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Bhavin Bharatbhai Dhanak


Bhavin Dhanak’s progress  
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We are
happy to inform the members of our community that Bhavin Dhanak have got his first career breakthrough. He has sung a song for Rajesh Roshan, for Rakesh Roshan's upcoming movie Crazy4, which will be released in April next year.


This is a very good start, under a very big banner. The producer really liked Bhavin’s work and he hopes to get more work from them in the future.


We wish all the best to Bhavin. Since he got a career break from ‘Roshan’, Bhavin bhi apna Pattni Samaj ka naam ‘roshan’ karega!!

Bhavin Dhanak was born in Kalbadevi in Mumbai, India. Family of four (Mum, Dad, Bhavin and his younger sister) lived in a chawl ( gully) While Bhavin was young, his father Bharatbhai Dhanak (grandson of Soni Jamnadas Prabhudas Dhanak of Chodvadi, India) shifted to Dubai to look for work.


Bhavin's father, Bharatbhai settled down in Dubai and soon called the family to join him. Bhavin then lived Dubai for 16 years where he studied in Progressive English School, Sharjah. Bhavin can speak fluent Hindi, Gujarati and English. He started his Graduation in Preston University in Ajman, but financial circumstances prevented him to go for further studies as the family was unable to afford the fees.

Bhavin was interested in music from a very early age.  He was avidly involved in singing and used to grab any opportunity that came along in showing off his talent. Soon he got an opportunity through SaReGaMaPa World Series.

SaReGaMaPa is one of the longest running reality musical extravaganzas on air. It’s the brainchild of director/producer, Mr. Gajendra Singh. For the past 14 years SaReGaMaPa has proved to be a unique platform for talented and aspiring singers to become the singing sensations of tomorrow. It has made dreams come true for many and many young talents have got their chance to explore and make their careers in singing. Being selected for this talent hunt was an honour in itself.

Bhavin Dhanak’s talent was noticed and Gajendra Singh (Director SaReGaMaPa) suggested him to come to India and start learning music.  Gajendra complimented Bhavin that he had the potential and the voice to make it as a playback singer. This inspired Bhavin to shift his base to Mumbai, all on his own.

In Mumbai, he studied and graduated in BCom from Mumbai University. Meanwhile he also started learning Hindustani Classical from Ustad Ghulam Mustafa Khan.  To pay for his living he used to do night shifts in a call center.


After 8 months with Ustad Ghulam Mustafa Khan, he began learning with Pt. Raja Ram Shukla. Bhavin then got a chance to sing two jingles, one for Action Shoes and the other for HDFC Life Insurance. He also worked as a dummy singer with Ashish Manchanda, a well known Sound Recordist /Music Director.  Ashish Manchanda used to record cue tracks (vocal tract resonance) with Bhavin so that he can present his song in front of the big singers.

Finally Bhavin’s voice was noticed and got chance to sing in a movie. It was in Anupam Kher’s movie, titled - Buddha Mar Gaya. This was the remix of the title song, the original was sung by 3 singers, Shaan, Kunal Ganjawala and Sunidhi Chauhan, and the remix was sung entirely by Bhavin.
He also gave his services to sing at the community events like Navratri in Surat and Mumbai. Bhavin can also play guitar fluently.


Then of course, the chance came to participate in the Indian Idol 3. After being rejected in the pre-auditions of Indian Idol 2, it was really nerve wrecking while auditioning for the third season, but luckily went really well and then as they say rest is history.


When asked about rumours that he had an offer from the music maestro, AR Rehman, Bhavin said that a lot of people came to him telling me about AR Rehman's interview in a news channel where he spoke about Bhavin. But as long as he does not hear directly from A R Rehman, he was not going to believe it. For Bhavin, AR Rehman is his musical icon, even if he gets to sing chorus for him, he’ll do it with lot of pride.


Bhavin’s objective in life is to be a successful playback singer one day that make his family and our Parajiya Pattni Community proud.


Bhavin’s comments on the Pattni Connection website –

“I think it’s an amazing website. It was a great idea to start such a website that can bring the community together. I was reading the messages in the Pattni Connection Guestbook that people had posted about me. All I can say is that I had tears in my eyes, because I had no idea that apart from my immediate family, I had the entire Pattni Samaj supporting me like a family. I had no idea that I had made so many people proud.  I think more than anything else in the world, this is an achievement that will remain with me for my lifetime.


I cannot express in words how much my family and I are grateful to each and every one of you. And with this kind of love and support and the hard work I am putting into my singing, very soon I'll reach the top. Please keep sending me your blessings.


My message/wishes to the Parajiya Pattni community - I wish all of us Parajiya Pattnis can connect and interact with each other through this website, and stay like a family.”



Coverage of the Indian Idol contestant, Bhavin Dhanak in our website

Jai Mataji

 Bhavin in Wild Card entry – Indian Idol

 Thanks to the support by all, Bhavin Dhank managed to qualify to the third round in the Indian Idol. Unfortunately as Bhavin got lesser votes on the third song, he was unable to progress further and we all were extremely disappointed.

However with the blessings of Mataji and our community’s love and support, Bhavin might get one more last chance through the Wild Card entry! 

Bhavin will be singing a new number this Friday, 15th June. We’ll find out which two out of seven contestants will join these 11 through the wildcard round.


We all expect and wish Bhavin to be selected in this wildcard round. This Friday will be the final chance for Bhavin. The only way for Bhavin to be selected will to send maximum number SMS votes. So lets all get together and send as many SMS as possible. You can send SMS either by mobile or the landline.


Voting for Indian Idol will open at 9 p.m. on Friday and will close at 8 a.m. on Saturday morning. That means there will be eleven hours to send as many SMS as possible.


 Bhavin singing in the wildcard. Also watch Bhavin singing for his sister…..

Voting - Bhavin Eliminated - Bhavin is out of Indian Idol

The verdict will be up to the viewers. Bhavin’s destiny lies in the hand of the viewers. The contestant who gets the highest number of votes will be the 'Viewers choice Wild Card', while the second 'Wild Card' will be decided by the eminent judges. Its going to be a nail biting finish.

Lets make history.  Make Bhavin our first ever son of a Parajiya Soni, Bharat Ki Shan - Indian Idol


Pattni Connection

Supporting our first ever Parajiya Pattni Indian Idol contestant


Indian Idol - Bhavin Dhank in Quarter Finals

Maa Saraswati has blessed one Parajiya Soni youth Bhavin Bharatbhai Dhanak (grandson of Soni Jamnadas Prabhudas Dhanak of Chodvadi, India). He has been selected to participate in the famous programme – Indian Idol on Sony TV and has now entered the quarter final rounds. 

'Idols' singing contest has been a hugely popular worldwide phenomenon. Indian Idol, the hugely popular adaptation of the blockbuster Pop Idol format took the nation by storm in its very first season and followed that with an equally popular season 2.


This programme can be seen on the Sony TV from 1st June to 9th June at 9.00pm daily. And thereafter every Friday and Saturday at 9.00pm


Bhavin Dhanak is both talented and a versatile singer. We request all Parajiya Pattni members to watch this programme and listen to Bhavin Dhanak singing melodious numbers in his mesmerising voice.


Bhavin is getting good reviews from the judges. Judge Javed Akhtar said it was a good performance and gave him kudos! Alisha observed that the gals were going gaga over Bhavin and said that he sang it with great attitude and style! Udit Narayan also praised Bhavin for singing with such style and said that the clarity in his voice was awesome!


Bhavin Dhanak’s achievement is making us all proud. We request all to support and vote for Bhavin. Vote by SMS or by landline. You may vote as many times as you want. Cast your vote to support Bhavin Dhanak by sending SMS to number 3535.


Let’s support Bhavin to win this contest that will make us all PPPs - Proud Parajiya Pattnis


Thank You

Judges Comments on Bhavin’s peformance

Bhavin singing to qualify for the quarter-finals (Bhavin sings last in this video clip)

Bhavin qualifies for the quarter-finals

Bhavin singing in the quarter-finals