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Prominent Pattni Profile

Brijesh Pratapbhai Kalidas

Brijesh was born in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania to his parents Nilamben and Pratapbhai Mohanlal Kalidas. In December 2001, he married to Krushal, daughter of Jyotiben and Maheshbhai Barmeda of Arusha, Tanzania


After completing his secondary education, he did his Masters in Business Administration (Strategic Management) and also Advanced Diploma in Marketing and Diploma in Advertising. He is a multi linguist who can speak English, Gujarati, Hindi, French and Kiswahili.


After completing his studies, he spent 13 years in Sales and Marketing and 4 years after that as the leader in Business Development Management where his duties included team building and organisation strategy,.

Following were Brijesh’s replies to our questionnaire :-

Brijesh and Krushal receiving Indian President during his visit to Tanzania

Details of Community activities
- Management Forum British Council -

                                            Executive Board Member
- Marketing Association of Tanzania - Vice Chairman
- Upanga Nursery School - Hon Secretary General
- Tanzania Central Freight Bureau - IT advisor
- Amnesty International - Member
- Terry Fox - Member
- Shree Hindu Mandal -  Member
- Shree Sathya Sai Society of Tanzania – Member


Attendance of Conferences & Presentation

            Intelsat Roadshow – SA (2006)

            Gilat SatCom Exhibition – SA (2006)

            IT Exhibition – Kenya (2005)

            Karibu Trade Fair – Tanzania ( 2005)

            Power UP IT – Uganda (2005)

            WSIS – Tunisia (2005)


Interests and activities

Studying Management books

Research on People’s behaviour and attitude

Thinking innovative and creative

Surfing on Internet

Meeting dignitaries and people in general

Marketing and talking to CEO’s

Watching sensible movies

Going out with my companion

Eating good food, specially Chinese

Visiting different places and countries


Your Objectives in life:

A successful person

Discipline in life

Help the needy

To take care of my mum


Your message to the community

Our community is entrepreneurial and thriving. We must communicate and get closer to each other. Our Pattni Connection website has a very vital role to play in this communication. This website, created out of nothing is currently now the best and the brilliant website for our Parajiya Pattnis. It is now our duty to rally behind this site and take it to even higher level. It is very important that we use this website to bring the community closer that  will bring unity.


I believe that among the several invaluable teachings that Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru left behind for all of us, the one closest to my heart is about “Character”.

Very early in my life I learnt that Character is Destiny. That Character of an individual, an organization or a society is the most important determinant of success.

When I use the word Character I use it in the broad meaning of the word - the indescribable mix that an individual is: thoughts, words, feelings and above all of actions. And the heart of Character is Values.

Character is Destiny can be easily illustrated by citing names of great men and women who have turned the tide of history. What I am trying to emphasize here is that this is relevant not only to the visionaries, but to also to millions of people like you and me.

Education – the only character builder

Convinced as I am on the importance of Character, I have tried to think and discover what shapes Character. Being neither a scholar nor a scientist, all my thoughts in this regard have been at the level of action rather than in unraveling of mysteries of human development.

Luminaries like Pundit Nehru who can deeply influence the Character and personality of an entire nation are few and far between, the question is can we afford to wait for messiahs, or do we take our future in our hands.

I believe it is our inherent responsibility to build our personality, home, nation, build Character and integrity in our surroundings and the environment. I strongly believe that the one concerted area that wittingly or unwittingly can shape the personality and Character of a society is education - and I refer to fundamental education at the primary school level. In my view it is and absolutely imperative that we prioritize education and its issues on the national agenda, not only in discourse but in action.

I am immensely aware that I am neither an educationist nor an PhD. All that I understand is what kind of people have a potential to be more successful in business and in life and what kind of people make successful Endeavour in life.


Your wishes to the Pattni community members

May almighty shower his blessings and wishes to entire family of Parajya Pattnis