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Jai Shree Krishna

Late Maniben Ramjibhai Bhura Vaya 

Om Namah Shivaya

Our dear mother, grandmother and great grandmother, Maniben Ramjibhai Bhura Vaya, age 93 very sadly passed away peacefully on the evening of Sunday, 29th November 2009, Magsar Sud Baras, 2066.


Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya
Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya

Om Namah Shivaya, Om Namah Shivaya,
Om Namah Shivaya, Om Namah Shivaya


This is for our Ba who had no limits in life, love, compassion and self integrity;

There will never be another person who can take your place in our hearts but we will do our utmost to continue your legacy through the examples you have set us.

No one can take away the wonderful memories of you which we will cherish for ever. We miss you Ba.

May God rest your immortal soul in eternal peace.


We wish to convey our sincere gratitude to all relatives, friends and well wishers for their us support, sympathy and messages of condolences by personal visit,

telephone, and email and for paying their respects at the funeral and prathna sabha.


Knowing that we were not alone helped us bear our grief. Thank you all for being there.


Jai Shree Krishna


from the Family of Late Ramji Bhura Vaya & Family.

Honouring Elders

Maniben Ramjibhai Bhura Vaya, 91yrs

Maniben was born in May 1916 in Durban, S Africa, and daughter of late Popatbhai and Gomtiben Dungar. She had one brother Ramjibhai who sadly passed away a few years back.

Till the age of 7 years she was in Durban where she went to school (English medium) and spoke English and some Hindi. Unusually she didn't speak any Gujarati at all.

The family moved to India (Gounch) and she was married at the age of 12 years to Ramjibhai Bhurabhai. After marriage they lived in Ambedi and travelled around in India (various villages) where work took them.

I would like to mention the fact that when she got married she didn't speak any Guajarati and communication was by gestures and somehow working it out till she learnt the language.
One can imagine how difficult it must have been with this added problem of communication and in a new country.

The last 3 years of her stay in India was by herself and 4 children before she sailed off to Kenya to join her husband. Her family was completed in Kenya with 5 sons and 6 daughters (two of which sadly passed away).

A Successful Business Lady
During her stay in Kenya, especially in the early years she helped in the family business by purifying gold on the terrace at home and also in making 'ubharias'.
With her help and support the business was born working from home. Her hard work is a major contribution in building the foundation of this venture of Gold manufacturing.

Great traveller

She’s stayed in Kenya since then with various trips to the UK in between as families had migrated during the years. She is currently residing in London, UK and is keeping well in health.
International travelling is not daunting for her at all and is quite confident about travelling on her own (but god forbids she will not touch the plane food).

Her travels have extended to USA, Europe and India. As a result she is often teased by the family that Ba you have missed out Australia and S America.
To which she replies tongue in cheek that even that will happen. She has a good sense of humour and loves a good laugh.


Maniben’s favourite actor

Young at Heart!
A good example has been set for us family members in the sense that she is young at heart and has moved with the times where required. This also emphasises the lesson being taught to us that when life throws us challenges and change is inevitable one should be practical and accept the change together with the positivity it offers. Her favourite is the 'Kutumb get to gathers' and all the fun and hustle/bustle that come with it. Of course, she loves to pamper us with her trademark dish of Ringna Bateta nu shaak (strongly flavoured with garlic and fresh coriander) and bajri na rotla. Bollywood has not been missed from her pastime with the actors Govinda and Shammi Kapoor being a firm favourite.

Most notable is the fact that she taught herself to read and write Guajarati and loves to recite Hanuman Chalisa and bhajans from her book. An achievement indeed.

She's always there to support and provide her invaluable advice in every way. Be it a cooking tip/recipe or to lend a listening ear.

She's our very own 'Queen Mother' for the Bhura family. We are truly blessed and honoured to have her as mother, grandmother, great grandmother...... (list is endless).

 Kantibhai (Nairobi, Kenya)
Girdharbhai (Nairobi, Kenya)
Dwarkabhai (London)
Bhogibhai (london)
Harishbhai (London)


Heeraben Khushiram Lakha (Watford, UK)
Damyantiben Jagdish Dossa (London)
Kanchanben Pattni (Luton)
Lataben Dinesh Ghaghada (New Jersey, USA)
Late Vajiben Ramjibhai Bhura
Late Shardaben Ramjibhai Bhura

Details provided by Mrs Kirti Harishbhai Soni (daughter-in-law)