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Naginbhai Jagada- Great Humanitarian

Real Story of a Polio girl whose life changed forever

by Naginbhai Jagada

We would like to share real story of polio girl whom we served with wheelchair on 22nd Jan, 2015.

Her name is Ekta, now 26 years old (photos attached) she has got polio at the age of 6months and diabetes at 7years old and now survive with injection of Rs.3000 every month.

She cannot even stand on her own and sadly walking is out of question.

Polio Victim - Ekta

She is staying in very small house given by Corporation with her family of 5 members. Her mother generate on income working as a cook in 3 different house.

Father does labour oriented jobs. They hardly meet the required expenses for the running of house.


Naginbhai with Ekta

For the first time in her life, somebody offered them help for this polio daughter and I was fortunate, with your help and blessing only, to go to her house and see her condition and

helped her with our wheelchair through which her family members can take her out and see the outside world and make her happy...

Naginbhai Jagada - Prafulgiri Goswami


Quenching the thirst of to the poor in the scorching heat of India

The hot summers are here in India again. This year is like other year is a scorcher so there will be a need to provide buttermilk (chaas) for poor people to quench their thirst.

Naginbhai Jagada joined Bharat Vikash Parishad, a charity, to set up a centre to distribute chaas at near Government School No 86B, Rajkot from 4th May to 2nd June  2015.

Naginbhai has asked our community to support their cause. You can donate as much as you want.

Every penny received on the project will be used in the project --  donate generously.

Contact Naginbhai, Mob.- + 91-9726080348 if you wish to contribute for this worthwhile cause.

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