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Ashwin Govindji Kagdadia Scholarship Fund

Ashwinbhai Govindji Kagdadia, Leicester

Ashwinbhai is based in Leicester, UK and is a generous philanthropist supporting various worthwhile causes.

His philosophy is to put something back into the community and for some time he has been searching for a new worthy project.

A friend introduced him to an investment project at Staffordshire University where a developer is selling newly constructed flats
on a 250 year lease. It got him thinking that he could acquire a (debt free) flat and the income from the flat could be used to fund
scholarships for high attaining but financially challenged students.

Donations to Staffordshire University are funding life-changing bursaries, scholarships, and opportunity awards.

With this thought he contacted the University in September 2020 with a proposition and they welcomed his thoughts. Then after
some correspondence Ashwinbhai finalised the details of the scholarship fund and qualifying criteria. He finally signed the
agreement in November 2020.

The flat that Ashwinbhai acquired will fund £4000.00 per annum from the rental income which will increase with the passage of
time. This will assist a total of 6 students (at present but may increase in time) for the duration of their graduate studies.
The 2020/21 year is the first year and so when these 6 students graduate in 2024 or 2025 if it is a 4 year course the scholarship
fund will then move onto assisting 6 new students.

Scholarship Fund helping students in need
The ASHWIN KAGDADIA SCHOLARSHIP FUND at Staffordshire University has now awarded scholarship financial assistance
to a computer science student and a biomedicine student. The university and Ashwinbhai are still receiving applications for the
remainder of the fund for 2020/21 academic year to make up the compliment of 6 students. The University manages and reviews
the applications. Thereafter appropriate due diligence is undertaken and the successful candidates then receive funding for the
duration of their studies provided they continue the course and continue to achieve the criteria for the funding in terms of grades.


The scholarship fund is self financing with an endowment fund of income generating property - which will endure for at least 250 years.

Ashwinbhai graduated from Loughborough University in 1983 and ran a very successful accountancy practice. He retired from
business in July 2018 having sold his practice.

There is no better spiritual satisfaction than to help those less fortunate.

Apart from the above donation, he is also an Alumni Donor with the Alumni Association at Loughborough University. Alumni are the
former students of a school, college, or university.

Ashwinbhai's inspiration comes from the blessings of his parents -
Late Govindji Madhavji Kagdadia and Late Mrs Ottamben Govindji Kagdadia.

If Ashwinbhai's project inspires other members in the community to do likewise, he will consider it a blessing.

Please contact Ashwinbhai on +44 7976 716746 for further information or wish to be part of such a philanthropy.