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Lata Celebrates her 60th birthday in style!

Lataben Dinesh Bhanulal Pattni (Vaya) celebrated her 60th birthday by winning the best dressed Mahila at Chaitra Navratri Garba 2015 organised

by Mahakali Mandal that is run by a group of Patel community families. They organise this annual sacred event in honour of Godess Mahakali Mataji.

Nine days of Garba were held at Sudbury Primary School in West London.

The organisers said that this year, they wanted to bring the energy and excitement felt in a traditional Navratri.

There was overwhelming participation from young and old audience to enjoy the memorable evening.

Lata with Shashikant

Lata with her husband Dinesh

Shashikant Bhagwanji Arjan Dhanak who also attended the Navratri said that “we all loved the whole atmosphere of colours, the clothes and of course, the divine atmosphere”. He added “this type of organized event promotes Indian culture to the new generation who are born here”

Lataben was given a round of applause when she entered the hall dressed as Mataji. The musical group in appreciation of her effort, played Mataji Garba especially dedicated to Lataben. She was treated like a rock star with people wanting their pictures taken with her!


Mrs Lata Dineshbhai Pattni, London

Lata Dineshbhai Pattni

PPA Leicester Navratri 2007

Adult Winner for the Best Traditional Dress Competition

Unique ideas are going to get you noticed and surely will put you in the
running of claiming the first prize.

That is what happened to one Pattni lady who attended Leicester Navratri
and participated in the Dress competition.

Loud applause greeted the announcement of the Fancy Dress in the adult

She was the unanimous choice of not only the judges but the whole crowd!

he was Mrs Lata Dineshbhai Pattni, of London.

Lata’s enthusiasm will inspire many more to participate in the future.

Navratri 2007

Winner of the Navratri Festival 2007 at the Harrow Leisure Centre Byron Hall

After winning the Leicester competition, she also participated in the Navratri Garba at the Harrow Leisure Centre, London
where despite the stiff competition she was the unanimous choice of the judges.

Our Congratulations and best wishes to Lata. Keep it up!!