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“I am just a poor boy though my story seldom told”……Simon and Garfuncle


Luxmichand (known as Lux) Makan Gordhan is the son of the late Maniben and Makanbhai Gordhan formerly of Kuthyana India (See details under Memorials Makanbhai and Maniben Gordhan on the Pattni website for family history - Memorial – Maniben and Makanbhai Gordhan


IAAF coach

Lux is an International Associations of Athletics Federation’s (IAAF) Elite Jumps coach, one of the highest qualified coaches in the world. He also lectures on athletics for the IAAF internationally.


He was coach of the South African team that participated in the Commonwealth Youth Games in Pune, India last year. He taught Caster Semenya and other athletes who were on the team, to speak basic Guajarati to help them get around. Caster won the 800m in a new record time.


New Challenge

At the age of 62, Lux has been appointed as the Manager and coach of the High Performance Centre’s athletics academy in the University of Pretoria after his athletes, mostly from the Durban townships, won six medals at the National championships this year. The Afrikaaner community, in particular, simply adores him and top athletes from other Afrikaners universities are coming to the University of Pretoria in 2011 to be coached by him.


World Masters Games

This year in October, he participated in the World Masters’ Games in Sydney, Australia, in the Pentathlon (Long jump, Javelin, Discus, 200m and 1500m) in the 60-64 age group category. He finished 6th from 20 entries and nine finalists.



Future Goals


1. His dream is to go to India soon and get involved in their athletics development program, especially athletes from the rural areas. He met P.T. Usha in Pune and she requested that he help her in her drive to build athletics in the Kerala area.


2. Win gold at the next World Games in Turin, Italy in 2013. 


He is forever thankful to God for whatever He has done and will do for him in this life time.


From Editor (Pattni Connection):

I would like to thank Neitha Vallabh for her assistance in preparing this profile.


It is a pride for our community to have such a talented member like Lux Gordhan. We extend our best wishes to Lux. May you be blessed with the very best and all your ambitions be fulfilled.