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Sewing Machine Distribution Donor's List  Apr 2014

Distribution of Machines to the needy community sisters
held on 26th January 2014 at Rajkot
-  report by Sunilbhai Dhanak, editor, Parajiya Samachar

  Appeal raises record-breaking 110 Sewing machines
for the needy Pattni families

Pattni Humanitarians Join Forces to Help Parajiya Sisters
Naginbhai Jagada with Harshadbhai Rana
Sewing Machine distribution function held at Rajkot - Oct 2013

Charity Camp held on 15th December 2013 in Rajkot.

Heartfelt pleas by Applicants for Sewing Machines


Great Humanitarian

 -Naginbhai Jagada-

Naginbhai Jagda meets Granddaughter of Gandhi Bapu

150th Birth Anniversary Celebrations of Gandhi 

There was a special event organised in Dallas, Texas to pay tribute to Gandhi.

Naginbhai Jagda dressed as Gandhi Bapu and his wife Manjulaben met with grand daughter of Gandhi, Mrs Ela Gandhi on this special occasion.

Naginbhai with Gandhi's Grand daughter

 Naginbhai Jagada: Recognition for humanitarian work by Gujarat Government

Naginbhai Jagda with Prafulbhai Goswami and members of Bharat Vikash Parishad were recognised by the Gujarat Government for their outstanding contribution.

Bharat Vikash Parishad, a non-profit organization providing free orthopedic care - including prosthetic limbs, orthotic devices, mobility aids, corrective surgery and
rehabilitative care. Its first priorities of humanitarian aid is to “make the patient more effective by giving them a limb back”.

Vijaybhai Rupani, Chief Minister of Gujarat and Govindbhai Patel, elected MLA of Rajkot with the mayor of Rajkot Dr. Jaimanbhai Upadhyay, Deputy Mayor
were present at one of their camp. They all appreciated and liked the humanitarian work done by the volunteers.

Camp in Surendranagar in Jan 2018

Bharat Vikash Parishad will be organising a camp to provide prosthetic limbs and tricycles on 1st Jan 2018.

 Food distribution at Rajkot Soni Boarding in Jan 2018

Naginbhai Jagada is happy to inform they are also planning to give 60 food kits ( each Rs.500 /-) to needy Parjiya sisters at our Soni boarding in Jan 2018.




 Naginbhai Jagada Awarded for his Contribution to Social Services

Chief Guest Aruna Oswal presenting the Award to Naginbhai Jagada

Naginbhai Jagada with the prestigious award


The Lions Club International Silver Jubilee Award is a prestigious award that recognises the dedication, selflessness and kindness of many of the
unsung heroes working for the benefit of others in our local communities and throughout the country. The Lions Club International 323-J-District awarded
Naginbhai Jagada for his outstanding involvement and contribution to help and enrich the lives of the needy.

The award was given on 24th August 2014 by the chief guest lion Aruna Oswal, International director, 2013-14, Lion Jayanti Patel. Multiple Council
Chairperson, MIF Lion Bupensingh Jadeja, District Governor and guests.







Naginbhai Jagada receives Deepchand Gardi Award for Humanitarian Work




Recently the Deepchand Gardi awards were announced and Naginbhai is
one among the 9 people from all Saurashtra, who has been selected for
humanitarian work.

This award will be presented on 4th May in the presence of 250 dignitaries.

It's almost impossible to compute how much Deepchand Gardi gave to
Gujarat. But for all that he donated to the state, it would be no exaggeration
to call Deepchand Gardi, a modern-day Daanveer.

Naginbhai said that he was humbled by the award and added "This award

truly belongs to all of you,who either helped or blessed me. Thank you all".

hearty congratulations on your award, well deserved and a wonderful

acknowledgment for Congratulations on receiving the Outstanding Youth

Philanthropist Award -well deserved.


Message from Naginbhai Jagda
16 July 2013

Sewing Machines presented in the presence of Rajkot Mahamandal Committee 


I feel delighted to inform all our Parjiya soni brothers and sisters that on Sunday, 14th July,2013, we distributed (with the help of Shri Bhasker Devji,Bahrain and myself ,
five sewing machines (each costing Rs.7,000/-) to our needy Parajiya sisters at the Parajiya boarding home in Rajkot. 

They were presented in the presence of the Rajkot Mahamandal President Shree Dhirubhai Sagar, Secretary Mohit Kagadada, Parajiya Samachar Editor Sunilbhai Dhanak
and the committee members.

It was very touching experience as these women truly were in need that became very emotional with joy and gratitude. There was not a dry eye in the room.

All ladies knew how to sew but could not afford the machines. Our efforts will enhance five families to support themselves. Two of the ladies came from Kodinar, one from
Bagasara, one from Mendarda and one from Rajkot.

The official at the Rajkot Mahamandal boarding helped us greatly in finding families that needed assistance.

Thank you all.
With warm regards

- Naginbhai Jagada


Humanitarian work by Naginbhai Jagda

 Message from Naginbhai Jagda, USA

Sept 24, 2012


I am delighted to inform you that I am planning to visit India at the end of October for 2012's humanitarian work. Similar to previous years, Indians for Collective Action
will offer their non-profit 501-C-3 status for collecting US donations for the Jaipur Foot Camp and tricycles for the disabled. Every tricycle costs approximately US$80/ and
the cost for the Jaipur Camp is estimated to be approximately US$4,000. If we help 50 disabled persons with the tricycles, it will cost US$ 4,000. Thus the total cost of the
Jaipur Foot camp and 50 tricycles will be US$8000. I am contacting you now because you have supported this humanitarian work in the past and am urging you again to do so with
your generous contribution for this year.

In addition, we will conduct several other charitable activities depending on the additional donations we may receive from my family and friends.
If you would like to contribute, you can do it in any of the following ways.

1. You may send me a check in my name and mail to:

Mr. N. J. Jagada, 8420 High Meadows Drive,Plano, TX 75025, USA OR Mr. N. J. Jagada, 2 Swashray Society, "Arpan" Rajkot, 360004, India

My home telephone number in USA is 469 443 0222 and in India is 281- 6531367

2. You can also transfer any donations directly to my account in India - here are the details:

My NRE account number is 01011060005657 and my NRO account number is 01011010002982 with HDFC Bank, Titanium building,
Near Pramukh Swami Arcade, Dr.Yagnik Road, Rajkot-360001, India.

 3. If you would prefer to make this a tax-deductible donation for 2012 in the US and receive a receipt, please make your check before December 31,2012
payable to INDIANS FOR COLLECTIVE ACTION with a note in the memo section "Rajkot Jaipur Foot Camp Naginbhai" and mail before end of 2012 to:

Mr.Bhupen Mehta, 1123 Elmsford Drive, Cupertino CA 95014, USA.

Please contact me by phone or email if you have any questions. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your continued support over the years.

With warmest regards,

Naginbhai Jagada

Please visit

Naginbhai Jagada (USA), Bhaskerbhai Devji (Bahrain) and others contributed to the humanitarian work.

Message from Naginbhai Jagda

July 13, 2012
Description of Humanitarian Work for 2011

I feel so happy to describe to all of you the humanitarian work we have done in 2011.

1. Disabled camps - (Jaipur foot camp) We have provided eighteen prosthetic legs, eight prosthetic arms, eight calipers, eight surgical boots, twelve walkers,
thirteen walking sticks, one hundred tricycles, and forty-one wheelchairs for disabled people from all over Saurashtra. Most of the funds were provided by Indians for
Collective Action, California, USA.
2. Twenty-five sewing machines were given to needy women.
3. One thousand ladies were called to our house and given saris, chappals (sandals), scarves, and packets of food.

4. Over the course of one week, between the hours of midnight and 3:00 a.m., many of the homeless people sleeping in the streets were given
250 "
chaadars" (light sheets), 150 blankets, and 500 shawls.
This one week was in the middle of winter, with temperatures around 7 degrees Celsius (about 44 degrees Fahrenheit).
5. One thousand hats were given to beggars and construction workers during the summertime to protect them from the sun. 
6. Four hundred needy women were called to our house, and each was given the following items: 10 kilograms of wheat (total 4000 kilograms),
a kilogram of khichdi-mix, a kilogram of dal (lentils), a kilogram of jaggery, a sari, a shawl, and a packet of food. Each woman was able to choose a sari of her own liking
that may be used for marriages or other special occasions.
7. Poor children in 50 Aanganwadis (orphanages) in Rajkot and nearby villages were presented with tricycles, swings, toys, and packets of food.
8. Three hundred steel plates, spoons, and bowls were provided for needy schools.
9. Three thousand pairs of chappals (sandals) were distributed to poor people and road workers to protect their feet during the hot summer.
10. Ten thousand children in 25 schools and on the streets were given packets of food.
11. Throughout fifty public schools in Rajkot and nearby villages, 1350 children in grades one through seven who placed first, second, third in their schools,
were personally presented with watches to reward them for their academic success.
12. Twenty-five poor widows were given food kits with over forty types of necessary food items to provide for their whole families.
They have been given these kits every month for the past four years, and we continue to provide for them.
13. Thirty students (from low-income households), who were accepted into medical and engineering colleges with top marks, were presented with scholarships.
These grants range between 20,000-25,000 rupees per year, and the students are sponsored every year until they get their degree to encourage their academic and lifelong success.
These grants were completely funded by Foundation for Excellence, California, USA.
I would like to thank the people who have contributed so much financially to this humanitarian work and to those whom, without them, this would not have been possible.
All members of Bharat Vikash Parisad, Anand Nagar Branch, Rajkot, Gujarat, India, under the guidance of Prafulbhai Goswami and Girishbhai Akbari.
Indians for Collective Action, USA, Foundation for Excellence, USA, and Gandhi Ashram (Manav Sadhana), Sabarmati, Ahmadabad, Gujarat, India.

Bhasker Devji (Bahrain) Bhupenbhai Mehta, Pravinbhai Srimankar, Kamlaben Solanki, Devenbhai Patel, Carl Kenny, Gaurang B. Patel, and Vish Yelsangikar (all from USA)

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.
I feel happy to let you know that for the 2012 humanitarian work, I am planning to go back to India in October. I am also delighted to inform you that we now
conduct these humanitarian efforts through an organization named Arpan Foundation. (Please note this is not a tax-exempt organization under US tax laws). 

May you all be happy, happy, happy! 

Naginbhai Jagada 

Please visit