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We wish you a Happy New Year 2006!
A year of integration, transformation, and hope.
Goodbye 2005, welcome 2006

Jyotikar Pattni, London, U.K.
To fall in love is a divine experience of life
that is closest to God realisation or self realisation! 

The enduring love of life

The reality of life is life itself,

whose beginning is not in the womb and whose ending is not in the death but in love.
Love gives naught but itself and takes naught but from itself.
Love possesses not nor would

it be possessed for love is sufficient unto love itself and love endures infinitely......

Love gives beauty to life, love is the offspring of spiritual eternity, whose occurrence is a

sheer coincidence of delight just as the dawn and the dusk are to the enduring earth.

The heart beats to the rhythm of eternal delight when love conquers,

the song of the unspoken voice is sweet, pure and heavenly even.

It almost enables one to envision

the grand beauty of the soul divine in fearless ecstacy of sheer delight - "Satt-chidd-ananndam".

Life oh life! Let it be


Jyotikar Pattni, London

Time to bid goodbye to 2005. As the year slowly drifts away withering in time, all changes take place and at the twilight of the dusk of the new year's eve we enter into a new beginning, a new cycle, a renewed hope of light into the year 2006.

Let us store in our hearts those memories that have brought us happiness, inspirations, and beautiful thoughts in the passage of time. Let us conquer our heart's growing passion to love this magnificent beautiful mysterious nature that manifests to re-assure us of the Great Divine Spirit of Life. The rivers and the canals, lets us even wander in delight yet remain still to watch the twilight of the turning moment.

The bygone moments of 2005 have left each one us to soul search a more spiritual meaning to life. Most of us realise from our experiences that we all feed upon love. Love is the greatest nourishment our souls need.

Upon the brimming water, rift the beautiful divinity of the swans and their pure white wings fluttering, splashing, whooshing the mirth yet mysteriously shine in white spectrum in a grand moment in time, on still waters. Upon their clamorous magnificent wings manifests a divine brilliance unparalleled. Watching the swans is an exemplary delight.

 The brilliant white swans gracefully drifted away on the still waters and took a flight of delight. Two hearts meet in the moment of time to make one grand heart-beating companionship! The swans have flown away leaving us with a beautiful thought, a beautiful gift in time, a significant memory in time, an important lesson in time –

When we have just one true companion, all else matters not. Companionship is infinitely the greatest gift from God.

If we removed the disintegration and divisions caused by differences in caste, creed, cultures, colour, races, religions, nationalities, and backgrounds, there is a beautiful integration of universal humanity based on the wonderful universal love and compassion, self-respect, integrity and divinity.

It is time to address a new dawn, a new year, a new begining, a new hope, a new challenge, and a new light with renewed awareness and renewed broader transformation to remove the mythological perspectives and to re-unite the lost humanity. 

If 2005 taught us that life is too short and uncertain, then let us all together realise in togetherness, to deal with the project at hand - to make our homes fearless, to take just a few moments of our day at the dawn and the dusk to simply remain quiet without the fuss of haste, waste and noises and to meditate upon the glory of the beautiful orange hue of the sunrise and the sunset, to reflect upon our soul divine spirit of life. Let us take a few moments of our hectic day to nurture ourselves and to listen to our beloved ones. Let us resolve not to dwell on the past but at the same time let us try and reflect on the lessons of karma we learnt from the past and let us offer our prayers of peace all together to those departed spirits that they may rest in peace in the spiritual world. Our duty is not to change the ways of the whole world but to become the change that we expect from the world order and to light a candle of hope for the future generation children by becoming the light of many lights, by giving the light of compassionate love and righteous wisdom and by becoming a light of delight with our spoken and written words, by being patient, forbearing and tolerant. Let us never stop dreaming even on the last exhale and find it in our heart to forget and forgive then we will be forgiven in likeness. Let us try to smile, even when sad as this invokes the inner smile to surface. Let us take each day as it’s dealt and let us be more than grateful "thankful" to Mother Divine Nature for the wealth, grains, and nourishment Mother Nature generates perpetually.

Let each spirit of life discover, adventure and experience its course just as a river does......Life oh life! Let it be a flight of delight!

Wish you a very Happy and a prosperous New Year! Welcome 2006!

A year of integration, transformation, and hope.

©Jyotikar Pattni© was born in August 2005 to give light of hope to humanity through ancient Vedic wisdom. 

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