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A Royal Encounter - The Kings Coronation Garden Party



From Vasuben Hasmukh Pattni, London

My husband Hasmukh Meram Govind and myself Vasuben Hasmukh Pattni had the honour and pleasure to attend His Majesty King Charles Coronation Garden Party at the Palace of Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh on 4 July 2023. I work with NS&I, where I have been successful in securing the invite to His Majesty Coronation Party.

I must admit it did feel surreal to get passed the main gates and enter the Palace’s grounds. The garden looked spectacular and it was great to spend the afternoon in the presence of the Royal Family.

Guests are chosen to attend by a number of organisations, one of the ways the Royal Family celebrates the good work people do by hosting huge, colourful Garden Parties.

The Party officially began when The King, accompanied by the Queen as well as Princess Royal, arrived the garden at 4pm, when the National Anthem was played by military bands. While the bands continue to play a selection of music, Members of the Royal Family circulate among the guests through 'lanes'. Each takes a different route and random presentations were made so that everyone has an equal chance of speaking to a Member of the Royal Family.

Every day is a once in a lifetime experience, make the most of it, moment is a rare and beautiful thing that we should cherish forever.