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Krishan Kiritbhai Pattni's project, TopHat, has been short listed for the Sunday Times British Homes Award! See the article below for more details of the project!

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We Congratulate Krishan for this great recognition of his very valuable work and wish him all the success in the future!




A Family of Four - A Project by TopHat (Krishan Kiritbhai Pattni)

No assembly required on these modular homes: they leave the factory with fully fitted bathrooms, kitchens and facades, and are then lifted and installed on site.

The design, by East Midlands based developer TopHat, is based on “a family of four” building blocks that can be combined together in different configurations to make 130-sq-metre homes. These are designed to sit comfortably alongside each other in a happy community that’s “mixed, affordable and green”.

The core of its business is the multigenerational home, a nine-metre wide, two-storey, three-bedroom house aimed at meeting the evolving needs of a family. The ground floor, for instance, has a set-back bedroom ideal for older family members, and the open-plan kitchen is designed so parents can keep an eye on the children in the garden while they’re preparing dinner.
The next iteration, the family townhouse, uses the same building blocks stacked vertically to create a three-bedroom home that’s more akin to a traditional Georgian terrace, only with an open-plan ground floor and a top-floor garden. Homeowners can also choose between several  roof types. Finally, stairs can be added to the family of four to make a four-storey block of one- and two-bedroom flats that can be extended using additional modules.
Homeowners can further customise their new abode by requesting a net-zero-carbon option made from sustainably sourced timber, put together in a low-waste factory environment, with airtight walls, floors and roofs and controlled heat recovery ventilation systems for lower energy bills and a reduced carbon footprint.
TopHat hopes that building at volume and speed will help it to further bring down the cost, however prices of its homes currently start at £1,075 a sq metre for delivery and installation.
Selling point 
A fully customisable home that’s designed to be around for generations to come.