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Pattni History in the making

First time in the history, 3 members of the same family are standing as candidates at the local election in UK


Dineshbhai Solanki (Challa), his wife Bhartiben Solanki and daughter Puja Solanki are selected by the Conservative Party to be candidates in the Borough of Brent Council Election on Thursday 6 May 2010


Thursday 6 May 2010 is also predicted by most commentators as the most likely date for the UK’s general election.


Dineshbhai Solanki

Dineshbhai Solanki

Dinesh Solanki is a local Conservative Councillor for the London Borough of Harrow in Queensbury Ward since 2006. He has been the first ever Pattni Councillor in Harrow. 


He also runs the Queensbury Community Forum, Campaign for Clean & Green and Safe Harrow & Queensbury, Conservative Party-oriented policy discussion group.


Dineshbhai’s message to the local residents of Queensbury:

Promoting Cleaner, Greener and Safer Harrow

We all together as team will make Queensbury a "Better Place on Earth" to live and want safe & Clean & Green neighbourhood. We all will have to be part of this team to make it happen.

Dineshbhai is Challa by sankh, Pattni by naat (community).  Challa family’s ancient sankh was Solanki. Dineshbhai’s surname in school was written by his bapuji as Solanki hence Solanki. His wife Bhartiben is Satikuvar (before marriage). Dineshbhai is originally from Mumbai  living in Harrow since 1971.

In May 2006, for the first time in the history of UK Dinesh Babubhai Solanki - Challa Pattni and his wife Bhartiben Dinesh Solanki stood as the Conservative candidates in local election in Harrow UK from Harrow East Queensbury & Marlborough ward. Dineshbhai won and was elected as Conservative councillor for Queensbury - Harrow ward. Thus Dineshbhai became the first ever Pattni Councillor in UK. Bhartiben lost by a very narrow margin.


May Council Election:

Dineshbhai will be again standing in the local election as a conservative candidate from Queensbury Ward on May 6th 2010.


Bhartiben Solanki

Dineshbhai’s wife Bhartiben Solanki (maiden sankh - Satikuvar) is standing in the local election to be held on 6th May 2010 as a Conservative candidate for the Marlborough ward in Harrow, Middlesex, UK. She stood in the last election where was narrowly beaten by the Labour candidate. In the current political climate, her hopes of winning this time are very high.


Her priorities include education, school and children. Bhartiben is committed to work for a clean green and safe Marlborough and Harrow, an ideal and sage place to bring up our children.


Puja Solanki

Puja Solanki (Challa), daughter of Bhartiben and Dineshbhai Solanki is standing as conservative candidate from Marlborough Ward.


My daughter Puja Solanki is 21year old visually impaired (blind) has rescently passed her LLB from London School of Economics and currently doing her LPC (Legal Practice Course) from BPP Law College. She is standing as the first Pattni - Asian blind candidate.  


First time in the history   3 member of the same family are candidate at local election.


Any volunteer support from our community in canvass during election period from our community members will be appreciated.




Cllr Dinesh Solanki - (Challa- Pattni)

Harrow Council

07894 466 723


Dineshbhai has strong message to the community:

It is time we have true Asian voice here in UK. More and more Asians should play real role because UK is motherland of our children. We don't want to make same mistake as we did in Africa and got kicked out one day. We have built too many temples and community halls and have always had devided communities.  For the sake of our next generation we need a united stronger Asian Gujarati community specially a United Pattani Community Internationally.


Dineshbhai’s message on the Pattni Connection website


Dear Pranbhai



Please accept our sincere thanks & Congratulations on behalf of Pattni community for the creation & launch of Pattni Connection   website.  You have done excellent task of uniting the Pattni community around the globe - Africa - India - UK to Australia, USACanada and around the globe. You have created a platform for communication among our youths. You have our full support in your mission.


UK is now motherland for us and our children. I presume none of us will go back to Africa or India. For sake of our security and safe future we must have active participation and voice.


Any volunteer support from our community in canvass during election period from our community members will be appreciated.




Dinesh Solanki (Pattni - Challa)

Councillor, Harrow Council