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Kenya Election 2007

Nearly 2,600 candidates will battle for the 210 parliamentary seats in the December 27 General Election, according to figures released by the Electoral Commission Wednesday.


        Mr. Kamlesh Pattni
KENDA Presidential Candidate

The party with the highest number of parliamentary candidates is the Orange Democratic Movement (190), whose presidential candidate is Mr Raila Odinga.  It’s followed by Kenda, which is led by businessman Kamlesh Pattni, with 170, while President Kibaki’s Party of National Unity (PNU) is third, with 135.

The 2,548 candidates cleared by the Electoral Commission of Kenya (ECK) to vie for parliamentary seats is the highest number ever. In Nyanza, a single parliamentary seat has attracted more than 30 candidates.

In Westlands, there will be a repeat of the epic 1997 battle between outgoing MP Fred Gumo, of ODM, and his perennial challenger, Ms Betty Tett, of PNU. Also in the ring is Kenda chairman and a businessman Kamlesh Pattni.

Kamlesh Pattni in an election rally

Focus on the election preparations for PNU party and the re-election of President Kibaki. Brief coverage on KENDA party chairman Kamlesh ...Kamlesh Pattni rally in Kangemi. Also in the clip, interview of Raila Odinga interview. Mwai Kibaki Raila Odinga Kalonzo Musyoka Kenya Elections 2007 Politics  - Courtsey: KBC, Nation, Standard

Anaheim homicides

Orange County, USA

 Funeral Details    OC News

Dhanak Murders – Murtaza detained
Latest photos - Photos

Former Muslim boyfriend, Iftekhar Murtaza, aged 22 of the surviving daughter arrested in Phoenix airport carrying a one-way ticket to Bangladesh.


Iftekhar Murtaza of Los Angeles was taken into custody over the weekend on a fugitive warrant in Arizona after investigators learned he was planning to leave the United States.

Mother Leela Dhanak beaten unconscious, daughter Karishma Dhanak found dead with father Jayprakash  Dhanak


Leela Dhanak, 53, was found savagely beaten, lay unconscious on a neighbor's lawn, outside her burning Anaheim Hills home Monday night.
The remains of Karishma Dhanak, 20, were found in Irvine on a trail along with a charred body that wasn't immediately identified. Investigators said it could be the daughter's missing father, Jayprakash Dhanak.


In aftermath of brutal Anaheim attack, police seek clues from public, monitor mother and surviving daughter. Police are concerned for the safety of the surviving Dhanaks and are monitoring them 24 hours a day.


The charred bodies of her husband, Jayprakash Dhanak, 56, and daughter Karishma Dhanak, 20, were discovered Tuesday morning near a bike trail in Irvine – five hours after Leela Dhanak was found beaten outside the family's burning home at 6192 E. Camino Correr in Anaheim Hills.


Do you know the family and can help the police?


Anaheim police are asking anyone who saw something or knows anything about the crime or family to call the hot line at 714-765-1944.


Further reading -  LA Times and Orange County Register

Parajiya Prakash – November 2006 
Navratri in Veraval

Navratri festival was celebrated from Aso Sud Padvo, 23rd September to Aso Sud Dasam, 2nd October 2006 in Veraval, a town with picturesque harbour and beautiful beaches. Smt Prabhaben Popatlal Sagar sponsored all prizes and Shree Bhaskarbhai Devjibhai Sagar most generously agreed to undertake all refreshments and food expenses. Efforts by Shri Sureshbhai Kanjibhai Rathod who efficiently supervised the whole function were appreciated by the members.


President Shri Lakhubhai Sagar, Vice President Shri Pradeepbhai Chokshi with their committee team Shri Sureshbhai Rathod, Rajubhai Vrajlal, Mansukhbhai Sagar, Girishbhai Jagjivanbhai Patt, Bharatbhai Girdharbhai Katira, Bharatbhai Bhatt etc., took an active part and encouraged members to participate in the Navratri function.


The real credit goes to The Ladies Club!! Ladies Club also held an election where Smt. Umaben Mansukhbhai Sagar as the Club president and Smt. Ritaben Rajubhai Rathod as the Vice President, were unanimously elected. 

(Report by Kishorchandra Nathalal Dhakan, Veraval)


Navchandi Yagna in Ranavav (Bhesan)

Shree Hingraj Rajvi Parajiya Soni Gnati, Ranpur Sorath (Bhesan) organised a Shri Hingraj Mataji Navchandi Yagna and Sneh Milan Samaroh on Friday 3rd November 2006. Pattni members from all surrounding villages and districts attended this function in large numbers. The Sneh Milan took place at 8.00a.m. and was followed by the Yagna at 4.00p.m. All members then had samuh bhojan  (Prashad) together. The function ended successfully with members wishing each other a happy Nutan Varsha Abhinandan.

- by Ramniklal V. Challa, Ranvav (Sorath)


Shri Parajiya Pattni Soni – Sagar Family Surapura Dada Rock Memorial

Sagar family members of the family lineage of Surapura Dada of Shri Kana Apa Kherajapa celebrated the completion of their family temple for their Dada at Jargali (Girgatka – Una Road ). Puja and prayers were held on the auspicious day of Labh Pacham on 27th October 2006. Yagna was performed by three Sagar family couples as yujmans by the priest Shastree Shri Mansukhbhai Bhatt (Manudada) from Rajkot. He was supported with the Vedic chanting by Gor Maha Rajshri of Babra and Jargali. With the blessings from Surapura Dada and in divine atmosphere, the ceremony was concluded with arti, mantra pushpanjali and prayers.

- by Ashwinbhai Rasikbhai Sagar, Savakundla.


Death Announcements

Jamkhambhalia : Shri Chhotalal Shamjibhai Vaya of Bara, aged 72, father of Bhaskarbhai and Sanjaybhai sadly passed away on 17th October 2006

Jamnagar : Shri Pradeepbhai  aged 51, son of  Late Shri Karsanbhai Tulshidas Ghaghada, and brother of Jamnagar Committee member Shri Navalbhai, sadly passed away on 16th October 2006

Jamnagar : Hemkuwarben aged 74, wife of Late Shri Purshottambhai Tulshidas Ghaghada, mother of Dhirajlal and Prafulbhai of Devariya sadly passed away on 23rd October 2006

Ranavav : Shri Dhirajlal Bhagwanjibhai Jagda, aged 77,  elder relative of Jamanagar committee member Shri Dhansukhbhai Bhagwanjibhai Jagda and father of Ajaybhai Jagda sadly passed away on 21st October 2006


Ranavav : Revaben Bhagwanjibhai Jagda, aged 92, mother of Shri Dhirajlal and Shri Dhansukhbhai Bhagwanjibhai Jagda (Jamnagar committee member) and grandmother of Ajaybhai sadly passed away on 24th October 2006


Dhari: Jasiben Damubhai Suru aged 75, sister of Pratapbhai Katharbhai Sagar and wife of Late Shri Damubhai Jamnadas Suru, sadly passed away on 25th October 2006


Jamnagar : Vrajlal Nathalal Vaya, aged 68, originally of Jam Jodhpur, father of Shri Yogeshbhai (Bansi Jewellers) and Dipubhai, sadly passed away on 28th October 2006


Surat : Varshaben Anantrai Dhorda, aged 50, wife of Shri Anantrai Champrajbhai Dhorda of Moti Monpar and daughter of Shri Naranbhai Vallabhbhai Dhanak of Nagpur, sadly passed way on 28th October 2006.

Pattni members given shabby treatment at Baroda Navratri

Two Pattni couples, one from S. Africa and the other from U.K. were upset and angry about the shabby treatment given by the officials in Vadodara, Gujarat  Navartri

Treatment meted out by the officials to Parajiya Pattni tourists  - Meera and Mukesh Valjee from Durban and Palvi and Yatish Ramjee from London made newspaper headlines in the city of Vadodara.

Mukesh Valjee

Mukesh, a successful businessman in Durban, had planned to take photographs of this Garba event for our Pattni Connection website to encourage others to visit such festival in the future. However the family came back home with bitter experience.


Three years ago, Chief Minister of Gujarat, Shri Narendra Modi sent out invitations to all NRI Gujaratis to the Navratri celebrations - the longest dance festival in the world. With a view to facilitating overseas guests enjoy the Navratri festival and at the same time, to experience the spirit of enterprise of our state, the Government of Gujarat has organised 'Vibrant Gujarat: Global Investors' Summit.


However though Vibrant Gujarat was kicked off amist much pomp, after three years it has not been able to attract interest amongst tourists. If tourists are given such a rude way and been shabbily treated by these arrogant officials, non resident Gujaratis will think twice before attending such festivals in the future.


This matter will be reported to the Indian High Commission. We also intend to contact the Chief Minister, Shri Narendra Modi for his response.

Parajiya Prakash - August 2006 Issue

Engagement Announcement

Nalinkumar - Bina in Jam Jodhpur

Nalinkumar, son of Shree Mansukhlal Jerambhai Vaya got engaged to Bina, daughter of Shree Natwarlal Pragjibhai Ghaghada of Jam Jodpur on Sunday, 30th July 2006


Wedding Announcement
Hareshkumar, son of Shree Pranlal Waljibhai Sagar of Dhudshia got married to Jyoti, daughter of Shree Narendrakumar Amratlal Dhanak of Kodinar.

Shraadha Bhakti by Lalpur Dhanak family


Late Shree Bhanjibhai Meghji Dhanak, originally of Lalpur (Jamnagar) was a faithful devotee of  kurdevi - Vageshwari Mataji.


On 12th October 1973, Late Bhanjibhai along with his entire family had performed the Pran-pratishta  (religious rites whereby a priest generally infuses Life into the idols by means of mantras) of Vageshwari Mataji murti and performed Havan at Dwarka Soni Wadi. This idol is still in place in the temple at the wadi. Bhanji ada devoted his later life in doing seva (service) to Mataji with devotion.


After his demise, his family continued serving and supporting this temple. On the 17th February 2002, Late Bhanjibhai’s grandson Natubhai Morarjibhai Dhanak, financed the project to renovate the mandir by replacing the floor with new ceramic tiles. The mandir looked almost new with a coat of paint and other renovation work.


Natubhai visited again on the 17th July 2006. This time he brought brand new jewellery for the Mataji’s murti that included a gold chain with a pendant, a pair of gold bangles and a gold mugat (crown). A ceremony was performed to offer this jewellery to Mataji in the presence of the Dwarka Soni committee.


Secretary of the Soni Samaj, Shree Kantilal L. Dhakan, welcomed Natubhai by presenting a Kathiawadi head-shawl. The priest of the temple, Gor Manojkumar thanked for his generosity and gave his blessings of long and healthy life to the Narubhai’s family.


Natubhai also gave a donation of Rs1,011 to the Dwarka Soni Samaj and thanked the committee for their hospitality offered to him and his family.


Report by Mohanlal J. Challa, Dwarka, India

New books launched on the Parajiya Pattni history


Two books on the history of Parajiya Sonis written by Shree Sagarkumar Barot were launched at a celebration at the Monghiba Ashram in Shiyor on the auspicious day of Guru Purnima, 11th July 2006.

Book titles

1)       Parajiya Soni ni nari shakti

2)       Dharami veer Dhakan


The launching ceremony was officiated by Sant Shree Jinaram Bapu and was well attended by the Pattni members, many who came from Mumbai, Navsari, Rajkot, London and other towns and cities. There was also a good representation from Pattni ladies. Both books were published by Shree Doluram Dhakan and Shree Amubhai Dhakan of Rajkot. The books give detailed history with evidence of the last 1,500 years history of Parajiya Sonis.


Parajiya Prakash - July 2006 Issue


Engagement Announcements

Ashutosh – Vandana in Jasdan on 18-06-06

Ashutosh, son of Smt Kokilaben and Shree Himatlal Jivanbhai Vaya of Rajkot got engaged to Vandana, daughter of Smt Kundanben and Shree Pramodrai Naranbhai Thadeswar of Jasdan on Sunday, 18th June 2006


Ritesh – Bhavini in Nairobi, Kenya on 28th May 2006

Ritesh, son of Smt Kundanben and Shree Dhirajlal Damodar Dhanak of Nairobi got engaged to Bhavini, daughter of Smt Hemlataben and Shree Arvindbhai Pranjivanbhai Dubal on 28th May 2006


Lalitkumar – Reena in Jamnagar on 6th July 2006

Lalitkumar, son of Shree Pravinbhai Batukbhia Dhanak of Gadkada got engaged to Reena, daughter of Kantibhai Mamiyabhai Dhakan of Jamnagar on Thursday, 6th July 2006.


Wedding Announcements

Jitendra wed Yogita in Jam Khambhalia

Jitendra, son of Shree Maganlal Narshidas Katira got married to Yogita, daughter of Shree Natwarlal Makanji Vaya of Jamkhambhalia on Thursday 6th July 2006


Vinay wed Ashita in Jam Khambhalia

Vinay, son of Smt Vanitaben and Shree Arvindbhai Gordhandas Dhanak of Rajkot got married to Ashita, daughter of Smt Minaben and Shree Bhanulal Madhavji of Jamkhambhalia


Vipul wed Sangeeta

Vipul, son of Shree Prabhudas Jamnadas Ghaghada of Gir got married to Sangeeta, daughter of  Shree Ramjibhai Ranchodbhai Challa Soni of Jam Kalyanpur on Tuesday 27th June 2006.


Death Announcements

Shil – Shantaben, aged 60 years, wife of Shree Gordhandas Hansrajbhai Sagar sadly passed on Sunday 25th June 2006.


Mumbai – Hansaben, aged 53 years, mother of  Shree Jayeshbhai, Sachinbhai and Vipulbhai sadly passed away on Monday, 26th June 2006.


Parajiya Prakash – June 2006 Issue

Sad loss of a young Pattni youth with a promising future


Our Pattni community were sad to hear the news of Paathik, aged 25 years son of Shree Ashokbhai Dhanak of Bhavnagar who passed away at a very tender age after a short illness on 18th May 2006.


Shree Ashokbhai Dhanak is well known in Gujarat Pattni community for his services as a Trustee of Bhavnagar Soni Samaj and also as a committee member of the Pattni Federation.  Shree Ashokbhai is one of the major donor at every Samuh Lagna in Una where he undertakes to pay for all the wedding invitation card and would also help selflessly as a volunteer with ‘tan, man ane dhan’ at all Samaj function.


The federation committee members highly appreciated the efforts of Late Paathik and other youths in helping to organise the last meeting of the Federation in Bhavnagar.


The committee members of the Federation and the Jamnagar Kelwani Mandal wish to share the grief of Shree Ashokbhai and his family. May God rest his soul in eternal Peace.


Editor’s Note:- The death of a child is an enormous tragedy. The despair and pain that follow a child’s death is thought by many to exceed all other bereavement experiences. The death of a child is always untimely and encompasses the loss of a beloved child and the loss of the anticipated future together. We are indeed sad to hear news of Paathik and wish to take this opportunity to share the grief and offer our sympathies and condolences to the bereaved family – Editor, Pattni Connection


Death Announcements
Kodinar:- Shree Jagdishbhai Jamnadas Sagar, aged 53 years sadly passed away on 18th May 2006 in Munbai

Leicester, U.K.:- Devkuvaben (Benaben) d/o of Late Dayabhai Narshibhai Challa of Mombasa sadly passed away on 23rd May 2006.


Rajkot:- Pravinaben, aged 40 years d/o Shree Madhavjibhai Meghjibhai Ghaghda of Rajkot, (Originally of Jamkhambhalia)  sadly passed away on 10th May 2006


Rajkot:- Shree Narshibhai Shamjibhai Ghaghda, aged 65 years of Rajkot (originally from Khambhalia) Shree Morarjibhai and Shree Amratlal’s nephew, sadly passed away on 27th May 2006.


Veraval:- Dhaniben aged 37 years,  wife of Shree Kiritbhai Jethabhai Sagar, mother of Sumit and Krishna, sadly passed away on 29th May 2006.


Rajkot:- Kamlaben Babubhai Satikuvar, aged 76 years, mother of Shree Natubhai and Shree Pravinbhai Satikuvar of Rajkot (originally from Anandpur) sadly passed away on 31st May 2006


May God rest the departed souls in Peace.


Parajiya Prakash Magazine – New E-Mail Address
We are pleased to inform the members of our community that we have acquired a new e-mail address –


The Gnati Federation – New e-mail address

We are pleased to inform the members of our community that we have acquired a new e-mail address – This e-mail was acquired with the aim of communicating with the Government offices and our Parajiya community members around the world. We hope that it will bring closer and unite all Pattni members around the world. We hope that, thanks to the advanced technology of the internet, members will take full advantage of our e-mail facility to contact us
-The Committee
Shri Akhil Bharatiya Parajiya Soni Gnati Federation

Major Donation
Shree Ratilal Baubhai Rathod of Sharjah (originally from Una) generously donated a sum of Rs 25,111 to Parajiya Prakash Maintainence Fund


Members are requested to send their subscription by cash/money order directly to us or pay our appointed representatives. We wish to inform that instead of  paying yearly subscription to pay Rs 351 and become life members.

Engagement Announcements

Nikhil, son of Shree Sureshbhai Dhirajlal Maganlal Dhakan of Savarkundla got engaged to Madhavi, daoughter of Shree Dineshbhai Naginbhai Vallebhadas Satikuvar on Sunday, 7th May 2006-06-23


Chandresh, son of Shree Rasikbhai Laljibhia Dhanak of Bhanvad got engaged to Payal, daughter of Late Shree Prabhudas Bhurabhai of Lalpur (originally from Jetpur)


Wedding Announcements
Ajitkumar, son of Shree Vrajlal Pitambar Vaya wed Arti, daughter of Shree Bhupatbhai Gordhandas Dhakan on Thursday 11th May 2006 in Ranpur, Gujarat

Parajiya Prakash

E- Mail address –   Website –

Below are news extracts from Parajiya Prakash, the monthly Gujarati newsletter produced by the Jamnagar Pattni Samaj.


May 2006 issue

Akhil Bhartiya Swarnkar Sangh ( All India Federation of Jewellers) Conference

A conference was organised by the Jewellers federation in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India on Sunday the 23th April 2006. Shree Prabhudas Jadia welcomed all the guests at Shrimali Soni Boarding house, near Commerce College and Saint Zaviers College. The agenda of the conference was to encourage and develop jewellery business skills of our members from villages and cities so that they can progress in Jewellery trade. This gathering was also to show the unity amongst the members and to help in our children’s education to become entrepreneurs that will benefit their families and also our Samaj. Discussion were also held about how members can participate in the new information technology.

For further information and for any legal advice and assistance, please contact

Shree Prabhudas Jadia.

Or H.M. Soni (retired Justice Gooj High Court)
Akhil Bhartiya Swarnkar Sangh
H.O. 957, Maltwara, Delhi - 110006


Shree Samast Parajiya Pattni Soni Gnati Samaj – Surat

Mataji Havan was organised on 23rd April 2006. The Havan was a huge success with many invited guests, Samaj members and donors attending the function.


VIP visitors.
The following members recently visited our Jamnagar office:

Shree Dineshbhai Gordhandas Ghaghada – Dwarka

Shree Kantibhai Madhavjibhai Vaya – Prabhash Patan

Shree Pravinbhai Bhanjibhai Challa – Jetpur


Engagement Announcements

Yogita, daughter of Shree Natwarlal Makanji Vaya of Jam Khambhalia got engaged to Jitendra, son of Shree Maganlal Narshibhai Katira of Bhagedi on Sunday 30th April 2006

Sanjay, son of  Shree Rameshchandra Kanjibhai Safar of Veraval (originally from Sutrapada) got engaged to Sonal, daughter of Shree Vinodbhai Kanjibhai Satikuwar of Mithapur (originally from Dwarka) on Sunday 16th April 2006


Shyam, son of Smt Manjulaben Kanakrai Gordhandas Ghaghda of Jamnagar (originally from Karana Devaria) got engaged to Nidhi, daughter of Smt Rupaben and Shree Jitendra Hiralal Dhakan of Rajkot (originally from Amareli) on Sunday, 9th April 2006


Umesh, son of Smt Ramaben and Shree Bhikubhai Vallabhdas Katira of Porbander got engaged to Swati, daughter of Smt. Maltiben and Shree Mansukhbhai Bhimjibhai Patt of Mithapur on Sunday 2nd April 2006

Death Announcements

Amareli – Shree Jitendra Balubhai Dhanak, aged 32 years, son in law of Late Devraj Chauhan Dhorda sadly passed away in Surat on 29th April 2006

Mombasa, Kenya – Shree Prabhudas Gordhandas Visaman Thadeswar, sadly passed away on 29th April 2006


Bagasara – Shree Bachubhai Desabhai Dhakan, aged 75 yrs. (originally from Hariyad) sadly passed on 30th April 2006


Mangror – Shree Pravinkumar Satikuwar, aged 40 yrs, son of Shree Ratilal Girdharlal sadly passed away on 28th April 2006-05-27


Badhada – Shree Babubhai Vithaldas Vaya, aged 60, elder brother of Shantibhai and Late Shree Himatlal sadly passed away on Wednesday 8th March 2006.

May God rest their souls in eternal peace


Below are news extracts from Parajiya Prakash, the monthly magazine in Gujarati produced by the Jamnagar Pattni Samaj. This is the first time ever that Gujarati Pattni newsletters published in India will now be translated in English and read by Pattnis all over the world.

April 2006 issue

Inauguration of the New Office and Mohanbhai Hall in Mahua, Gujarat, India

Parajiya Pattni members in Mahua attended the Opening ceremony of the New Office and Mohanbhai Hall in Mahua on 5th March 2006.

Religious ceremony and the Navchandi Yagna were organised to celebrate the opening. Ten Pattni couples were invited from various villages to perform the rituals. Havan according to the Vastu shastra was performed by Shree Amratlal Satikuvar, the principal donor for the building.

An evening of Bhajans and folk songs by Shree Keramanbhai Gadhavi and Kishanlal Devmurari was organised the committee.


The Mohanbhai Hall was inaugurated the following day, 6th March at 10am by Shree Amratlal Mohanlal Satikuvar by lighting a diva and formally donating the hall to the Pattni community.

It is a very large hall with a sitting capacity of 1000 with a beautiful large stage. The property also has a separate make up rooms for bride and grooms, a separate smaller hall and a Mataji Mandir.  This hall will now become the largest hall in Mahua town.


President Hardasbhai Sagar thanked the main donor Shree Amratlbhai for his contribution. He also thanked all the trustees and the property committee for their hard work to organise this opening ceremony. Some of the committee members are Bhaskerbhai Narotambhai Dhorda, Mahendrabhai Satikuvar, Anubhai Satikuvar, Jitubhai Satikuvar, Chimanbhai Suru and  Chetanbhai Dhorda.  This function was compered by Shree Bhaskarbhai Narotambhai Dhorda and from the Yuva youths by Mehul Tansukhbhai Satikuvar.


Everyone had ‘samuh’ bhojan – lunch before concluding the ceremony


Application for Scholarships

Jamnagar Samaj runs scholarships for the bright Pattni students to help them in their further studies.
Those wishing to apply for student grants and scholarships should submit their application form with a copy of their last exam results by 30th July 2006.


Medical Assistance

Jamnagar Samaj also provides financial assistance for the medical treatment to the needy. Members are requested to submit their requirements by completing our original application forms. Please note that we do not accept photo copied applications. The original application forms can be obtained from the Samaj Office.


Wedding Announcements
Chetna, daughter of Shree Chandulal Umarshibhai Vaya of Haripar (Baradi ) married Nileshkumar, son of Shree Narotambhai Harjibhai Ghaghda of Bhatia ( Baradi ) on 17-11-2005 in Jam Kalyanpur.

Gopal, son of Smt Ansuyaben and Shree Anilbhai Bhimjibhai Dhakan of Parabavadi married  Rajeshree, daughter of Smt Manjulalben and Shree Mansukhbhai Sagar of Sil on 20-2-2006


Bharatkumar, son of Smt Sarojben and Shree Kishorbhai Vithalbhai Dhakan of Savakundla married  Tejal, daughter of Smt Manjulaben and Shree Dhirajlal Ramjibhai Dhorda of Jetpur on 2-3-2006.

VIP visitors
The following members recently visited our Jamnagar office:

Shree Shankarlal Alalkhrai Sahera – Jamnagar

Shree Odhavjibhai Purshottambhai Ghaghda – Nairobi

Shree Sureshbhai Dharamshibhai Ghaghda – Jam Khambhalia

Death Announcements

Kodinar – Ambaben Nathalal Satikuvar, aged 75, mother of Late Vinubhai and Jayendrabhai sadly passed away on 12-3-2006


Ranavav – Hiteshkumar (of Prashant Jewellers) Ramniklal Gordhandas Vaya, aged 26 sadly passed away on 12-3-2006


London – Kantaben Chhaganbhai Arjan Dhanak, aged 76, mother of Pranlal Chhaganlal Dhanak (editor/hostmaster of Pattni Connection website) sadly passed away on 19-3-2006


Rajkot – Harilal, son of Late Jamnadas Haribhai Ghaghda of Kutiyana, brother of Anilbhai of Dubai, aged 56, sadly passed away on 5-4-2006