The importance of a healthy and varied diet

A good diet is important for good health. A healthy and varied diet can help to maintain a healthy body weight, enhance general wellbeing and reduce the risk of a number of diseases including heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes and osteoporosis.


So, You Think You’re Vegetarian?


 Those numbers in the list of ingredients you never understood may have a meaning you won’t like if you’re vegetarian


What is a Vegetarian?


A vegetarian is someone who does not eat meat, poultry, fish and who also avoids slaughterhouse by-products such as gelatin, animal fats, rennet, etc.,

Among the many reasons for being a vegetarian are health, ecological, and religious concerns, dislike of meat, compassion for animals, belief in non-violence, and economics.


Forget the French fries in beef tallow;( read our Open Forum on Mcdonald Fries)  the controversy about additives sourced from animal sources goes beyond multinationals, down to the toothpaste you brush with and the flour that goes into your hitherto vegetarian chapatis.

Vegetarian fact sheet was compiled by Mr Kapil Dudakia of HFB- Hindu Forum of Britain, We hope you will it find it useful. So if you consider yourself a vegetarian, you will find this fact sheet very interesting


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If you consider yourself a vegetarian, you will find this fact sheet very interesting

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Following comments were received after reading the above Fact Sheet:-

“Shuddha” in  South Africa

                                                                        By Prabhudas Damji Pattni

                                                                                     Nairobi. Kenya


I am writing specially to tell you that the Hindus of South Africa have come up with an idea that whatever is suitable for the pure vegetarian should be marked as such.  They have come up with the symbol of lotus with the word "Shuddha" (PURE).  This symbol has been accepted by all the food manufacturers and such foods are marked very clearly.


This is also a selling point for them.  Could you not take this up with the Hindu Forum and ask them to put the same sort of pressure on the manufacturers to put this mark on the veg foods?  This is the same way that the Jews mark their food KOSHER and the Muslims HALAL.  In fact, we should create a movement leading to this type of recognition and the South Africans have already set a precedent.  If such a movement comes from the western country, it will carry a lot of weight and our Indian manufacturers will also start putting this symbol on the right foods.


Please do take this up.


Yours Sincerely


"Absolute Vege". 

                                                          Kanchan Zala

                                               (Daughter of Late Shree Gopalji Rachodbhai)
                                                                                              Toronto. Canada

Interesting Info.  In present day and age, one cannot be an "absolute vege".  You cannot live by suspecting everything that you put into your mouth whether it is pure veg or not.  I stay away from meat and by products as much as possible.  For nutritional purposes I prefer to make my own food so that I stay away from preservatives and unnecessary chemicals, sugars and salt. I stay away from ready made packaged products. You cannot trust the labels that companies put on their packaging. Companies can change the ingredients intentionally or un-intentionally after it is certified.  And the certification process is another thing.  You can pay somebody to certify a product line. 


On occasions I will eat outside at restaurants and my friend’s house and then I do not question everything as long as it is vege. I do not like pizza but I will have a piece if I have no other choice when I am at someone's house.


I fed my Mom jello in her last few days because that's all she could have.  I don't think that affected her spirituality. It was a necessity.  And where so you draw the line? She was diabetic and taking Insulin! Now that's an animal derivative.  And so are some thyroid medications.  And we take so many vitamins and over the counter drugs and herbal products that may contain animal derivative.  In Mombasa I remember cod-liver oil was very popular for giving you strength and a lot of our Gujjus were taking it.


And yogurt is another thing. Yogurt is full of live bacteria.  We take ‘panchaamrat’ at our religious ceremonies. Now this contains yogurt. Janmashtami is coming up and  "Kanane makhana bhave re..."  Where do you draw the line?