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History of Parajiya Soni -Pattni Pioneers


Our history section has covered quite extensively on the pioneer Parajiya Pattniss migration to Africa. Our forefathers started settling in Africa in the early 1900. These heroes made the blessed beginning of the Parajiya Pattni settlement in Africa in an absolutely unknown land and inspired many others to migrate despite facing lot of difficulties.

They crossed the Indian Ocean in dhows-small sailing ships. Their voyages often took several months, often up to six months. At that time much of the Kenyan hinterland was unknown. Mombasa was a well established trading port and the building of the railway line from Mombasa into the interior had begun. The British brought in a large labour force, from India, to work on the construction of this railway line.


Pattnis worked extremely hard, gradually called over their families and slowly established themselves in many other towns. Several of them set up their own goldsmith shops. Because of their business and hard work, courage, practice of economising and virtues of goodwill these Pattni members and their firms started to prosper. During 1940's Pattni community was well established in Zanzibar and Mombasa.


Our elders stayed and faced all the miseries with patience and unity.  We owe a lot to them. There is a saying that one should never forget his past.  A giant tree can only stand tall if it has strong roots in the ground.  We should also be like that tree strong and proud of our roots and past.


Let us remember our history and roots. And we can strive to preserve the memory of our craftsmen forbearers. We salute our forefathers


Honouring Elders

We have managed to recognize most of the faces in this photo. There is one name still missing that we couldnt recognise. Let us know if you know can identify the missing name and also give us the full names of the others.

I am sure many of you, especially the East African Pattnis, will be able to recognise some of them.


Honouring Elders Initiative

The Honouring Elders Initiative is a section in our website that will take you down the memory lane. We are recording history and uploading photos that are rare and unique. Do you have any memorable photos of your elders? Send it to us and we shall upload it in this memorial section


Pranbhai C. Arjan Dhanak






1) Maganlal Jerambhai Challa  2) Popatbhai Kutchi  3) Muljibhai Vashrambhai Karchalia (Rajkot) 4) Jerambapa  Challa (Jam Jodhpur),

5) Maganlal Chakubhai Challa (Jam Jodhpur) 6) Ranchodbhai Jerambhai Challa (Jam Jodhpur) 7) Madhavjibhai Naran Ghaghada (Gadhka) 8) Babulal Jeram Challa (Jam Jodhpur)

Standing 1st Row:

1) Bachhubhai Suthar Chhatralia, 2) Dahyabhai ?___3) Savjibhai Pragjibhai Vaya  3) Pragjibhai Madhavjibhai Patt  3) Mangaldas Sunderji  4) Morarjibhai Sunderji

Standing 2nd Row:

1) Dahyalal Madhavji Patt 2) Bhanjibhai Madhavji  Challa (Jam Jodhpur) 3) Nanjibhai Pragjibhai Vaya  4) Pravinbhai Maganlal Challa (Jam Jodhpur)  5) Vanravanbhai Damodar Ghaghada (Gadhka)




Honouring Elders who are no longer with us
The Honouring Elders Initiative Section is also the memorial for those who are no longer with us. We start this section with this memorable photo. I'm sure many of you; especially elders and middles aged members may recognise some of the faces


Front row seating :  Jivanbhai Jethalal Kathad Challa (Jamjodhpur) , Naranbhai Jethabhai Dhanak (Dhrapha), Sharad Jivanlal Jetha Challa (Batuk - young boy), Jerambhai Samat Ghaghada (Kharedi Nr Gondal), Muljibhai Vashram Karchalia (Rajkot)
Back row standing:  Bhagwanji Tulsidas Thadeshwar (Jamnagar),  Dayabhai Madhavjibhai Patt







  1. Kanjibhai Mulji  (Bhagat) Vaya

  2. Aman Haji Elias (Muslim Soni)

  3. Dungarshibhai Jetshibhai Dhanak (Lalpur)

  4. Vallabhdas  Dhanjibhai Parekh Ghaghada (Porbundar) 

  5. Chunibhai  Mamaiya  (Girnara Soni)

  6. Gordhandas  Ratanshi  Dhanak (Lalpur)


  1. Devdanbha Ranchod Dhanak (Dhrapha, Jam Jodhpur)

  2. Pragjibhai Dharamshi  Sagar (Sil-Mangrol)

  3. Haridas Vallabhdas Dhanak (Haveliwara) (Gondal)

  4. Vithaldas  Jessa Patel Patt

  5. Anandjibhai Jeram Ghaghada (Kharedi)  

  6. Merambhai Govind Challa (Chitravad, Dhoraji)



Do you have any memorable photos of your elders?
Send it to us and we shall post it in our website