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Our heart overflows with grateful thanks for the wonderful response that we received for our appeal to help a member of our community, Pradeepbhai Ratilal Pattni.



Jamnagar and Nairobi: Although we have not yet received any figures of the monies received, the Samaj committees have pledged to help as much as possible.


Pradeepbhai has already received Rs 25,000 sent directly to him by some members. Few more members have also contacted Pradeepbhai and pledged to help.


Important Note: Please do not send money to Delhi
Pradeepbhai has now moved out of Delhi and is now making his way to Gujarat. Members are requested not to send money at his old Delhi address. We request to send donations to our Samajs representatives. Details are posted on our website.


Time is running out. Help Save our Parajiya bhai - more help needed NOW..

We feel we havenít done nearly enough, but with your participation, we can do so much more. And, you can help us do more and have your donation go further by spreading the word in the community to make a DONATION.


Money collected is not enough to have a kidney transplant. The situation is getting very desperate.


Can our proud Parajiya Pattni community help us get donations for a needy member?

We hope we can count on you for a generous donation of any amount you can provide. Any help with donations will be greatly appreciated. A little from you today, when combined with donations from others, goes a long way to helping the charitable efforts we have in mind.


We thank you for your consideration and generosity.


A very big thank you for all your love, encouragement and support given to Pradeepbhai. God bless you for your generosity.


Pran C. Arjan Dhanak


- History in the Making -

Parajiya Pattni Samajs unite in action to help a Parajiya Bhai

Pattni Samajs has swung into concerted action to help one of our Pattni members at the hour of need. After posting an appeal on the Pattni Connection website we contacted all the Samaj committees and requested to join forces. This prompted Samajís committees to act to start a worldwide appeal fund to help Pradeepbhai Ratilal Pattni.

For the past two and a half years Pradeepbhai Ratilal Pattni, residing in Delhi had been sick with one or other major problems owing to diabetes for past 27 years and recently in October 2008 both his kidneys failed him as well as October 2007 he had lost his eye sight in spite of several operations. Pradeepbhai was in a well paid employment and had made substantial savings for rainy day but that all got wiped out paying for his medical expenses.


Pattni Samajs in India do run Medical and Education funds but is on a local level as we never had the facility of the internet or a website. Pattni Connection now becoming a successful website, this is the first time ever that our community is handling such a case on a global level. It has taken some time to set up the infra-structure to coordinate the appeal but now our Samaj committees are ready to start.

Rather than sending funds individually, the plan is to have collection centers and have one common channel in each country where Pattni members reside. This will enable us to collect and remit funds in one lump sum thus reducing bank charges and currency conversion expenses. Each center will operate a bank account exclusively dedicated to collect funds. This will enable members to send cheques or deposit money directly to these accounts and will be easier to monitor the appeal.

The Samaj committees have nominated one of their members to coordinate the collection of funds:
Kenya - Pattni Brotherhood, Nairobi - Bhaskerbhai Narotambhai Dhanak, Hon secretary.
UAE - Parajiya Soni Samaj - Dilipbhai Harjivan Jagda, Hon. Asst Treasurer
India - Jamanagar Soni Samaj - Kantibhai Amarshibhai Ghaghda, President
India Federation - Parajiya Soni Gnati Federation of 25 Samajs - Dhirajlal Gandalal Dhakan, President
UK - Hasmukhlal Bhimji Dhanak (past PPA National and London Region) has come forward to offer his services to coordinate appeal fund in the UK.

We are expecting more Samajs to join soon. More volunteers from other countries are needed where we do not have an established Samaj, especially the USA, Canada, Bahrain, Australia, Mauritius, etc., to collect funds. There are many members who desire to do something for the community, work as volunteer and want to serve our community. Well, here is a chance to do something beneficial for our community.

Jamnagar Samaj
Jamnagar Samaj already have a bank account to help such needy members. Now they plan to publish the appeal in their monthly publication, Parajiya Prakash. Members are requested to send or deposit their donation in the bank account from any of connecting branch of the bank. Details of the account number, etc., are posted on our website. In India, bank charges are levied on any remittance up to Rs. 25,000, however Jamnagar Samaj has agreed to borne any bank charges. So all your funds sent will be fully utilized.

Kantibhai Ghaghada, President of Jamnagar Samaj has already contacted Pradeepbhai in Delhi and has pledged to send money for his immediate medical expenses. He also advised Pradeepbhai to move to Gujarat where the medical expenses are much cheaper than in costly Delhi. Pradeepbhai has already arranged to move out from Delhi on 26th March.

Parajiya Soni Gnati Federation
The Federation has undertaken to help Pradeepbhaiís children towards their education from their Education fund. This fund was launched two years ago to help needy Pattni children. Education fund is one of the success stories in our community. The Federation has done a wonderful job in helping many Pattni students. Such students who has benefited from this fund, although not obliged to repay, after completing their studies and finding a good job repay these donations and not only that, they themselves in return make further donation to help other students. This is how a Samaj should work and this is how our Federation is working. We shall discuss more about Federationís activities in our future circulars.

Ways to donate
Information, contact addresses, bank account details, etc., are posted on the Pattni Connection website. In response to our last circular, several members from UK, USA, Canada and Kenya have already contacted us pledged generously.

Dear members please join and give your contribution in saving life of our Pattni member. To save a life is an endeavor most of us hold but hardly get an opportunity to do so. Saving lives in need is a noble cause which each one of us should contribute towards.

Pradeepbhai is lying on the hospital bed surrounded by his grief stricken wife and two young children. Talking about his wife, what better sacrifice can she make than to give her own body part, her own kidney to save her husbandís life.

There is a Gujarati proverb Ė tipe tipe sarovar bharai. Every penny counts. We are requesting each and every one of you to come forward and donate towards this worthy cause, keeping in mind that your contribution (however small it might be) will go a long way in his treatment and saving one Parajiya life. All the funds will go towards Pradeepbhai medical necessities.

Please spread the word and send your contributions to any one of the nominated members in your region or else send it directly to the Jamanagar Samaj who will convert all funds in Indian Rupees.

Remember there is no more noble cause than to save a life! Give generously today!

Jamnagar Samaj Bank Details
Cheque payable to
Shri Samasta Parajiya Soni Kelavani Mandal, Jamnagar
A/C No. 325010100026840
Bank of India, Ranjit Road,
, 361 001
Gujarat, India
Community members residing in India can deposit from any of the Bank of India branches quoting above account numbers and name. Remittances from other bank can be done through RTGS and NEFT system where Bank of India, Jamnagar Branch Code No. BKID0003250 is to be mentioned.

UAE Soni Samaj - please contact
Mr Dilipbhai H. Jagada - Hon. Asst Treasurer
M/S Nirali & Mickey Diamond & Jewellery LLC
Behind Shattaf Jewellery
Mohd Hamad Al Haidan Bldg., Shop No 9
Tel: 00971 50 6327014

Nairobi Pattni Brotherhood - please contact
Bhasker Narotam Pattni, Secretary
P.O. Box 33649-00600
Tel; +254 20 3742564 Off.   +254 722 519335 Mob      +254 733 737771 Mob

Please make cheques payable to:
Hasmukhlal Bhimji Pattni
Address: 45 The Chase, Stanmore, Middlesex. HA7 3RS
He has opened a new account especially for this appeal.
Bank Account Details
Account Name:            Hasmukhlal Bhimji Pattni
Account Bank: ICICI Bank UK
Account No:                 75982039
Sort Code:                   30-01-29
Bank Address:             Wembley Branch, Middlesex HA0 4BA

Members are requested, if possible, to go to their local ICICI branch and deposit donation directly in the above bank or at any branches located at:  

Birmingham    Coventry   East Ham    Harrow    Knightsbridge    Leeds   Leicester    Manchester   Slough   Southall   Wembley

Click for branch address

Pran C. Arjan Dhanak

Urgent and a Heartfelt appeal for financial help from a Pattni member

Please read the following e-mail from Pradeepbhai Ratilal Jivanbhai Mulji Pattni

Dear Pranbhai,

For the past two and a half years I had been sick with one or other major problems owing to diabetes for past 27 years and recently in October 2008 both my kidneys failed me as well as October 2007 I had lost my eye sight in spite of several operations.

I was working in a private company and the company did not have any employment medical policy nor gratuity or provident fund facilities. Whatever little savings I personally had I have ulitised on my medications which is now being exhausted.


Through your medium I would like to appeal for a donation for meeting my medical expenses as my son has one and a half year to go with his college and my daughter is in the final year of her high school if any Parajiya bhai / ben can contribute through you so that at least my medical expense can be looked after. I can send all my medical reports to any charitable trust that can donate for the cause of my treatment.


I humbly request with folded hands for the above appeal.

Contact no. +91-9971469969 / +91-9818609028.    e-mail -


From Editor
Honest Pattni member in need of urgent help from caring Parajiya Pattnis.

It is in our nature not to ask for assistance unless itís absolutely desperate. Parajiya Pattni will always be embarrassed when asking for assistance even in time of need. It is only when the situation becomes desperate and hapless that the person doesnít have the choice but to ask.

Being an ex-Pemba resident, Pradeepbhai is well known in our community. He is also featured the Prominent Pattni Profile Section in our website.
Profile Ė Pradeepbhai Ratilal Pattni

ife is inherently unpredictable and fraught with financial peril. No one can predict the future. Our Parajiya member is in trouble. So please do whatever you can. Phool nahi to phool ni pakhdi - something is better than nothing.