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Humanitarian Mission by Pattni members

Bhaskarbhai Devji (Bahrain) and Naginbhai Jagada (USA) are on their way to India to join Vinoobhai Jagada in Rajkot to set up a mega homeopathic camp.


Naginbhai message:


To all our Dear Parajiya Pattni Gnati brothers and sisters:


It is with great pleasure, that we announce a monthly mega homeopathic camp. This is sponsored by Bhaskar Devji (Bahrain), Naginbhai Jagada (USA) and Vinoo Jagada in Rajkot for one year.


The camp will be led by the well known and experienced homeopathic Dr. N. J. Meghani. He will provide consultation and prescribe medications, which will be given free to all the needy. For more information, please contact Bharat Jagada Tel. no. 97371-20385.

Profile - Naginbhai Jagda - a great humanitarian

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