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Honouring Elders Initiative

The Honouring Elders Initiative is a new section in our website to recognise and pay tribute to the elders of our Parajiya Pattni community.


Our proud History, Our Roots, Our Past
by Pran C. Arjan Dhanak – Editor

Parajiya Pattni Soni Community has a long and proud history.

We should remember our strong and proud heritage: our roots, our goddesses, our religion, our ancestors, our history.


This memorable photo taken 51 year ago, brought back my own childhood memories. I, along with few other school children used to attend Samaj’s Annual General Meetings. Such meetings were not always been plain sailing.  They were sometimes noisy and excited meetings, lasting hours, with highly charged debates. However there was one message that would come out loud and clear. Their sincere desire in their aims, there was genuine passion for unity and solidarity in promoting our Samaj.


This photo has captured the spirit of solidarity that I am sure would inspire today’s youths and encourage the next generation to be involved in the Samaj Sewa and become the future leaders of our community


Parajiya Pattni Samaj, Mombasa, 1957 Committee


Damjibhai Lakha Ghaghada

Bhimjibhai Ratnashi Dhanak

Kanjibhai Megji Dhanak

Gopalji Ranchod Dhanak

Govindbhai Devji Ghaghada

Amratlal Lalji Vaya


Himatlal  (Haribhai) Hirji Lakha Ghaghada

Maganlal Mulji Ghaghada

Damjibhai Jamnadas Ghaghada

Hirjibhai Virji Ghaghada

Hirjibhai (Bachubhai) Kanji Ghaghada

Bhagwanjibhai Devji Ghaghada

Bhagwanjibhai Arjan Dhanak