call and service for anything that I can do for the community any where in the world within my limits and will be my pleasure.


My e.mail id,


P.S. Whenever I am visiting London next I would like to share a cup of chai with you and your Pattni Connection team, as you have done a marvelous job.