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Harshadbhai Visit to London

July / Aug 2019

Report by Mayur Bhupesh Rana

Grandson of Harshadbhai Rana

Meeting with the Pattni Connection webmaster
Harshadbhai Rana, trustee of Pattni Brotherhood held a meeting with Pranlal C Arjan Dhanak, Pattni Connection webmaster in London.

They exchanged views on the website and the P C Advisory Panel. Harshadbhai reiterated that our community is lucky to have a global website like Pattni Connection. It is vital that this website flourish for the development of our community.


Harshadbhai apprecitated the selfless service given by Mr Pranlal for a long time.


Harshadbhai at the PPA London AGM

Harshadbhai attended the PPA London AGM  last Sunday, 4th August 2019.

Meeting with the PC Advisory Panel Chairman

He met Bharatbhai Narshidas Ghaghada, Chairman of PC Advisory Panel who also attended the meeting. They exchanged views on the progress of the website and stresseed to support our newly appointed webmaster  Dharmesh Mahesh Pattni.


Meeting with the PPA London Committee

Harshadbhai Rana attended the AGM and met the outgoing President Chetnaben and the secretary Vasuben.

He stressed the importance of London to join the main stream for the betterment of the PPA London Region. Harshadbhai discussed about the future planning for our community in all fields.


Harshadbhai left meeting early due to other commitments after taking few photos.


Dharmesh Mahesh Pattni
Asst Webmaster - Pattni Connection

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