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New Office: Avadh Times grand opening in Rajkot

Bharatbhai Chauhan of Amreli,
Editor of Avadh Times and the president of the Akhil Bhartiya Parajiya Soni Federation announced the grand opening of a new office in Rajkot.

Awadh Times Rajkot Edition was inaugurated by Chief Minister Shree Vijaybhai Rupani.
We extend our heartiest congratulation and best wishes to Bharatbhai Chauhan for his endeavours.










Atithi Devo Bhava


Bharatbhai Chauhan - Editor of Avadh Times welcomed in UK


PPA National & Leicester President Amit Ramniklal Pattni (Vaya) with Bharatbhai Chauhan (Dhorda)



Bharatbhai Chauhan, Vice President of the Soni Federation and the owner/editor of Avadh Times, Amreli was warmly welcomed in Leicester last week.

During his brief 4 day trip to UK, Bharatbhai met our PPA National & Leicester President, Amit Ramniklal Pattni (Vaya) and

other community members - Maheshbhai Pattni, Pradeepbhai Pattni, Mukundbhai Dhanak and others. They exchanged ideas regarding further cooperation between the UK Samaj and the Federation.


Telephone Discussion with the Pattni Connection Webmaster


Bharatbhai also held telephone discussion with Pranbhai Dhanak, Webmaster/Editor of Pattni Connection and the Federation committee member.  Unfortunately due to Bharatbhai�s prior engagements he was unable to visit London.





Bharatbhai Chauhan Visit to UK in 2013


Meeting of the Editors


Bharatbhai with CB Patel, Editor Gujarat Samachar

Bharatbhai with Pranbhai Dhanak, Webmaster, Pattni Connection

Bharatbhai Chauhan (Dhorda), Editor of Avadh Times, Amreli, India visited UK last week. Amreli is a small town in Kathiawar (Gujarat).


It was bharatbhai�s first visit with his family since his daughter Mitu got engaged to Dharmendra, son of Maheshbhai Katira. Click Mitu of Amreli got engaged to Dharmendra of Leicester


Pranbhai with Bharatbhai Chauhan and Maheshbhai Dayalal Katira


The Avadh Times has the fifth-largest circulation in Gujarat selling 60,000 copies a day. Editor Bharatbhai is devout supporter of Pattni community and uses his media power to promote Samaj activities.


Bharatbhai visited Gujarat Samachar / Asian Voice office to meet C.B. Patel, editor.


It was my pleasure to warmly welcome Bharatbhai at my residence with his vevai Maheshbhai Dayaljibhai Katira (D. M. Soni) of Leicester.


We discussed wide range of issues facing our community.


Media Power

Talking about media, Bharatbhai said �public relations are a potent tool for shaping Samaj perception. We should actively promote our community activities by using the media tool that can build publicity for the community in both online and print media�.


Expressing great satisfaction at our Parajiya Pattni community�s progress, he stressed that it is important for all Samaj committees to make full use of the media through the Pattni Connection website, Samaj Gujarati publications from Mumbai, Rajkot and Jamnagar combined with his own Avadh Times newspaper.

No Samaj Property in UK !

Bharatbhai was astounded to know that the Pattni communities do not have a Samaj property in UK.


�It should be made the top priority.� Bharatbhai added, �The Pattni community have settled in UK for more than 40 years and now must join forces to at least have a small community building�.


Inter Caste Marriages

Bharatbhai also touched on the controversial subject of inter caste marriages.


Not long ago, who so ever dared for the inter-caste marriage, faced the consequences in terms of violence, social boycott and family boycott. Marriages should be in same community and caste was in the Indians mindset. They couldn�t imagine marriages beyond the same caste, community and religion.


Today, in Indian society the inter caste marriages are mostly the part of the city culture. The rural parts of the Gujarat still prefer their children to marry in the same caste and community; else they disown them. The set up of Indian caste system makes it clear that �One is born into a caste and this cannot be undone even with the saat pheras of sapt padi (Hindu marriage)�.


I argued with Bharatbhai that today, there are examples where two people from totally different background and lifestyle come together and spend their entire life happy with each other THANKS TO EDUCATION.


Now the younger generation knows that a successful marriage is not dependent on same caste and religion rather it depends on mutual understanding and compatibility.


Yes it is true that with the current trend, there will not be a Parajiya Pattni Samaj that we know today but am confident that a new progressive Samaj will evolve.


Teleconference with Kantibhai Ghaghada
We then phoned Jamnagar to speak to Kantibhai Ghaghada, president of Jamnagar Samaj and held telephone discussions including the forthcoming Triveni Mahotsava to be held at Nairobi in August 2013.