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Pride of our Community

Hasmukhbhai Pattni appointed as the Captain of Stanmore Golf Club


Captain Hasmukh Pattni - Traditional Drive In witnessed by the invited guests

Hasmukhbhai reaches another milestone

Hasmukhbhai Bhimji Pattni has had the privilege of being appointed the Captain of the prestigious Stanmore Golf Club this month.  One of the oldest clubs in UK it was founded in 1893.  Hasmukhbhai has been a member of the club for some 8 years and on the board of directors for the last 3 years. He is the third Indian ever to become a Captain of this club in its 123 year history.

Hasmukhbhai has been a keen sportsman ever since his school days in Mombasa where he would swim in the sea and also played cricket.

He has progressed from there over the years and when he gets a chance nowadays he is a long distant swimmer at his local pool where he usually swims 2.5 kilometres at a stretch (that equates to 100 lengths of 25 meters!).

However golf has been his passion for the last 15 years and hence his enthusiasm at Stanmore Golf Club and other golfing societies.  Last year he was elected Captain of Crusader Golf Society, a friendly golf society based in North London.  As his wife Minakshi says the club has now become his second home and she is happy that he is enjoying the sports and social life there.

Hasmukhbhai said, ĎI have somehow always ended at the top of all the sports and social organisations that I joinedí.

Starting from early days at college in Norwich where he was an office holder at the Overseas Students Society. This was followed by stints at various local cricket clubs, some of which he captained, such as the KPMG office cricket team.  Although not interested in politics at the time he organised and captained the Norwich Young Conservatives cricket team.

Hasmukhbhai is an insolvency practitioner by profession. The career progression led him to move to KPMG London in early 1984.  KPMG is one of the big four largest accountancy firms that employs 174,000 people worldwide.

He was an active member of the Norwich Jaycees (then known as British Junior Chamber) and continued this to Harrow Jaycees where he was elected president.

Service to the community as the National President of Parajiya Pattni Association UK

Many will recall that later on he took active part in the Parajiya Pattni Association in London.  He served as President for 4 years at a time when was also elected President of Parajiya Pattni Association UK.  Following his retirement from PPA he devoted some years in the Masonic movement where he was treasurer for many years and served as the Master of Lodge during his tenure.

He says he loves golf above all activities now and this gives him an opportunity to play all over the UK.  Indeed it is now quite normal for him to take his golf clubs on holiday wherever he goes.  ĎI have been fortunate that I have played in Kenya, Malaysia, India, Mauritius, Abu Dhabi, Morocco and make regular trips to play golf in Spainí said Hasmukhbhai.  It naturally follows that his son Rajiv is a keen golfer and a better player than his father it seems.

Captainís Drive in on 10th April 2016

The Stanmore Golf Club committee organised a traditional Captainís Drive In on 10th April 2016 afternoon to welcome Hasmukhbhai as their captain.


Invited Guests 

Lord Popat and Captain Hasmukhbhai Pattni addressing to the crowd

The Lord Dolar Popat of Harrow was invited as the chief guest for the event along with 150 guests including past captains, office bearers, friends and family members. Lord Popat joined the Lords in 2010 and was a Government Whip and Lord-in-Waiting in the UK House of Lords from January 2013 to May 2015.

The guests were entertained by the Caribbean steel band creating a wonderful atmosphere.

Auction for the Captainís Charity - vintage whisky signed by the Prime Minister

Lord Popat had brought a bottle of vintage whisky signed by the Prime Minister David Cameron. The bottle was auctioned at the event that raised £400 for the Captainís Charity. The event was followed by the lunch and refreshments.

Minakshi - Captain Hasmukhbhai

Pranbhai Dhanak (Pattni Connection) - Lord Popat - Captain Hamukhbhai Pattni

It was a memorable day and all were delighted to be there to witness the event.

I wish Hasmukhbhai all the very best for his coming year.

Click on the video to see Hasmukhbhai's Captain's Drive

Hasmukhbhai - Captain's Drive