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Pattni Humanitarians Join Forces to Help Parajiya Sisters


Naginbhai Jagada- Great Humanitarian


Amazing Response - Pattni Members Rise to the Occasion!!

Charity Camp to be held on 15th December 2013 in Rajkot.

Message from Harshadbhai Rana

Thursday 5th December 2013


Dear Pranlal

After your initiative to come forward to donate one sewing machine at Rajkot Mega Camp, we have now received donations from following members.


Donation of one machine:

  1. Pran C Arjan Dhanak, Pattni Connection - London
  2. Vijaybhai P Ghaghada, Chairman, Pattni Brotherhood - Nairobi
  3. Chandubhai Gordhanbhai, Trustee, Pattni Brotherhood - Nairobi
  4. Late Govindji Mulji of Kenya Jewewllers - Nairobi & London
  5. Bharat Velji Satikuvar
  6. Kundanben G Lakha - London
  7. Kanaiyalal Popatlal Rana - London
  8. Chimanbhai P. Katira - London
  9. Suresh Vrajlal Ghaghada
  10. Harshad Rana - Nairobi


All these machines will be donated on 15th December 2013 at Mahamandal Rajkot.


All are welcome to attend this function.


Harshad Rana


Rise to the occasion helping our community members
What a huge response within just a day since sending out the circular yesterday. Such response reminds me of the worldwide response that Pattni families gave to Mombasa Samaj to build the shopping centre.


I know that our community members always rise to the occasion and raise lots of money for such extremely worthwhile cause. Each machine merely cost Rs 6,000 (approx 63).


If you wish to donate a machine please contact:

Kenya - Harshadbhai Rana -  Tel 0722825359

India -  Naginbhai Jagada -

UK & other countries - Pranlal C Arjan e-mail: Tel 07956 442107


Giving such a machine means livelihood for our Pattni sisters. Do please come forward for such a noble cause.






Message from Harshadbhai Rana, Nairobi


Mr. Naginbhai Jagda with the help of various institutes in Gujarat, organize charities for the disabled donating Wheel chairs, Tricycle, Jaipur foot and Rasan.


During the month of October 2013, Mahamandal organized the distribution of sewing machines to the less privileged members of our community members. 10 sewing machines were donated with the aim of making the families self sufficient.


The next charity camp will be on 15th December 2013 in Rajkot.


Rajkot Samaj, our office bearers of the Mahamandal will also participate in this function.


The organising committee has invited many dignitaries from several countries, Mr. Pran of Pattni Connection and me to attend and participate in this noble charity work.


In the camp of 15th December we intend to distribute a further ten sewing machines to the members of our community.


Join us for a good cause

The cost for 1 machine is Rs6,000.00  Our community members who wish  to donate this machines are more than welcome to come and join us. You can donate even one machine.


Please come forward to help the less privileged members of our community to make them self sufficient.


Harshad Rana

Tel: 0722825359



Bharat Vikash Parishad

Disability charity giving the Disabled a new lease of life

Naginbhai Jagada (USA & Rajkot), Bhaskerbhai Devjibhai (Bahrain) Pravinbhai Shrimankar (Dallas, USA)

in association with

Indian For Collective Action (California) and Shree Dashrath Manav Seva Trust



Message from Naginbhai Jagada


A physical disability camp has been organized on 15th December 2013 where the donors are going to serve approximately 100 disable with tricycles, artificial legs and hands and instruments.


People with disabilities in countries like India find life extremely difficult without prostheses.


Some disabled will try to use home-made crutches, which can cause more problems than they solve, or they find old wheel chairs not right for them.


The easiest way for that to be avoided is to fit an artificial limb that can offer the disadvantaged disabled of our community the chance to live more independently.


A group of Pattni philanthropic members have teamed together to help such needy members buying supplies and subsidising the costs of prostheses and tricycles.


On 15th December 2013, we are going to serve app.100 disable with trycycles, legs, hands and instruments.


Food Kits and Saris for Needy Sisters and Mothers

The team is also going to serve 100 needy sisters and mothers with food kits (each cost app.Rs.600/-) and saris.


VIP Invitation

Bharat Vikash Parishad would like to extend special invitation to grace this special occasion:


This is a very worthwhile cause. All cur community members are most welcome to join us for this worthwhile cause.


Please Note: Full list of all donors will be published after the function.




Warm regards.

Naginbhai Jagada


Clipping from Aaj Kaal 22 Nov 2013