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Talented Khushaly and Anandi participated in Devagana Dance Ballet

at the Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan

Khushaly and Anandi were among a group of talented female artists who performed musical ballet with variety of cultural dances in their stunning traditional costumes.


The audience were enchanted by their performance. Their dedication and passion for the classical dance was evident in the energy they brought to their performances. Musical talent indeed runs in their family.


Usha: Khushaly’s mum, Usha is also a talented artist who sings raas garba every year at the community Navaratri. She used to sing garba previously at the Arya Samaj and now at the Mataji Temple in Cowley, Uxbridge.

Hiraben: Usha and Anandi’s mother, Hiraben is also a popular and prominent elder of our community. Whenever there are Satsungs, Bhajans or a religious event, Hiraben’s presence is always felt.


Khushaly and Anandi were encouraged to learn Indian classical dances at young age.

“Any opportunity where we can encourage children to stay in touch with their roots is good, whether it's through music, dance or taking part in community activities like playing garba or anything the children will feel connected with their culture” Usha told us when discussing about her sister and daughter. “We should be proud of our rich history and culture” said Usha, “encouraging is always a great tool to be successful with all students - especially kids”.

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About Devangana – Dance Ballet

by Anandi Pattni and Khushaly Pomal


The new Dance Ballet that we performed was called Devangana. The story of this Ballet is based on Somnath Temple.


The show was presented by Bharatya Vidya Bhavan. It was narrated in Hindi and English with spectacular dance performances. The show was for 1hr 50minutes and all the music was recorded in Mumbai, India. Both the musicians and the choreographers are very well known in India, and the performances were choreographed to the highest standards. The show was made up of many dancers that have been hand picked mostly for their talent in performing arts.


We toured throughout the UK between OCT08 and DEC08 and had been an outstanding success


Anandi Pattni and Khushaly Pomal

Courtsey: Article from the Asian Voice
Anandi is 3rd from left and Khushaly is 5th from left in the picture