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Profile of Ketan Bipinbhai Ghaghada – Durham, North Carolina, U.S.A.

Ketan Bipinbhai Ghaghada

A Proud Parajiya in the forefront of the Cancer Fight


Mr. Ketan Bipinbhai Ghaghada was born in India. He grew up in Kuwait where his father Bipinbhai Mansukhlal Chunilal Ghaghada is a goldsmith by profession.

Mr. Ketan B. Ghaghada obtained his Bachelors’ degree in Chemical Engineering from D. J. Sanghvi College of Engineering, Mumbai in 1999.


He then moved on to USA to obtain his Masters’ degree in Chemical and Biomedical Engineering from Cleveland State University and the Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Ohio in 2003. During his Masters’ research, he worked on developing mathematical models to improve the delivery of cancer drugs to tumour cells. His interest in Bio-medical research took him to Texas Medical Centre, Houston where his research is directed towards the development of novel techniques for early detection and treatment of cancer.


His laboratories are located in the Medical School of University of Texas, Houston. In parallel, he is completing his Doctoral studies (Ph.D) in Chemical Engineering at the University of Houston. For the past five years, Mr. Ketan Ghaghada has been working on developing methods to detect cancer at early stage. Early detection of cancer will provide several treatment options and therefore better health to patients. They are currently performing studies in small animals and have shown very promising results, which will soon be taken to the clinical stage.

In addition, Mr. Ketan Ghaghada is also working on engineering novel drug delivery systems to effectively deliver cancer drugs to tumour cells. Such techniques would reduce the side effects caused due to the toxic nature of cancer drugs.


Upon completion of Doctoral studies, he will join Department of Radiology at Duke University, USA as s research associate.  


The fight against cancer is on the move…… and we at Pattni Connection and am sure our Parajiya Pattni community will wish Ketan well in his fight against cancer.