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Mitesh Pattni takes on Clipper Round the World Race challenge

- Racing to raise GBP250,000 for Charity -

Mitesh Pattni's progress report

Clipper Round the World Yacht Race 
Report by Dipa Rupesh Dhanak

The Clipper Race is one of the biggest challenges of the natural world and an endurance test like no other.

For those of you that have been following, and for the benefit of those of you who would like to follow the story of Mitesh Pattni - Birmingham UK (Son of Hansaben and Chandubhai - Mohanlal Bhimji Pattni).

I am writing an update of his journey so far.

Mittesh Pattni taking on the challenge

Mitesh decided to join clipper boat race early last year. He had just under a year to prepare himself emotionally and physically. He decided that he was going to push himself out of his comfort zone and circumnavigate the world on a yacht, within a fleet of 12 racing boats. Whilst learning so much about himself, clipper as a company and the race process, he chose to raise money for a charity. The charity he chose to raise for is a charity that is very close to his heart, a charity that has helped a number of children and their families. - Make a Wish (Should you wish to learn more about them-please see their website

His choice to sail around the world meant that Mitesh would have to prepare hard and fast as he had never sailed before and only had a short period of time to do so. Mitesh's preparation consisted of physical training in the gym, emotional preparation, and four weeks of training with Clipper. He learnt about the boat in detail, the sails, the ropes, the kitchen, the sleep set up - everything there was to know. He learnt about the technical side of the boat, the way to manoeuvre the boat according to what direction and speed the wind is travelling - It was tough task, but he managed it well with support of family, close friends and professionals on the boat. Alongside his own preparation, he was working hard to raise money for his chosen charity.

On August 20th 2017 the fleet of boats set sail. As much as he had learnt, his true learning would be on the journey.The first leg of the race was from Liverpool to Uruguay. Mitesh left on a happy note surrounded by his family and some friends. As he arrived into Uruguay, Mitesh said "I knew the things to expect, but experiencing them is something completely different to hearing about what it's like. A couple of nights out there in the middle of the ocean were pretty scary, but good fun too!"

He has since been to Cape Town, multiple stops in Austrailia (Fremantle, Sydney, Hobart, Airlie beach). Mitesh took part in one of the world's most famous sailing races (The Rolex Sydney to Hobart race) and his team finished third in their category. Mitesh said "People have this race on their bucket lists and I've somehow found myself on one of the teams. I'm privileged to have taken part and very proud to have done so well".

The journey so far has shown us the courage that every single sailor has needed to continue on this race. So far there have been a number of accidents, ranging from someone slicing their thumb off, a number of people with broken bones and sailors that have dislocated limbs.

Clipper Race Fatality : crew dies after going overboard

The thing that scares us as his family the most, is that there has been one person (Simon) who was thrown overboard. The team did everything they could to go back and rescue Simon, but unfortunately the accident resulted in Simon losing his life. Although he was on a different team to Mitesh, it has seriously affected him. Mitesh said "you can't help but think about Simon's family and friends back home, you put yourself into his position and imagine how it would be when your parents, siblings, nieces/nephews and friends hear the news. Ocean sailing takes people's lives, it always has and it always will, but it has highlighted to me how much I have to focus on safety!"

There have been plenty of people that have chosen to leave the race as they just cannot continue, for whatever reason, and the figure is estimated to rise to about 40% of the entire crew. This has really brought to light just how demanding and dangerous this race can be. Mitesh has told us that he is struggling to the point where he feels like he wants to leave the race, but he never will, as he is showing the next generation in his family that if you put your mind to something and believe in yourself, you can achieve whatever you want.

Mitesh has been featured in the upcoming documentary called "The Race of Their Lives 3."
This will be aired on Sky Sports Action HD. Channel 407 (UK) on Friday 9th Feb 2018. Other times available on demand (UK). Worth a watch! 

Leg 1:

Leg 2:

Leg 4:


Mitesh Chandubhai Pattni

Mitesh (Mick) Pattni, son of Chandubhai Mohanlal Pattni and Hansaben Chandubhai Pattni (Vaya) of Birmingham will be taking on life changing challenge called "Clipper Round the World Race".

Mitesh is a one of very few British Indian men to sail around the world with clipper round the world race.

This Challenge is
a record breaking 40,000 nautical mile race around the world and involves twelve 70ft sailing boats racing each other around the world.

The Clipper Race is one of the biggest challenges of the natural world and an endurance test like no other.

The challenge in itself is not easy, but it is facing battle against the forces of Mother Nature, such as hurricane force winds, icebergs, wind holes, squalls and humidity and
most challenging conditions on the planet.

Toughest ocean racing challenge

Since the first Clipper Race crew left Plymouth in October 1996 on board eight 60-foot yachts, the race's increase in size is almost immeasurable.

Today more than 4,000 people and three generations of Clipper ocean racing fleets have competed in what is known to be the world's toughest ocean racing challenge.


Mitesh's rigorous training

Mitesh will be training rigorously for this challenge from now until August 2017 which will prepare him for different skills required for this challenge as well as mental and physical fitness.
Also to be multi-disciplined, part of high performance team that will function in every condition that Mother Nature can throw at it.

The Clipper Race is one of the biggest challenges of the natural world and an endurance test like no other

The boats will leave London at the end of August 2017 and arrive back in England at the end of July 2018. The race is split into 8 legs with stops in Rio, Cape Town, Albany (Western Australia),
Sydney, Qingdao, Seattle and New York. This means Mitesh will be spending nearly a year at sea, with demanding conditions such as sleeping for 3 hours, on a very basic diet and burning
around 5000 calories per day. Mitesh will also be expected to face with serious challenges such as dealing with other people on the boat. He will be sharing a very tight space with about 20
other people and sleeping in a cramped bunk often at 45 degree angles in a storm.

Despite the fact that Mitesh is a complete novice and never sailed before, with his passion, courage, enthusiasm, devotion to humanity and positive attitude, he is ready to take on this record
breaking challenge, as he wants to make a difference to life of children who are fighting for their lives on a daily basis, and for their families who battle alongside, caring for their children and
often giving up their own lives
.  Mitesh is true inspiration to the Pattni Soni community worldwide.

Racing for a Noble Cause - Target to raise £250,000

Mitesh is taking on this challenge to raise funds for a charity called Make-a-wish UK. This charity grant wishes to children who are battling with life threatening disability/illnesses.
Mitesh says "this charity takes the child away from their day to day struggles and give them a day that they are actually dreaming of".

Mitesh is requesting sponsorship and donation to raise the funds for this challenge, which is relative to the size of the task that he is taking on.

Appeal to donate generously

Mitesh's target is to raise £250,000 for this charity, of which approximately £50,000 will pay for the race, which means if 500 people sponsor him £500 or 1000 people sponsor him £250
that means together we will have raised the substantial amount to change the lives of these children and their families. Mitesh will be grateful for any amount that is donated, but please be generous

If you have any questions at all about this, please call Mitesh or message him on 07841645555.

Please make cheques payable to "Mitesh Pattni" as he has a separate account set up for the charity.

Cheques can be send to Mitesh at the following address:

38 Belle Walk
B13 9DB

Donations can also be made online by visiting

If you would like more information about this account you can speak to Mitesh or Liam at the make-a-wish UK offices.

For further details you can also visit Mitesh's website


Watch the video below to appreciate what kind of fierce forces of nature Mitesh will have to encounter!