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History in the Making - The first ever Soni to contest the 2017 Snap UK General Election

Ameet Jogia with Prime Minister Teresa May


Thank You Party for Volunteers

Kantaben Mistry, Lord Dolar Popat, C. B. Patel, Pran C. Arjan Pattni, Ameet Jogia, Kirti Ratilal Bhura, Mahesh Pattni, Asheila Pattni


Ameet Jogia hosted a Thank You party at the Meera Village restaurant in Queensbury, N.W. London on Wednesday 21st June 2017. It was in appreciation to all
volunteers who helped him with the election campaign.

Invitation were extended to local councillars, Members of Parliament (MPs), Lord Dolar Popat, , C. B. Patel (Editor Gujarat Samachar),
Narendrabhai Bagia (President of Girnara Soni Samaj), Pranbhai C. Arjan Pattni (Webmaster, Pattni Connection), media personalities and volunteers.

Unfortunately the MPs could not make it due to the Queenís Speech and the opening of the Parliament that took place the same day.

Kantaben Mistry, Kishorbhai Parmar (Gujarat Samachar) & C. B. Patel with Ameet Jogia

Kantaben Mistryís Message: Chairman: Brent North Conservatives & Queensbury Ward - Action Team
Thank you to everyone who has helped with Ameetís campaign over the last six weeks. Although he didnít win the seat this time, I am sure Ameet will  come back
stronger next time

C. B Patelís Message: Editor: Gujarat Samachar & Asian Voice
Politically our newspaper is neutral, however, I was proud to support Ameet Jogia. He is a rising star within the Conservative Party and is commonly referred to
as the ďTory blue eyed boyĒ within Conservative circles.


Ameetís message:-

Thank you to the fantastic team of volunteers for all their help over the last few weeks with the election campaign. I was lucky to have a fantastic team behind me and
I have been overwhelmed by all the love and support. Many have taken the time out of their very busy lives, some coming to help from far (and many weren't even
Conservatives!). Whilst the national result was disappointing I am proud of the campaign we ran in Brent North. Thank you to the 18,435 who trusted and voted for me.

It was a fantastic evening and it was great to have the opportunity for Ameet to say a huge thank you to  volunteers and supporters.




Message from Ameet Jogia to all Soni communities

Dear Members,

Jai Hingraj, Jai Ambe.

I wanted to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for all the help, support and messages of goodwill throughout the recent election campaign. I am truly grateful.

I fully appreciate that rightly so, everyone has a difference of political opinion. Yet I was humbled that this did not impede our members in coming forward and supporting me. I am thankful for the efforts of our community, more so that it supported me with such zeal and enthusiasm.

Although it was not the result we were hoping for, this campaign was a big success for our Soni community as it brought everyone together. Many came from Leicester and the Midlands to help all day...many of whom were not even Conservative supporters! It was heartening to see ALL, young, elderly, ladies and gents, come together at such short notice and show the true spirit of our community. On the polling day all volunteers came together to work as ONE team.

We will reflect on our efforts and come back even stronger. In the meantime if I can ever be of any assistance to our members (particularly in Harrow) please do not hesitate to contact me. I will certainly help where I can.

Kind regards,
Ameet Jogia



Ameet Jogia with Prime Minister Teresa May

         Pranbhai - Ameet - Lord Dolar Popat

Ameet with President Narendrabhai Bagia President, Shree Girnara Soni Samaj, UK 

Councillor Ameet Jogia - Making History
First ever Soni to Stand at the UK General Election in Brent North


    Pranbhai Arjan (Dhanak) - Ameet Jogia

Ameet Jogia was born and raised in North West London. He has served as a local Councillor in Harrow since 2014 becoming the youngest Councillor in the borough.

Ameet is a young, energetic candidate who has a proven track record of delivering for local residents, after receiving the highest number of votes compared to any other candidate in the 2014
local elections.

Ameet Specially Selected by the Prime Minister
Ameet was specially selected by Prime Minister Theresa Mayís team to stand as her candidate in Brent North. Brent has been Labour for 20 years, and this is the closest the Conservatives
have been in winning back the seat.

History in Making
Ameet could potentially be the first British born Indian MP - a moment of great pride for the Soni Community.

Ameetís Family
Ameetís, son of  Hansaben and Narottambhai Devshibhai Jogia originate from Tanzania. Narottambhai is from Lindi and Dar-es-Salaam, whilst Hansabenís family (her father
Harjivanbhai Sunderji Vaitha) originate from Mwanza. Ameetís family still live in Mwanza, Dar-es-Salaam and Arusha, and we well established in Tanzania and Kenya.

Ameetís Humble Background
Having grown up on a council estate, Ameet has strived to get a good education and has been committed to giving back to society in whatever way he can, including being a School Governor
and a volunteer at his local Hospice, St Lukeís Hospice in Brent.

Having grown up in and around Brent, Ameet has first-hand knowledge of local issues. Ameet is committed to supporting local businesses in Brent, particularly local high streets such as
Preston Road, Ealing Road and Kingsbury Road.  Ameet believes this can only be achieved by strong and stable leadership from Theresa May from Brexit and beyond. Ameet is also passionate
about ensuring every child has access to a good school in Brent and that all residents feel safe in Brent.

Your Vote Counts
This is the most crucial election in a generation. Every vote counts. Please help spread the word and vote for Ameet Jogia on Thursday 8 June.

Your Help Appreciated -
Ameet in his message for the Soni Community: If you are available to help with the campaign please contact Ameet Jogia.

Narendrabhai Bagia, President, Shree Girnara Soni Samaj, UK

Message from Narendrabhai Bagia, President

Shree Girnara Soni Samaj, UK

Jai Hingraj.


Regardless of political views, we as a Samaj should be keen to support our young member Cllr Ameet
Jogia. He is standing to be a Member of Parliament in Brent North. His success is our success and a
voice in the parliament for us all. It would be a proud moment for the Girnara Soni Community to
have one or ours become an MP as the first British born Indian as an MP.


Thank you for many messages of support and good wishes over the last few days. This campaign is
also a great way for our community to unite and come together for Ameet and be part of the political


We are very low on volunteers from our community and your personal support would go long way.
We critically need approximately another 100 volunteers from our network to help on Election Day
on Thursday 8 June from morning to evening. Members can help for as little or as long as they can.
It is just for the day and even a couple of hours would be helpful. Duties include sitting at polling stations, making calls and knocking on doors reminding people of the constituency to vote. Critical
times are between 9.00 am and 9.45 pm.


Please ask and bring along a friend and family member to support as well. You need NOT be living
in Brent to volunteer. Some impressive Support from far (midlands) and wide (non Soni) is coming forward. Both the Young and Elderly.


Much obliged if you can be available, please contact myself (07779 654 218) or 
Haresh Soni (07990 644 033 call only) or


Thank you in advance for your help.


Narendra Bagia

Message from Lord Dolar Popat